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Comment Re:Thoughts? I wish I had the enterprise version (Score 1) 362

Leave WHAT? Leave town? Is there any chance you could make your point comprehensibly?

Leave the Windows Platform? You know, the topic I was replying to, as evidenced by the portion of the parent's post I quoted, and even boldfaced for emphasis? Or is using inference in reading comprehension too difficult for you?

Comment Re:Thoughts? I wish I had the enterprise version (Score 1) 362

That would be good. Because I am not sure I can be Windows-free until 2020, and the Enterprise Edition of Win10 would be the only one I would even consider for replacing my Win7 Pro...

Windows 7 is supported through January 2020. Wouldn't it make sense to just leave at that point?

Comment Re:Relief! (Score 5, Interesting) 362

No, I think that's forever ruined.
They can't install Windows 10, but they can add all sorts of spyware to what you have via system updates, and they have already tried.
So from now of you will need to have automatic updates off and actually check up on each update before installing.

I have about a half-dozen I'm preventing from installing now because one of them causes my Firefox to crash all the time. Not sure which one, most of them are security-related regarding graphics drivers or something like that. All I know is, Firefox stayed running before I installed them and once it started crashing uninstalling them fixed it.

I might say something to Microsoft, but their response it either going to be blaming Firefox or saying I have to update to Windows 10 to fix it.

Comment Firefox Extensions (Score 1) 158


* Classic Theme Restorer - To undo stupid ideas introduced with Australias.

* DownloadThemAll - To make quick work of downloading a large number of individual images or links on a page.

* The Camelizer - For historical charts of Amazon pricing on items.

* Hover Hound - Because sometimes NewEgg is the better deal even without my Prime shipping.

* UBlock Origin - For general adblockng.

* Ghostery 5.4.11 - Because version 6.0+ has a shitty interface.

* New Private Tab - Allows you to open private browsing as a new tab with other (non-private) tabs on the same window, as opposed to an entirely separate window. Also allows you to swap the state of an existing tab between normal and Private mode.

* Torrent Status - To easily monitor and control a torrent client on a local machine or even a remote one. I use it as my normal torrenting is done through my NAS. I actually donated to the author of this one.

* Video DownloadHelper - For saving streaming media for offline usage.

Comment RSS is broken (Score 1) 100

Can't just replace with, the RSS feed facility is badly broken.

RSS feeds seems to work at the top-level categories, but you can't turn your search results into an RSS feed anymore... Still got the RSS icon at the top of the page and in the META so your browser bar shows it. But both just show the same old HTML page instead of an RSS page:


Comment Re:Nothing of value was lost (Score 2) 39

Replacing Usenet with 8 million different web forums that I have to register with individually and use a different interface to read is not an improvement.

You don't have to visit any web forums to read them. Nearly every site has an RSS feed, and those which don't can be scraped and converted into RSS with something like

I would HATE using my smart phone to read the news if it wasn't for RSS. /.'s mobile site is the single worst piece of crap I've ever seen. But with RSS I'm fortunately able to read any and every site out there, in a uniform "eBook"-like format.

You can read my RSS tips here:

Comment Re:pivoting (Score 1) 154

Complete with a cloud workforce; as in, not in the US, Europe, or anyplace else that's "too expensive". Don't you love it? The wealth is being bled dry from the West by K Street while the majority is in flight to the East. So while the vampires feed off the middle class, these globalists are thriving off the backside of others labor.

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