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Comment Re:iGoogle (Score 1) 383

I do have set up Netvibes as well, but I still go back to iGoogle everyday. It just seems the layout is much better there, or at least the default layout is. Plus on iGoogle I can just have a widget for my Gmail that displays my last x mails, not the top x unread emails (which for me at least is useless)... /sigh That said, Netvibes does indeed look to be a very worthy "successor" to iGoole, and yeah, I can recommend it as well.

Comment Re:yes but... (Score 1) 385

That might be because of HD Audio instead of AC97. I recently built a new desktop PC with a new case, and installed the latest Realtek drivers from their website (instead of the version from the Asus mainboard cd). I then experienced the behaviour you described - whenever I plug in my headphones, the sound from the speakers stops. Infuriating. I want to turn the speakers on and off when I do not want to use them, but now I manually have to unplug the headphones as well? Yeah, I twiddled with older Realtek drivers etc., until I found out that it is a "feature" of the HD Audio extension boards. Great, I thought, just install the AC97 board for the case... except I cannot find it anymore, a month after building the machine. I know I saw it somewhere in the boxes... ;) But seriously, check that out.

Comment Re:G+'s biggest strength may be its biggest weakne (Score 1) 360

That is actually what I have begun to think as well. That and the fact that I actually have to select circles to share with for every post. On Facebook, I simply set a relatively sane default (all friends minus the people from work who are just coworkers, not friends). Anybody who should see even less than that I put into the aforementioned coworkes group for a week so they think I accepted them, then I silently delete them again. At the very worst, some not so good friend suddenly sees I play WoW, am an atheist, like the Suicide Girls or drink beer. Well. I can live with that, as at least my boss knows 2 of the 4 and probably suspects the other 2 and wouldn't give a damn. My parents, they know all 4. But on Google+ I have to think who exactly shall read whatever I post every fricking time. Sounds good on paper, in practice, not so much. I for one am waiting how this pans out...

Submission + - Bussard Fusion Validated at EMC2fusion.org (blogspot.com)

dch24 writes: Ever since Robert W. Bussard did his Google Tech Talk: Should Google Go Nuclear?, the question of whether Polywell Fusion generation will make net power has hung in the air. Today, EMC2fusion.org updated their web site with results from the efforts of a world-class team of physicists to verify Bussard's papers.

Bussard's experiments were WB-6; he lost the battle against cancer in 2007. EMC2fusion then built WB-7 and validated Bussard's experiments (with technical data given to the government sponsors but not to the public). Now the EMC2fusion site has pictures of WB-8 and plans for WB-D. The results are still unpublished, but this acknowledges that WB-7 was a success, and that EMC2fusion is moving forward with plans for a net power machine.

Submission + - MP3 player tax proposed in Canada (www.cbc.ca)

Interoperable writes: The status of sharing music in Canada is, to some extent, ambiguous. This is partly due to a levy imposed on blank media, CD-Rs and cassette tapes, that compensates artists and the recording studios for a loss of revenue due to copying. Legislation proposed by the NDP and supported by the Bloc Quebecois would extend that levy to cover MP3 players with the intent of decriminalizing audio file sharing for Canadian citizens. The proposed legislation, however, faces opposition from the governing Conservative party; the Liberal party has agreed to discuss the proposed bill.

Submission + - LG green refrigerator fraud (theage.com.au)

krungthepsurfer writes: The Australian consumer advocacy group, Choice, has discovered that two models of so-called "green" refrigerators sold by LG Electronics were not as green as was claimed. The models were fitted with a device designed to switch to a lower energy use mode when laboratory test lab conditions were detected.

Comment Hm. It sure wouldn't hurt to update it a little... (Score 1, Interesting) 325

I don't own a Wii myself, I own a Xbox 360, on which I rarely play though. One of my best friends owns a Wii though, and of course we throw in a game or two when we are at their place. And everytime, after some minutes, I am at the point where the graphics really get to me. Not that it doesn't have the latest whatchamacallit-shaders, huge textures, hardware geometry tesselation and all that, no, but that that it simply does not do antialiasing and / or HD. It is just all so freaking jaggy it is a pain to look at (on a 52" LCD in this case). I personally might buy a Wii HD if it came out if it added nothing to the feature list but a very good upscaling algorithm to 1080p and HDMI. That's all.

