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Comment Re:Email client software? Is this still a thing? (Score 1) 294

Web access is ok when you have only one email address, but when you have an address for your job/university/organisation(s) you belong to, it quickly becomes unmanageable. Not to mention many of those addresses have a bad web UI or none at all. I certainly believe you haven't used an email client in a decade, because most of the problems you mentioned have been solved long ago, at least in Thunderbird anyway. It definitely starts faster and has fewer bugs than a browser. It has a profile system like FF, allowing you to copy your configs across multiple machines. I honestly don't know what your problem with IMAP is, it addresses the issues you said and I'm yet to encounter any of its "horrors".

Comment Re:Here is more proof (Score 5, Informative) 45

Towelroot has never been a secret or a backdoor. It is an exploit discovered and published by geohot, these guys just copied it. As any exploit, it can be used both for good and bad. In my case it helped me put Cyanogenmod on my phone instead of the outdated Android on it, making it more secure.

Comment Thus proving his point (Score 1, Interesting) 491

This just proves Breivik's point that Norway is too left-wing. I'd love to live in a utopian society where we can be just nice to everybody, where everybody's needs are covered and punishment is unnecessary. But in the real world, there will always be nihilists like this guy who ruin it for the rest.

Comment Re:Damn cloud (Score 1) 233

The big cost of chipmaking is R&D, not per unit manufacturing, and the cloud won't reduce that by much. That's a one time cost that Intel has to pay no matter what, which is why it's in their best interest to try and extract as much money as they can from the technology they spent so much on developing.

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