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Submission + - SPAM: Tracking the world’s great unsolved math mys

coondoggie writes: Some math problems are as old as the wind, experts say and many remain truly unsolved. But a new open source-based site from the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) looks to help track work done and solve long-standing and difficult math problems. The Institute along with the National Science Foundation will on Wednesday open the AIM Problem Lists site to offer an organized and annotated collection of unsolved problems, and previously unsolved problems, in a specialized area of mathematics research. The problem list provides a snapshot of the current state of research in a particular research area, letting experts track new developments, and newcomers to gain a perspective on the subject, AIM stated.
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Submission + - XO Laptops Perform Quantum Key Distribution (lwn.net)

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "At the National University of Singapore, two XO Laptops were hooked together to do some entanglement based quantum key distribution over a free space channel. It took some tinkering, and they had to write some custom software for the XO, but it worked. The only bad news is that you can't really do this at home without a rather complex, USB-accessible device to do the entangling — you can't do many quantum operations in software just yet."

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