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Comment Re:A good reason to replace old reactors (Score 1) 140

Capitalists like fast returns

Capitalists like the largest returns available at the time of deciding what to invest in.

The "speed" of the return is only of valid importance under the artificial restriction of not selling the appreciating asset before its fully matured.

For instance it takes over 10 years before the planting of pecan trees to the harvesting those pecans trees. It still makes financial sense to start pecan farms. The cost of starting such a farm is near the cost of the land, the value of a producing farm is much greater. The value of the developing but not producing yet farm goes up fairly linearly beyond a year or two in.

Comment Re:suggests a toxic environment... (Score 0) 80

Everyone but the swirly eyed Trump supporters knows he can't beat Clinton.

They also said Bush Sr. couldn't beat Dukakis. The July polls were 37% for Bush vs 54% for Dukakis. The popular vote went 53% Bush 46% Dukakis. In terms of the electoral college it was a landslide, Bush getting 426 vs Dukakis 111.

What matters is not whether or not you are leading in July. What matters is whether or not your campaign arguments have legs. In the case of Dukakis, Bush kept hammering home that he is soft on crime. Dukakis had no defense. The arguments against him had legs and there was nothing he could do about it.

Hillary is in trouble. The corporate whore is both too big to prosecute and too corrupt to elect. She can't even play the feminism card due to her own actions.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 1) 80

Waiting for the perfect candidate is rather like waiting for the perfect spouse. Both are naive and overly romantic.

The only person to say anything about perfection is you. Apparently in your world there is only evil and perfect, and apparently you use this bizarre idea to justify your continued supporting of evil.

All candidates are going to have flaws

Not all candidates are above the law. Not all candidates and perfect examples of white privilege playing kip service to trendy topics. Not all candidates are sexists. Yet both Trump are Hillary are all of these things.

These are not just imperfect people. These are some of the worst kind of people. The list of character flaws for each of them is both long and scandalous. There you are tho, insisting that you will support one of them because nobody is perfect.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 1) 80

Not that he's dumb

..meaning: he is smart

but Penn Jillette has empowered manchildren in a pretty fun way. Libertarians love him, because he's a libertarian, but this is the same block who is so quick to cut down celebrities who express political views. In other words, you're getting your talking points from a financially successful magician.

..but being smart isnt good enough for you. He also has to be unsuccessful. Thats an odd combination to wait for.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 606

IIRC when I was younger my parents were paying something like $10 a month for phone service that's $30 in today dollars

Your parents paid per minute for anything outside of a couple neighboring towns. It was called "long distance" and carried a premium.

Today a family can easily spend north of $200 a month providing a cell phone + home internet.

Because you want unlimited everything. If you used your cell phone as little as your parents had used their old land line, you would easily get by with $7/month for your phone service. Your parents also spent most of their life without cable television. They just watched what was broadcast over the airwaves. But you think cable television is somehow essential. $200 - $7 = $193. If you are paying $193/month for home internet then you are a complete idiot.

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