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Comment Re:"new"? huh (Score 2) 77

From an optimal information-theory viewpoint:

1000 bits, 168 of which are true (the 168 primes below 1000) and 832 are false.

Given this model of the data, the optimal encoding of the 1's should use 2.573 bits each, while the optimal encoding of the 0's should use 0.265 bits each.:

ln(1000/168) / ln(2) = 2.573... bits
ln(1000/832) / ln(2) = 0.265... bits

The space required for the entire sequence:

(168 * ln(1000/168) + 832 * ln(1000/832)) / ln(2) = 653.109... bits

The model would have to be significantly better than this. Improvements to the model must produce a better probability estimate than the raw statistics. The most obvious single improvement to the model is to treat the even numbers as special, where a simple rule can give you 100% model accuracy and thus use 0 bits to encode all the even positions.

To get the entire sequence down to only 10 bits implies a very large computational overhead, because even with the prime probability all the way down to 1/1000 the list would still be:

(1 * ln(1000/1) + 999 * ln(1000/999)) / ln(2) = 11.407... bits.

So i'm thinking the O(N^1/3) doesnt apply to small values of n, but instead only to enormous values of n.

Comment Re:I'd feel a lot better about that (Score 1) 240

There was 8 years of constant outbreaks that more or less stopped when those rules went in. But they're bad for business so out they go.

So no outbreaks at all will be tolerated! Do you frequently shut down any consideration of an actual cost/benefit analysis?

You didnt address the argument that things are over-regulated at all. All you did was back-door declare that no amount of regulation is too much (because no negative outcomes will be tolerated) which is arguing against making informed decisions.

There it is on the table now. You are arguing against making an informed decision.

Comment Re:Incitement in Hebrew (Score 1) 232

But Israel is somehow to blame.

The State that stole their land... is definitely "somehow" to blame.

Not Lebanon that holds the Palestinians rightless, not Jordan

The countries that took in refugees, are to blame for there being refugees? eh? Do you even listen to yourself?

But Israel, where every Palestinian who remained in 1948 is a citizen with full rights.

Notice how you continue to call them Palestinians where if they were Israeli citizens with full rights they would be Israeli since those under 68 years of age would be Israeli born. They would be Israeli, yet they arent, are they? Two sets of laws. One for the Jews, the other for everyone else.

Comment Re:Incitement in Hebrew (Score 1) 232

So their own countries won't take them back.

There own country is Palestine, which is just as legitimate a country as Israel since it was the very same U.N, decision that formed both countries.

As far as "take them back" -- if they are to go back to the land from whence they came, that would be what we now call Israel. The Israeli's kicked them off their land using the equipment the British gave them, the equipment that won WWII. The Israeli's stole their homes and forced them into the largest open air prisons in the world.

You are claiming that its some others countries responsibility? Turkey? Syria? Egypt? Its their responsibility to take in the people that the State of Israel have kicked off their lands?

Maybe you arent American and dont understand why your bullshit is so obviously bullshit to us Americans. See, once upon a time we resettled some people too. Took their land, killed a bunch of them, forced them onto the shittiest parcels of land available. We didnt give them citizenship. We were in the wrong. Israel is in the wrong too.

Comment Re:Incitement in Hebrew (Score 1) 232

You want to dig out everything that happened 70 years ago?

Since this fucking spans multiple generations... since the Palestinians were born into it ... yes, I do... why wouldn't you?

I guess in your world only the last 1 second matters, right?

You seriously want to go there and blame Jews?

I never said anything about the Jews. In fact, in all my posts so far here on this story, the first time I am using any form of the word "Jew" is right here, right now, because I am quoting you, where you brought up the Jews.

I say Israel and Israeli's.and you only hear "Jews."

Religion doesnt give Israel an excuse for what they have been doing to the Palestinians since day 1, and the fact of the matter is when this all began the prominent rabbis of the time condemned the State of Israel for what they started, what they did. Its in the links I gave. Maybe you should have read them.

Now read your own 1929 link, where it clearly states that Many of the 435 Jews who survived were hidden by local Arab families.

Lets continue reading your link which you clearly didnt read: The massacre formed part of the 1929 Palestine riots, in which a total of 133 Jews and 110 Arabs were killed, and brought the centuries-old Jewish presence in Hebron to an end.

So here we are comparing apples and oranges, or rather religion and ethnicity, because such distinctions (as you have already proven) are lost on you.

I wonder how many of those Arabs killed during the Palestine Riots were Christians, Atheists, and Pagans.

If I am picking up what you are putting down, you are saying its OK for the Jews to fuck with Arabs and therefore its OK for the country of Israel to fuck with Arabs.

Comment Re:Incitement in Hebrew (Score 4, Insightful) 232

What do you mean prison? They're free to leave and settle in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Turkey any time they want.

Lebanon sticks them in camps and wont give them citizenship (for 68 years now.)
Egypt? The home of the Arab League, whose member States are barred from granting citizenship to Palestinians.
Saudi Arabia? Member of the Arab League, whose member States are barred from granting citizenship to Palestinians.
Turkey? Until 2 years ago they didnt even allow Palestinians to work or go to school is the country, and since then they still arent allowed to even apply for citizenship.
Syria? Fucking lol you fucking ignorant fuck.

Let me translate what you just fucking said: The Palestinians are free to go somewhere else where they wont be a citizen either.

STFU you fucking racist.

Comment Re:Incitement in Hebrew (Score 1) 232

You probably know, but just don't care, that the blockade began after an organization which was created with the sole aim of destroying Israel was elected to power.

You mean in 1948 when this happened?

Or do you mean the more general 1948 exodus and expulsions that created the first Palestinian refugees?

Israel began capturing and resettling, or killing, Palestinians literally the day England handed the country over.

2016 - 1948 = 68 years.

Every Palestinian that is 68 years old or younger has only lived in a world where Israel has been fucking them. Not a single second of their lives has been without this fucking.

If you are a 20 year old Palestinian, not only were you born into the fucking, but your parents were too, and maybe even your grandparents.

Big surprise that eventually they choose leaders that no longer consider a peaceful solution as workable, right? Completely unpredictable outcome. The Palestinians are clearly "radical."

Comment Re:None of this matters, it has no headphone jack. (Score 5, Insightful) 324

Why doesn't Apple create a non-water resistant iP7 SKU with a headphone jack?

Because Apple purchased the worlds largest wireless headset company 2 years ago, and the only way they will ever get their money back is if they transition Beats from trendy to essential.

Comment Re:Stop linking to CNNMoney. (Score 1) 341

You should actually read that link rather than just it's (not entirely accurate) title.

Which part of "Math is Racist" is not entirely wrong?

Apparently they've run out of people and policies that they are willing to point at as racist (for instance, they are unwilling to call out Bill Clinton's 3-strikes crime bill as racist, even though it clearly is...)

Comment Re:It's not the lack of permission that matters (Score 3, Insightful) 282

The problem was that they knowingly linked to copyright infringing material

No they didnt. They linked to a file hosting service that had links to the copyrighted material.

You are missing the part where 3 different parties are involved.

(A) The owners of the copyright
(B) The site hosting and linking to the content
(C) The site linking to (B)'s web page that links to and hosts the content.

This can be translated into: "A law was broken, and god damn it someone.. anyone... must pay!"

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