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Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score 1) 282

Here I thought I was supposed to work hard and let my results get me places.

Nah. Now you can just game the system. The left pushed "diversity hires" really hard, so now all you have to do is claim to be "gender fluid" or state you're Trans. Maybe be male today, female tomorrow and it's all good. Just like that guy in Australia. Maybe toss in some "trans-racial" claims like you're native and see? It's so easy to do it. And if they refuse to hire you, just start screaming they're racist/sexist/bigoted or whichever and state you're being discriminated against. At this point? I fully support fucking with the entire thing and crashing it.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 13

Don't worry. When everyone except the richest elite who are jet setting, telling you that you're ignorant and need to do what they tell you and you're fundamentally broke paying for carbon taxes. It'll all work out right? Just like it is in Canada. The entire mood around "carbon taxes" is getting interesting here and I wouldn't be surprised to see mass protests in the near future. We've already hit the "people making choices between heating their homes when it's -40C, or keeping a roof over their head." And said taxes in many places have only been in place for a couple of years.

Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 124

>> Men are the ones who are deciding NOT to treat prostate cancer.
Thats not what the article says at all. Did you even read it?
It actually says "More Men With Early Prostate Cancer Are Choosing to Avoid Treatment".

>> So no, I'm not furthering any stereotype, you jerk.

Yes you absolutely are. Jerk yourself.

Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 1) 71

Liberals always cite "luck" as the only ingredient that makes people "rich".

Luck is nothing more than when Preparation Meets Opportunity. If you invested your hard earned money instead of buying an iPod, iPhone or iPad (when they came out) , into Apple stock, you'd be able to buy all three today, and have money left over.

So, most people fail in preparing for success, never see opportunity when i happens, and blame it all on "bad luck"

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 255

Trump called on Russia to release illegally obtained information on Clinton during his campaign.

And that means what exactly? I thought it was pretty good rhetoric highlighting Clinton's carelessness with her email server.

Trump's policies are definitely pro-Russian.

No, they're just not anti-Russian. There is absolutely no reason for there to be hostility between the US and Russia, but Hillary was dead-set on war with Russia over Syria so her paymasters in Saudi Arabia and Qatar could get their pipeline instead of Putin's Iran pipeline.

It's at least a reasonable line of investigation.

Not really. It's the DNC and their media mouthpieces ("It's illegal to look at WikiLeaks!!!" -- CNN) desperate to distract from the content of the leaks, and a convenient way for the CIA to smear WikiLeaks with black propaganda. Lefties on Slashdot are gullible as hell. Before this Russia shit if the CIA said the sky is blue /.ers would have looked out of their basements to check and now it's all "HOW YOU DARE YOU QUESTION THE CIA!!!!"

Nothing has changed. The CIA didn't suddenly start telling the truth. WikiLeaks didn't suddenly start lying. Lefties on /. are just grasping at straws because they're assblasted about Trump and can't deal with losing.

Comment Re:Um, duh? (Score 1) 257

The high posted rates serve one purpose - to shift some expenses toward the really rich people that attend

I'm aware of this, but you see the dilemma it creates. It creates a very strong "What's in your wallet" mentality, where the most important criteria for a child's acceptance at these places is how much their parents are willing to pay or have saved up vs. what the school thinks their parents should be able to pay or should have saved. Suffice it to say that most people in the world, even those that might have saved up sufficient money, would consider this amount of money to be mind bogglingly large, and it will directly affect when we can retire and possibly affect siblings options. We're in a strange position of trying to show that our wallet is not empty, but not full and figure out how much to volunteer that will get the kid accepted without going over. It's like the price is right.

Now, to the value. A middle class parent will want to focus on options that significantly improve the marketability of their children's skill-set, no other factors come in to play (no one particularly values a liberal education or spending money on anything without an ROI). Couple that with Ivy League schools general dis-utility in most professions, yes, as a parent I would actively discourage my child from applying or even thinking about it, from a young age. I need my kids to get the education they need to get a good job, that pays well more than the median. No other factors are involved here from my stand-point.

Exceptions: certain ivy league law and business schools, or, if I utterly fail at parenting, a child who wants to pursue some liberal arts field (that's not a fine art) and has an excellent academic record I may agree to fund, under very strong conditions. Basically if you cannot place in the top 10% of your class, every year, I'm cutting you off until you find a cheaper school and pick up a utility degree that will at least let you get a job that doesn't involve hamburgers or coffee.

So with all that said, I can understand why they don't see applications for a lot of people outside the 1%. While I haven't seen anyone put their thoughts into this topic into a serious condensed form, this is the prevailing attitude I think. We're just not seeing why we should pay so much money for so little practical return, and we're not wealthy enough to remotely consider the impractical return.

Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1) 255


Marine Corps. Major Caught Sending Classified Documents to Superiors Using Personal Email: Maj. Jason Brezler was dismissed from the Marine Corps when he “accidentally took home 14 documents on his personal computer, some of which were classified.” According to the report, Brezler was “in a graduate school class when he received an urgent email from military officials in Afghanistan and sent a specific document in response, using his personal email account.”

One other one didn't lead to prosecution, but loss of job and clearance:

State Department Official Fired and Security Clearance Revoked After Linking to Classified Wikileaks Document: Peter Van Buren, a foreign service officer for Hillary’s State Department, was fired and his security clearance revoked for quoting a Wikileaks document AFTER publishing a book critical of Clinton. In fact, the Washington Post reported that one of his firing infractions was “showing ‘bad judgement’ by criticizing Clinton and then-Rep. Michele Bachmann on his blog.”

There is another one that is less clear in that article. Classified information was found on a work computer at the guys house, unknown if accidental or intentional, and he was pardoned for it as he was chummy with Bill Clinton.

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