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Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 474

cheaper than having to get stuff from IBM or Oracle/Sun.

OTOH second hand Oracle stuff is dirt cheap. (Don't know abut IBM). You can get an Oracle T1000 with 16 threads for less than $100, built to a spec that few Intel boxes could dream of. The clock speed isn't very high (1GHz?) but the memory bandwidth means all those threads all run full speed. And it only draws about 200W.

Of course, only Solaris and OpenBSD run on it, and your favorite game probably wont (unless you are still playing Colossal Cave [how the hell do you get the pearl out of the oyster?] and "Hunt the Wumpus"). In fact, it probably does not do graphics at all. But SQL goes pretty fast. And, if running Solaris, so does cryptography.

Not everyone is into FPSes, most corporates are not.

Comment Re:C versus SQL. SQL is understandable, and parall (Score 2) 474

Algol68 was extremely easy to use, and allowed programmers to use parallelism with only a very limited amount of learning. And that was in 1968! You did, of course, have to understand the problem you were coding, but if you don't understand that, then your program will probably fail in bizarre ways anyway.

It did indeed have a construct like:

foreach blah in group {
result[i++] = do_stuff(blah);

Unfortunately, it was not American.

Comment Re:Maybe you should own your hardware (Score 1) 113

and now your customers leave you.

Nope. The customers were down too and never noticed. Granma was wrong - put all your eggs in the biggest damn basket you can find. You may lose all your eggs when the basket goes nuclear, but Joe public will have bigger things than eggs on his mind!

(Nuclear baskets are really scary - take it from me!)

Comment Re:Pure coincidence (Score 1) 164

I am totally unsurprised by this.

People don't chuck out all their TVs and buy a whole new lot. When they bought nice, cheap full HD LCD screens, the old CRTs still worked, so they kept them - probably in the kids' bedroom. As soon as they could, while still respecting their parents, the kids chucked the old fashioned junk in the skip, and watched what they want on their big screen phones.

Some people, like us were conned into/bought "HD Ready" (720p) junk - which went the way of the CRTs, producing a third TV in the mix.

I don't know any families that had kids and did not follow this pattern, even if the kids are in primary school. The ones without kids gave their CRTs to relatives, who promptly put them in the skip and went back to their Ipads.

In the long run, the 720p kit will be binned too, and most families will have between 1 and 2 HD screens, probably a big one and a smaller one.

Having a TV does not mean using it with the tuner much of the time. We have a "smart" TV (Dumb as shit in reality) and often use it to share what is on our phone or tablet's screen with the assembled friends and relatives - even if it is a TED talk.

(Mapouka on Youtube is worth a search or too) NSFW.

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