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Submission + - Neo900 hacker phone reaches minimum number of pre-orders for production 2

wick3t writes: The Neo900 fundraising campaign has already achieved the milestone of 200 pre-orders which means that mass production is now feasible. This follows a successful first prototype that was showcased at the OpenPhoenux-Hard-Software-Workshop 2013. Their next target is 1000 pre-orders as they aspire to reduce the production costs of each device.

Embedded Linux 1-Second Cold Boot To QT 141

An anonymous reader writes "The blog post shows an embedded device cold booting Linux to a QT application all in just one second. This post also includes a link which describes what modifications were made to achieve this."

Submission + - Facebook Censors Birth Photos

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Chicago Tribune reports that Laura Eckert, a photographer who specializes in pictures of pregnant women and the first moments of a baby's life had her account disabled for posting pictures Facebook initially deemed inappropriate, including shots of a friend and her newborn moments after birth that partially showed her friend's breasts, but not her nipples. Eckert says she sent more than 30 e-mails to Facebook to inquire and didn't get a response until the day after KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids reported on her plight. "It's funny it happened after the media got involved. I sent many polite e-mails asking for information over the course of the last few weeks and got no response. None," says Eckhert. For their part Facebook has now re-enabled the account and spokesman Simon Axten apologized explaining that Facebook reviews thousands of pieces of content every day to ensure Facebook remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone. "Of course, we make an occasional mistake. This is an example," says Axten. "When this happens, and it's brought to our attention, we work quickly to resolve the issue." Eckert says she is relieved to be able to log on to Facebook again, but that she's still unclear which birth photos the company allows. "No one has picked up on the angle that interests me most...that Facebook has apparently changed their Terms of Use since I originally agreed to them, yet I can't remember them ever asking me to "re-agree" to them.""

Submission + - BP forcing confidentiality agrements ( 1

LeepII writes: BP is forcing scientist to sign confidentiality agreements prior to them being allowed to analyze any samples taken from the gulf. Hooper-Bui’s depictions of samples confiscated by US Fish and Wildlife officials and expeditions blocked by local law enforcement is consistent with the steady stream of reports about obstruction, censorship, and confusion under BP’s private army of contractors. A full and open scientific assessment of the effects of the BP disaster is crucial for the health of the ecosystem and the residents of this American jewel.
Open Source

Lightworks Video Editor To Go Open Source 205

Art3x writes "EditShare will release its video editor as open source this summer. Lightworks handles high-definition media, DPX, and RED, shares projects with Final Cut Pro and Avid, and was recently used by Academy-award-winning editor Thelma Schoonmaker on Shutter Island. Introduced in 1989 and bought by EditShare last year, it 'has come from over one million hours of software development,' says EditShare's James Richings. But he says releasing the source will 'generate concepts and capabilities never seen before. I expect that the Lightworks Open Source initiative will transform not only the technology, but also the opinions on what a professional editing tool can achieve.'" From the press release's description, it sounds like the "open source" phase will follow a period of free-as-in-beer downloading.

Submission + - Google Suggest censors a world-top-10 blog

orzetto writes: Beppe Grillo, operator of one of the top 10 blogs worldwide, reports that the Italian version of Google is hiding his name from the tooltips that appear automatically as one is writing a search term ("Google Suggest"). Much less known Beppes appear in the list (such as TV host Bigazzi, journalist Severgnini and a dozen of others), but Grillo's tooltip is absent even when writing his name in full.

Whereas the article claims that also others, such as Sabina Guzzanti and Marco Travaglio, were hidden in the same way, this does not seem to be the case to me (I am browsing from Italy right now). Grillo's name has been censored only from the Italian version of Google,, not where he is present and is actually ranking close to the top. This leads to some oddities: despite the fact that "Grillo" (which is a common Genoese surname) means "cricket", there is no Google-Suggest hit for it, whereas e.g. "formica" (ant) and other insects have plenty. Even Pinocchio's talking cricket ("grillo parlante") seems to have been censored as collateral damage. Note, however, that entering "Beppe Grillo" by yourself will report his blog among the search results.

Beppe Grillo, who is politically very active, has been at odds with the Italian political establishment for years now, and his blog was likely the main target of a draconian law proposal previously discussed here; the proposal was later retracted.
The Internet

Submission + - Publishers Join Forces Against Open Access (

Xenographic writes: "The American Association of Publishers announced the creation of the Partnership for Research Integrity in Science and Medicine. This new partnership, PRISM, will lobby against open access to scientific research on the grounds that science has less integrity when you don't have to pay outrageous fees for access to important journals. They are especially against bills like the Federal Research Public Access Act which could cause a decline in their sales numbers and an "undermining of copyright holders." Y'arr, matey."

Submission + - Deceptive file names under Vista (

devkhadka writes: "An Attackers can use Unicode character under Vista to conceal filenames and filename extensions. A demonstration by Max Ried makes an executable screen-saver file (.scr) look like a harmless image (.jpg).The display of the false filename is due to the inclusion of Unicode control characters that change the direction of writing. These are required for the Arabic language where writing runs from right to left. Unicode recognizes the control characters (PDF) right-to-left override (RLO, 202E) and left-to-right override (LRO, 202D) to switch the writing direction. more about this:
demonstration here"

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