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Comment Re:apple should drop that $99y just to come free a (Score 1) 572

That's a rather loose interpretation of 'apps' though. I have an iPod Touch and I like it quite a bit. But you scratch your head sometimes at what gets promoted as an 'app' in the 'Store.'

Because it's such a walled garden, there are separate dedicated Radio Player apps for hundreds and hundreds of radio stations. Each has it's own icon on your screen. So each player is counted as a separate App.

And don't get me going about the dozens of 'Sex Position' apps, or the Fart Apps. There's an app now called JaredAllen that is basically a fan page for the guy.

So there are 185,000+ 'apps' but many of them are tiny little nothings. And there are huge gaps in the library that can't be filled because of how the whole operation is structured.

Comment Re:While I personally didn't use the service... (Score 1) 438

It's actually funny you mentioned ipod here - the only reason everybody buys it because it's cool looking, and nothing to do with any functionality

Or they judge the sound quality to be "good enough" and the integration with their computer to be excellent compared to other offerings on the market (there are some pretty scary products out there, one I owned (and which was released in 2005) only worked with win2k and winxp, demanded a special "sync" application, installed a whole bunch of drivers and crashed the machine it connected to roughly 20-25% of the times I connected it. This was a major brand mp3 player btw. But hey, keep telling yourself that Steve Jobs is satan and Apple is teh evül empire if it helps you sleep better at night...

Comment What about the first law of the federation? (Score 1) 229

Is the idea of these that laugh at IP laws less right than the idea these that think intellectual property is sacred? why? I am not a proponent of relativism, but here is see just two options, two design decisions for different cultures, no one is better than the other. It would be.... wrong.. for USA to force his view on other cultures.

Comment Re:Link to DailyKos diatribe? (Score 1) 316

On the other half is something like the Free Republic, where there's a lot of crazy, some level-headed people trying to beat the crazy, etc. People with extreme viewpoints are loud (their views, after all, are extreme.) They can drown out a quiet centrist majority. Regrettably, the parties have to pander to the loud extremists because they produce the echo chamber through which the centrists hear their news.

Just my thoughts on the matter. 2012 sure will be fun though if the tea-party Republicans continue to dictate terms in the GOP.

Comment Re:Economics (Score 1) 1142

Questions regarding poverty and recessions are better in the domain of political scientists and ethicists. I agree economics has failed to live up to its promises in these respects.

However, the discoveries of economics cannot be ignored. Can we ignore supply and demand? Can we ignore trade theory? Game theory has already been helpful to computer scientists and has allowed us to create auctions useful in distributing resources such as frequencies by the FCC.

Comment Re:Cance in base assumptions (Score 1) 316

Note that that only holds true on the wealthy side. A flop of a CEO gets a multi-million dollar bonus and it's somehow "as it should be" Some guy down on his luck gets just barely enough to buy food and it's called a handout and he is said to have an unwarranted sense of entitlement.

The executives in the financial sector just accepted the biggest welfare checks in history and are busy spending them on fine dining, resort "meetings", and private jets, but I'll bet they still look down on "welfare mothers" who occasionally buy meat if it's on sale.

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