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Comment Patents help fund CSIRO (Score 1) 17

Some of those patents over CSIRO's history have helped fund the organization. As an Aussie taxpayer, I'd rather that some of the funds that are put into CSIRO come back to fund it (which was originally part of the argument in setting the organization up - that it could do research that benefitted Australian science and industry without becoming a drain on the Australian taxpayer).

Comment Re:Global Politics (Score 1) 117

Other than it being a "flagship Linux project" - the cost benefits to Microsoft of the sort of licensing used by Munich's city council aren't substantial enough that they'd make any extraordinary effort to change what was going on. The project never turned into the sort of unmitigated success that drove other municipalities to adopt Linux. "New Microsoft" even includes a version of Ubuntu on Windows 10, so probably at this stage didn't give much of a shit about what's going on in Munich. On the other hand, the reason that there is so much activity on this from the FOSS side is that it is a "flagship Linux project" and conceding defeat would make it more difficult to argue that Linux is a viable municipal desktop alternative even though, at this point, the lack of awesome success sort of suggests that conclusion anyway.

Comment Windows Services for Linux (Score 1) 557

Given that you can basically spin up Linux userland stuff with Ubuntu/Bash on Windows Services for Linux - including Compiz - on Windows 10, switching would simply allow them to keep what they have on the Linux side on the same desktop as on the Windows side without resorting to VMs. The big expense in any rollout of this type isn't licensing, it's deployment and maintenance of the environment. Nerds are always more expensive than licenses - especially the nerds with the unique skillset required to manage a Linux desktop production deployment of this complexity.

Comment Access to speakers (Score 1) 197

Depends on the conference, but at many sessions will be given by people who are prominent in whatever community the conference is about. Depending on the speaker, you can ask questions during or after the session. But what's really important to understand is that most conferences make a big thing about speakers being accessible to attendees. So if you are attending a conference where there is a speaker who is really knowledgeable about something you want to ask questions about, ping them on some form of social media and ask if you can have some time with them. Many speakers make themselves available for just this sort of thing during conferences and it's surprising how many attendees never take advantage of the opportunity.

Comment Burn VC money to set up unsustainable biz (Score 1) 62

Uber is burning through VC cash at a prodigious rate. At some point that will stop. Maybe it will stop before Uber has eradicated the incumbents. Maybe it will happen after Uber has eradicated the incumbents. But if you think that the hammer won't come down on the public at some point so that all those VCs that invested get their fat payout, you're delusional.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 1) 277

There was a nice comment by the writers of "Silicon Valley" about attending TechCrunch Disrupt and seeing a sea of Macbooks. The *perception* is that the majority of top startup developers are all Mac OSX users. Microsoft wants to change that. To Surface Books if possible, but wouldn't give a rats if they were running ThinkPads, Dells, HPs or whatever running Windows OS. If Microsoft can get some of that that TechCrunch Disrupt audience to shift across, they change the perception of Microsoft in a very important demographic. Maybe they get a few more of that audience using Azure over AWS. Maybe a few of them start using other Microsoft services where it makes sense, rather than the default perceived attitude of that audience being to avoid MS products like the plague.

Comment Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to OSX (Score 5, Interesting) 277

Computers running OSX have substantial developer mindshare. Microsoft wants those developers using Windows PCs. Putting WSL/Bash on Windows so that it's a credible alternative to the 'nix tools available on OSX gives those developers one less reason to avoid using a Windows based OS.

Comment it isn't the super-performers piracy killed (Score 1) 142

The films that cost a lot less to make, but eventually paid back their investors on the profits of small screening runs, video cassettes and DVDs are a dying, if not dead breed. The future is barnstorming blockbusters that make their budget back in the first week or so. The "long tail" was just a bullshit hypothesis that didn't pan out.

Comment Shoe on other foot (Score 5, Insightful) 531

It's interesting that on Slashdot, when it's anyone else's non-IT job getting outsourced or automated, there is a lot of chortling and discussion of buggy whip manufacturers and how non-IT workers should just suck it up. There was a story about automated truck drivers in the last month that was full of comments denigrating these workers and that it was good for society that their job would soon be done by a robot. When it's an IT job getting outsourced, "IT'S AN OUTRAGE!!!!!" Doesn't take much insight to realize why this issue will never get political traction. Who wants to stick up for the IT people when the IT people just offered snark for everyone else that was automated/outsourced before them?

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