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Comment Re:USB-C seems odd (Score 1) 135

There is some ever-so-slight chance that losing Lightning for USB-C is part of some other, larger strategy involving broader peripheral use on iPhones and especially iPads.

When the iPad Pro came out there seemed to be a lot of marketing trying to sell it as some kind of Laptop Lite, which is tough sell with a hermetically sealed system that doesn't support (AFAIK) even bluetooth mice other than a couple of specialty models and even then on an app-by-app basis, let alone various USB thumb drives or other basic USB devices.

Maybe they see some synergy between peripheral compatibility, parts sourcing, and use-case expansion as somehow key to expanding market share. By switching to USB-C they can further cut overhead costs (USB-C sockets in like quantities have to be cheaper than Lightning ones), roll out some kind of additional peripheral compatibility and maybe grow their iPad sales, or at least stave off losses to Wintel tablets.

The switch to USB-C would make less sense in the context of phones vs. tablets, but would it be expected (or even demanded) by consumers that phones and tablets would share the same connector, as well as unify the entire product lineup from phone to desktop.

Comment Re: Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 231

Did you think nobody would notice what you're leaving out, ScentCone? Handguns. Hmm.

Of course I'm not "leaving them out." They weren't the point I was making. The press loves to go on breathlessly about "assault weapons," and not only has no idea what they're talking about (technically, spec-wise), but mostly they have absolutely no willingness ot be honest about the actual numbers involved.

Claims of such are rampant, but the methodology to collect that data is sketchy at best, though at least you are no longer citing the very discredited Kleck-Gertz study that got into the millions. It was a joke.

Let's say that the most conservative interpretation of such studies are coming in ten times too high. That still means that defensive use of guns to prevent injury and death hugely eclipses the rate at which criminals use guns to hurt and kill. Still true of those studies over estimate by 20 TIMES.

Yet we have a president claiming criminal violence has resulted in a country full of carnage, and promising to send Federal troops into Chicago to disarm the population. Are you going to tell him no?

Why are you lying? I mean, really? What do you hope to achieve by spouting off stuff that's demonstrably not true? I guess you're hoping it'll score rhetorical points with lazy, low-information readers who pay attention to anonymous cowards, but ... really?

Comment Re: Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 231

Put it in context. The states with the highest level of "gun" homicides are also the states with the highest rates of ANY kind of homicide, including stabbings, beatings, etc.

Yes, it IS cultural, not legal. Which is why a place like Chicago - which has absolutely draconian gun laws - none the less has extremely high murder rates. But we're not talking about illegally possessed guns. We're talking about what happens to the rate at which the average innocent person is violently attacked before and after the place they live makes it legal for them to defend themselves, especially outside their homes. None of that has anything to do with hundreds of gang members in Chicago or New Orleans killing each other with (mostly) stolen or illegally owned guns.

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 744

In the UK, there is now a legal cap of 4.5 times the annual salary for the loan amount, as part of the regulations brought in after the financial crash. 10 times really only makes sense if you are flipping houses and you and the bank are really confident that the market will keep going up, so you'll pay off the mortgage (plus interest) by selling the house at a higher rate. This works well until the market collapses...

Comment Re:Another new headphone connector! (Score 1) 135

I doubt they're doing away with Lightning. There are three main reasons why I think this:

1) As you pointed out, they just did away with the headphone jack last year. If they were going to move to USB-C, it would have made a lot more sense to do it at the same time as killing the headphone jack, so they could push USB-C headphones as the new standard. Instead, they've pushed Lightning headphones.
2) Part of the reason they dropped the headphone jack was to make the iPhone thinner. Lightning is a thinner/smaller port than USB-C, so it seems a better choice for thin/small devices. (I could be wrong, if Lightning requires bigger/more circuitry, but AFAIK, this isn't the case.)
3) Apple has recently released new products with Lightning ports. For example, the new BeatsX headphones use lightning for charging. If they were going to make a major change away from Lightning, it wouldn't make sense to continue to develop products that use it.

That's not to say Apple won't be pushing USB-C in other ways. I wouldn't be surprised to see a USB-C port on iPad pros, which might allow more peripherals or even some kind of fancy docking station. I think it's entirely possible that the new iPhones will come with a USB-C charging cord (USB-C on the side that plugs into your computer or wall charger, Lightning on the side that goes into the iPhone). I also wouldn't be shocked if Apple created a new version of Lightning with backwards compatibility, so that they could incorporate some USB-C/Thunderbolt features into the port.

But no, my baseless prediction is that they are not going to be ditching Lightning this year.

Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 1) 744

So, 160000 * 0.52 = 83,000 / 12 = ~$7K/month. 3K has just been taken away. That's 40% of his salary *just* for rent. $160k here is not living large,

Are you telling me that a single man can't live off of $4k/month, after rent? I've lived pretty extravagantly for far less. Plus, who said he has to live in a 2-bedroom house? Go down to a 1-bedroom apartment if you can't afford to pay your bills.

Sorry, it just sounds like whining to me. And don't give me any "But San Francisco is so expensive" crap. I live in NYC, which isn't exactly cheap either. If you think $160k isn't a livable wage, go talk to someone who makes minimum wage and find out what they go through.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 108

I had a textbook from the 50s that was quite certain on the idea of the ice age coming. Now, it wasn't talking about an ice age in the next 30 years or being alarmist about it. It was just aware that another ice age that would probably happen.

I mean, yeah, there is such a thing as an "ice age" and there will probably be another one at some point over the entire history of the earth. It's a little beside the point. It's like saying, "Global warming is real, because my textbook says that the sun will eventually turn into a red giant and envelop the Earth, and then the Earth will be very hot." I mean... yeah, it's true, but that's not what we're talking about.

Comment Re:Or a car. Maybe a bouncy house (Score 1) 231

So pretending that getting hit by two pounds of plastic is the same as getting hit by a two-pound hammer is stupid.

If I had claimed that it was, you would have a point. But you don't. In fact, I've claimed explicitly that it isn't. My point was that comparing it to a pillow is far more disingenuous than comparing it to a hammer. A standard pillow will not knock you unconscious no matter how high it falls from, because its terminal velocity is insufficient to the task. This drone did knock a woman unconscious, and she may well have died if she fell over and hit her head. While comparisons to hammers are unfair, comparisons to pillows are fucking retarded.

Comment Re:Nice... (Score 4, Interesting) 75

You frequently make a lot of sense on Slashdot, but this time something seems to have flipped in your head :)

Your statement only makes sense if you ignore all the other comments in this thread exactly like mine. I am far from the only one who can't get his hands on a Pi Zero for a reasonable price. My biggest complaint, honestly, is the ongoing characterization of the Pi Zero as a "$5 computer" since it is clearly nothing of the sort for the majority of people. It costs more than twice that, shipped, if you can even find one. This new device will be the same story all over again.

Comment Re:tubalcain (Score 1) 64

I also have no plans to actually do any machinist stuff, but I find the videos absorbing.

Harbor freight has a small desktop lathe that's supposed to be quite good. And a desktop mill that you install under a drill press, which is also supposed to be pretty good if you take it apart and de-burr it like they should have. Maybe it would be an entertaining hobby. I mean, what are you going to do when Slashdot finally implodes?

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