Comment Re:Germany still censored (Score 1) 300

(Hardcore) porn may not be distributed to minors, and "Yes I am over 18!" links on the homepage have been found not enough to make sure the minors don't see it, it has to be "real" age verification. Even services that you had to enter our personalausweis number (personal id card) which has the birthdate encoded into it were verboten, since the algorith was rather trivial to fool...

Comment Re:WoW was ruined (Score 1) 238

I am with you on this one, and I was in the group of people that did not even down Illidan in TBC before 3.0 (and never even set foot into SWP), and never went into AQ or Naxx in vanilla either. Still I liked the endgame more back then. Sure, there are some niceties now, such as tier tokens, and yeah, to an extend badge gear as well, but the removal of attunements and the tuning of the raids to be cleared by casuals with additional hard modes just isn't the same.

Trying to down a boss for weeks and then getting epics for it is something completely different than clearing the boss in week one or two, and then proceeding to down the same boss, but slightly harder (yes, I have done lots of hard modes in Ulduar, but not all). You already did the boss, and know the encounter, and after a time signups go down since people say "yeah, we downed that boss, no point wiping on him for epeen-ness", next week maybe". TotC doesn't feel like a raid at all, because yeah, trash is important. Trash respawn timing in SSC was bad, yeah, but I still fondly remember many trash groups from TK, or BT. Trash pulls in Ulduar? Mostly boring, even if you have to sometimes tank two mobs out of LOS or so. No challenge makes it dull. Artificial challenge (by enabling hardmodes) turns of too many raiders to make it much harder to keep on bringing together quality groups for raiding. Epics don't make it better. The rewards from heroics are fine for every content but raiding, and if you don't cnsider yourself a raider, then why do you need Ulduar-quality gear? You don't.

So please, bring back some short attunement quests (short is fine, doesn't have to be 30+ steps), make raids progressively harder without having to resort to hardmodes. There is enough for casuals, hell, there was enough for them / us in TBC already, really. I was never as bored in TBC as I am now in Wrath, even though officially I should have much more to do right now...

Comment Expansion List (Score 4, Interesting) 259

Haven't seen this posted, so here we go... this list was "leaked" or whatever before TBC, AFAIK remember...

- Draenor Set

Azuremyst Isle - 1 to 10
Bloodmyrk Isle - 10 to 20

Eversong Forest - 1 to 10
Quel'thalas - 10 to 20
Hellfire Peninsula - 58 to 62
Zangarmarsh - 60 to 64
Terokkar Forest - 61 to 65
The Deadlands - 63 to 67
Nagrand - 64 to 68
Blade's Edge Mountains - 66 to 70
Netherstorm - 67 to 70
Shadowmoon Valley - 69 to 70

- Northrend Set

Borean Tundra - 67 to 70
Howling Fjord - 67 to 70
Dragonblight - 69 to 72
Grizzly Hills - 70 to 73
Crystalsong Forest - 72 to 75
Zul'drak - 73 to 76
Sholazar Basin - 75 to 79
Storm Peaks - 76 to 80
Icecrown Glacier - 78 to 80

- Maelstrom Set

Gilneas - 77 to 80
Grim Batol - 78 to 81
Kul Tiras - 79 to 82
Kezan - 81 to 86
Tel Abim - 83 to 85
Zandalar - 84 to 87
Plunder Isle - 86 to 88
The Broken Isles - 87 to 90
The Maelstrom - 89 to 90

- Plane Set

Pandaria - 1 to 10
Hiji - 10 to 20

Wolfenhold - 1 to 10
Xorothian Plains - 10 to 20

The Green Lands - 88 to 91
The Dying Paradise - 91 to 94
The Emerald Nightmare - 94 to 97
The Eye of Ysera - 97 to 100

Deephome - 88 to 91
Skywall - 91 to 94
The Abyssal Maw - 94 to 97
The Firelands - 97 to 100

- Legion Set

K'aresh - 96 to 99
Argus Meadowlands - 97 to 100
Mac'Aree - 99 to 100
Maw of Oblivion - 100+

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