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Comment Re:this can't be (Score 1) 43

For most people, the cloud offers convenience at the expense of a bunch of negatives that aren't immediately apparent to them, mostly relating to data security, data charges, and stability of software usability (ie unexpected workflow killing changes).

The reality is that their personal data needs are meager enough not to warrant datacenter storage and processing. It's just that those who want to charge monthly fees for every little thing are trying to squeeze the market in that direction.

Comment Gee, who could have seen this coming? (Score 2) 29

"Dan Drew, chief security officer at Level 3 Communications, says the attack is at least in part being mounted from a "botnet" of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices."

Gee, who could have seen this coming? Oh, that's right, lots of people, including me.

The IoT (Internet of Terrors) is upon us. Buckle up, baby. It's going to be a bumpy ride and it's going to get worse before it gets better...if it ever does, that is.

Personally I'm not holding out much hope- the damage is done. Millions and millions of craptastic insecure IoT gadgets are out there right now, happily botting away.

Even if starting tomorrow every single new gadget sold was 100% secure, it's too late- the world's infrastructure is already infected with mountains of this consumer-grade garbage that will be around for a long, long time.

Comment Re:First lesson (Score 1) 106

Except that in reality the way it works...

Except that in reality some ISPs are owned by the Russian Business Network (RBN), and they'll be given 100 million IPs to play with, and then another 100 million, and so on. The RBN owns lots of ISPs that are known for their friendliness towards "bulletproof" hosting companies and for working hand-in-hand with spammers.


The spammer would either need a new block of addresses from the ISP or a new ISP, effectively the same situation you have now with IPv4.

No, it's not the same situation because the address space that will be available to these criminal ISPs will be magnitudes of order larger than with IPV4. An ISP now may have a hundred thousand IPs to allocate (if that many), but now they'll have tens or hundreds of millions.

Seriously, this is going to be a problem, and more than a few security professionals have been discussing this problem for a while now.

Comment Re:Easy Work-Around (Score 1) 85

If it happens on a weekly basis, let me tell you, lawyers nor are judges are that naive.

I'm not so sure. They'd have to prove that was your intent, and I don't see how they could do that. Some rentals DO end prematurely and in an area with high-turnover who's to say this isn't exactly what's happening?

If they want to throttle the renting they should craft a law that specifies "no more than 30 days rental allowed in any 6-month period" or something like that.

Comment Re:Easy Work-Around (Score 1) 85

and you now have no renters lined up because you couldn't put it on the market until the one-week guy gave you your $20 cancellation fee and left (because you had made a commitment to the full 60 day term).

I don't think AirBnB locks you out of relisting it for the proposed rental time if a rental is taken and then ends prematurely, I think you just go in and mark it as available again. If I'm mistaken, let me know.

Yeah, you may lose a few days here and there, but then again maybe not- it all depends on the demand. If it's available on short notice, so much the better for some people.

Comment President Obama said something similar (Score 1) 157

Banning Muslims is wrong because we shouldn't punish innocent people because just because someone else is guilty.

The occasion was after one of the Muslim mass shootings last year.

Let's not forget that, at the same time Trump wanted to act against innocent Muslims, President Obama wanted to take action against innocent gun owners. If it's wrong to target innocents for enforcement, when can we expect President Obama to be criticized for exactly the same thing?

Comment emotional intelligence != smiles a lot (Score 5, Informative) 103

TFA seems to be mostly statistics about the apparent emotional states of the two candidates during each debate. That tells you little about their "emotional intelligence".

When it comes to Clinton's smiles, a lot of them seem to be fake smiles rather than genuine emotion. In fact, from Wikileaks, we know that her advisors insert "[smile]" cues into her scripted responses.

The seemingly artificial nature of Clinton's emotional expressions is one of the things that creeps so many people out about her and makes them distrust her so much (to be sure, it is reinforced by actual misconduct).

Comment Re:Stay the hell out of my PRIVATE PROPERTY NY NAZ (Score 1) 85

even landlords can't do whatever they want with their properties. I dunno why you think its that simple.

Real estate have community value far beyond just their material one. We treat them specially in a lot of ways...you have neighbors who have right too, people have rights to homes, tenants have rights. This isn't the bullshit taxi cartel we're talking about here. This shit can make or break people's lives.

Comment Re:First lesson (Score 1) 106

IPV6 can make some things worse, especially spam.

For example, it makes banning or classifying an IP address as a spam source nearly impossible. There's so much address space that spammers will be able to use an IP to send 1000 emails and then discard it, never to be used again. The incredibly huge address space makes this quite practical. Banning by IP address will become meaningless because there are so many useable (and therefore discardable) IPs.

How much address space is there? Well....

Let's assume every single one of the 100 billion stars in the galaxy is inhabited, and each star has a population of 10 trillion humans in orbit around it, and each human has 1 billion devices that need IP addresses.

In that case, only 1/340,282nd of the possible 128-bit IPv6 addresses would need to be assigned.

Put another way, IPv6 would (will) provide roughly 5,000 assignable IP addresses for every square micron of the Earth's surface.

Hell, they could use one IP address per spam and never run out of fresh IPs in our lifetime.

Comment Easy Work-Around (Score 4, Insightful) 85

"Tenants who violate current state law and list their apartments for rentals of less than 30 days would face fines of $1,000 for the first offense, $5,000 for the second and $7,500 for a third."

This will be easy to get around...people will just list the property for a 30- or 60-day rental and have a $20 "early move out" or "cancellation" fee. So the "renter" will book it for 30 days, leave after a week, and pay a small, affordable "penalty" since they didn't stay the full 30 days.

And the owner will say, "I rented it for 60 days but they left after a week, what could I do?"

(I'm not saying this is right, just that this is what they'll do to get around the restriction.)

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 4, Interesting) 85

This is such a stupid argument. If Im good enough I can literally kill someone without any proof. Should we make murder legal?

Yeah, some shit is hard to prove, doesn't mean it should be legal if its genuinely hurting people and we decide it should not.

The distinction between residential and commercial establishment has been a staple for a long time, and it has a lot of value (if only so your neighbors can exercise their right of quiet enjoyment of THEIR properties, which I'd argue, is vastly more important than your freedom to rent it out).

Thats without even counting the insane amount of people who AirBNB condos after signing papers saying they wont (short term rentals are very frequently banned in condo associations). So fuck em.

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