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Comment Re:Mass piracy has been solved by better business (Score 4, Insightful) 423

> Really? You pay to watch HBO shows? Honestly?

Yes. During Game of Thrones season, I sign up for HBO GO. It's only $15 a month.

> I have better things to do with my money than hand it to fat-assed programming executives who can't come up with original ideas.

Why will anybody spend millions to create great content, if people like you are just going to steal it?

Comment Shuttleworth is just making excusses (Score 1) 374

Amy Schumer often blames her audience for Amy's own failures, usually calling them "haters."

Must we like everything the industry poops out?

Lots of people hated Linux before Linux had a whopping 1% of the desktop. Lots of people hated, and still MacOS, even though MacOS has a small share of the market.

Systemd is only on about 1% of desktops, but lots of people hate it.

People hated Unity, even though it was only on a small percentage of desktops.

Comment Maybe US should just get out of the middle-east? (Score 2) 755

By "get out" I mean no military intervention, no foreign aid (except for emergencies like natural disasters), no weapons sales, and no immigration by mid-eastern nationals (except for very select cases).

1) Money, and weapons, always end up in the wrong hands.
Hamas is getting their money from Qatar. The US gave Qatar $11 billion. We might as well have given the money directly to Hamas. ISIS is using US military equipment. There are many more examples.

2) The US will be blamed, and hated, even more than it already is, by everybody in the world, especially Muslims.
Any military intervention will be called an invasion. The US will be accused of killing civilians to steal the oil of whatever mid-east nation we are "helping" this week. If we help tribe A, tribe B will hate us even more. Then tribe A will hate us as soon as we stop helping them. All casualties will be blamed on the US, even if most casualties are the result of Muslims killing other Muslims. And there is always that one-in-a-million soldier that does something completely out of line, and that is all the media will focus on.

3) The US can no longer afford the outrageous expense.
The US is drowning in debt. Our credit has been downgrading. Our economy is in the toilet. Yet we borrow more billions from China, to give to mid-eastern Muslim who hate us.

4) There are no "good guys"
Does it really matter if Syria, or Iraq, or whatever, is ran by insane Sunis, or equally insane Shites? Our friends today, are our enemies tomorrow. I believe both Saddam Hussan, and Osama bin Ladan where our buddies at one time. Between Assad and ISIS, who is the good guy? They all seem like murdering thugs, why pick sides?

5) Even if you win, you lose.
Over ten years, and I don't even know how many billions of dollars, or thousands of lives, or how much suffering, in Iraq. And now Iraq is being overrun by ISIS. Even before ISIS, it was non-stop terrorist attacks. If we stop ISIS than what? Peace for two weeks?

6) Other than buying oil, the US has no business there.
Clearly the US does not want another nation interfering in our politics. In only stands to reason that other nations do want the US interfering in their politics. The US may have good intentions, but other nations will not see it that way.

Comment US Private Sector Job Growth Far Exceeds Estimates (Score 1, Interesting) 108

Guess it depends on who you read:

> 4/5/2017 9:03 AM ET
> US Private Sector Job Growth Far Exceeds Estimates In March
> Employment in the U.S. private sector increased by much more than anticipated in the month of March, according to a report released by payroll processor ADP on Wednesday.
> ADP said private sector employment soared by 263,000 jobs in March compared to economist estimates for an increase of about 187,000 jobs.


Comment Re:The religion of Linux. (Score 1) 118

How can you get so much wrong in one short post?

> Look at Microsoft. One browser. One Office suite.

Lots of browsers are used on Windows. I use LibreOffice on Windows.

> Now look at Linux. KDE vs. GNOME

Okay, that is true.

> EMACS vs. vi.

Lots of editors are used with Windows.

> BSD vs. Linux.

BSD is not Linux. It would make as much sense to claim: "MacOS vs. Windows"

> It's the Organized Religion of software, with followers locked in endless battles over which system is The One.

Hardly exclusive to Linux. There is MacOS vs. Windows, Android vs iOS, Firefox vs. Chrome, many competing applications.

> Religion never finding true peace is exactly why Linux has never found the Year of the Desktop.

No. It's all about the apps.

Comment Re:Try an Antenna - might add Roku & Plex as w (Score 4, Informative) 143

I use an antenna, and also add Rokus, and have Plex on my FreeBSD desktop.

During "Game of Thrones" I sign up for HBO Go - it costs $15 a month.

I also sign up for netflix off and on, and may go with Amazon Prime, since I buy stuff from Amazon anyway.

Works great, I am not missing anything.

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