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Comment Re:La Niña is about to bite us in the arse (Score 1) 118

Be fair, "the greatest climate disaster" started long before Trump took office. It might even be before Lincoln. It's just that nobody noticed it at the time, because it's taken a long time to build. Trump may, however, be president at a point of inflection (a point, because you can't even roughly model it with simple quadratic function). Things are, indeed, likely to get worse quickly for a bit, but Trump didn't cause that, he's just been refusing to ameliorate it.

Comment Re:OMG Fuck apple (Score 1) 27

Sorry, but it's a reasonable request. It may also be reasonable to deny it, but it's a reasonable request. There's no way that a "driver" who's just been sitting there playing a game on his phone will be able to take over the driving in 10 seconds, so the steering wheel is useless in emergencies.

Comment Re:Next item on News at 10 (Score 1) 84

I think you're wrong. This is my perspective:
  - - - - - -
Sorry, but it's really "expect leaks". Every place has leaks. If your staff considers your actions immoral, then you should expect damaging leaks. If they are supportive, then you should expect supportive leaks. (They may actually be damaging, but their intended purpose will be to bolster your image. Similarly the "damaging leaks" may actually be harmless, or even useful, but their intended purpose would be to injure you.)

People are lousy at keeping secrets, even when they intend to...and they'd often rather seem to offer proof that they "know what's what".

Vetting your staff is supposed to ensure that they consider what you are doing as just and moral. The same as any criminal gang. (Note that I didn't mention legal.) That way when they leak it will be generally supportive.

Comment Tomography (Score 1) 35

They basically took a CT scan (computed tomography) using radio waves instead of x-rays.

Tomography has been around for over 80 years. It's why there's no lens when you have a traditional x-ray taken. You just fire the RF rays in a uniform direction (in this case the single WiFi course acts as a point source with all rays radiating radially), and capture them using a flat photographic plate (or in this case, by moving the WiFi receiver around on a plane). What they're doing isn't even as sophisticated as a CT scan because without moving the RF source as well, they can't capture 3D information.

Comment Re:idiotic (Score 2) 200

Imagine people with your colour eyes statistically committed more crimes.

ok I am now imagining that the hazel eye gene is significantly correlated with crime statistics.

You try your best to be a good person, to better yourself, to get on in life... But doors keep slamming in your face.

Smart people slamming those doors. I havent forgotten about the statistical significance yet, have you? Lets see.

You apply for jobs you are well qualified for, but don't even get an interview. Eventually you find somewhere but they want to pay you less than your graduate friends. And you can't take it anyway, because no one will rent to you.

If nobody will rent to me, then that statistical significance must be really significant. Hazel eyed people are apparently the scourge of the earth in the world you have me imagining.

Would you accept that as fair...


or would you want the law changed to stop it?


Did you realize that a false dichotomy doesnt make your point?
Did you realize that you clearly forgot about the statical significance aspect of the whole thing?

Rational people act on statistical significance. Rational people can also make an argument without resorting to a logical fallacy.

What would you do at that moment?

Life isn't always fair. Deal with it.

Beyond the narrative here, this is government thugs interfering with things for their own personal benefit. You know whats better than Hotel lobbyists giving you free shit so that you go after AirBnB? Better than that is forcing AirBnB into the lobbyist game at the same time.

You should be talking about the oppressive zoning laws throughout much of California, but you are talking about fairness while painting a clever picture that attempts to provoke empathy, and you punctuate that story-time by invoking a logical fallacy, and that fallacy itself is strongly suggesting that you think that people should be forced by government to do the opposite of what a rational person would do, which is to pay close attention to statistically significant data and act in accordance with it.

Comment Re:Racists or nazis? (Score 1) 200

The nazis used to have book burnings, and the situation at Berkeley sounds a lot like what the nazis used to do in the beginning.

The NAZI's raised an entire generation in preparation.

They infiltrated the schools first. Hitler formed Jungsturm and Stabswache in the early 1920's. The former blossoming into the "Hitler Youth", the later into their "S.S."

Fascism comes from the left because it starts in the schools.

Comment Re:Well that didn't take long (Score 1) 200

If you browse through their listings, the vast majority of properties are listed by landlords doing short-term rentals as a business.

Lets accept this as a fact.

So what? Why even mention it?

What you are doing now it getting involved in those landlords personal business. If you wouldnt fuck with a single mom waitress that is renting out a room for a little extra money, then you also shouldn't fuck with people that do it as their primary income.

Comment Re: It's my house though (Score 1) 200


Because legislators said so.

You just state that like it's an obvious fact, but compared to "the sky is blue" it does not immediately follow.

I dont know how obvious it is, but I've known it my whole life. I knew it when I was 6 years old, so its the kind of thing even a 6 year old learns.

Please explain to us why (a) you dont know what I knew at 6 years old, (b) you are demanding that this knowledge be "obvious" before you will accept it.

Comment Re:firewall (Score 1) 96

Of course the problem can be reduced if we were allowed to control a root level firewall on our android or iphone devices.

On Android, DroidWall, AutoProxy and others use iptables. IOW, you can control a root level firewall on your Android devices. I doubt you can do it on iOS, but I wouldn't know because I don't actually care.

Comment Re:Open ports (Score 2) 96

Open ports are not by themselves a security risk.

Not by themselves, but there's no such thing as an open port by itself. We're obviously talking about listening, so we need not discuss ports opened outward, although there are definitely ways to compromise an application in reverse, so opening a TCP connection outward is an opportunity for an incoming attack, if you connect to a host which is malicious (whether inherently, or because it has been compromised.) But at minimum, listening ports provide an opportunity to attack the networking stack of the device, and the application (or daemon, etc etc.) which opened the port. So yes, open ports absolutely do increase your security risk. If there are zero open ports on the device, then the only parts of the networking subsystem with which you interface are the network interface and its driver, which means there's less opportunity to exploit a vulnerability.

Saying open ports are not a security risk is like saying that open windows are not a security risk. What? Of course they are.

Comment Re:What's the immigration status of these families (Score 1) 174

NO, illegal immigrants are people who have NO LEGAL RIGHT to be in the country.

Sadly, the people who are really fucking up the country have every legal right to be here. Illegal immigrants don't even make the needle twitch compared to, say, Republican voters. Unless they are also voters, but when we go looking for voter fraud, we generally just find Republicans.

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