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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 361

What is this shit? Post something relevant to your claim, like a link to a specific post.

I'm using the exact standard you use when you peddle bullshit, and try to make a claim against me. You enjoying the table turned on yourself yet? Oh no, you didn't. Figure out why yet?

Why do I even bother asking, you never have anything.

Wrong. When I post something, you refuse to look at it or never respond. I'm just giving you a very special treatment that's deserved for this post.

Comment there is a product for this! (Score 1) 169

Electrical or magnetic interference inside a computer system can cause a single bit of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) to spontaneously flip to the opposite state. It was initially thought that this was mainly due to alpha particles emitted by contaminants in chip packaging material, but research has shown that the majority of one-off soft errors in DRAM chips occur as a result of background radiation, chiefly neutrons from cosmic ray secondaries, which may change the contents of one or more memory cells or interfere with the circuitry used to read or write to them.[2] Hence, the error rates increase rapidly with rising altitude; for example, compared to the sea level, the rate of neutron flux is 3.5 times higher at 1.5 km and 300 times higher at 10–12 km (the cruising altitude of commercial airplanes).


And, whaddaya know, you can buy them pretty much everywhere. For voting machines, medical applications, etc. they should obviously be used.

Comment Re:Even more fake news (Score 1) 335

Do you suffer from senile dementia so that you can't remember a few posts back? This is what I said:

So, your answer is "it conforms to the scientific method because it's done by scientists". Well, science doesn't work that way.

Science requires falsifiability, predictions, experimental testing, reproducibility, and independent verification. Try establishing those criteria for climate change research.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 903

But why should there be a risk?

It's newsworthy is PDP turned out to actually be a white supremist or somesuch, given his following. But that's clearly not the case here. This was simply "PDP did something tasteless, like so many of his videos", not even newsworthy.

But it's not about truth or what newsworthy, is it? It's about forwarding the narrative, and punishing the heretics. And only that.

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