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Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 25

It makes perfect sense.

If your working contribution costs more to automate than it takes to pay your wage, you will be safe from automation (at least until automation drives down the costs of further automation sufficiently to resolve this case).

If your wages are on par with, or greater (amortized over time) than the costs of replacing you with automation, your job is at high risk of being eliminated to automation as a cost saving measure.

Combined, the only "safe" class of workers are those in a situation where automation is, for some reason other than cost, unable to replace them, which is a category that gets eroded quickly due to increasingly capable robot and software designs.

Human society NEEDS to be ready for the inevitable reality where NOBODY works, and the only people who "Make money", are those who OWN robots, or have a share in companies, and milk their investments.

Money ceases to be an essential functional commodity in such a circumstance, as people will invent alternative methods of exchange to obtain necessary services.

Either money has to be distributed for no labor expended by a governing body (basic income strategy), or true post-scarcity future economic models need to be created. There are no alternatives where really rich people get everything and everyone else just dies. (Sorry plutocrats, but that is how you destroy the human race, not live immortal, pampered lives.)

Comment But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 3, Insightful) 111

Everyone say goodbye to dissenting opinions on YouTube.

Disagreement is now harrassment.
Mockery is now hate speech.
Offense is now trauma.
Criticism is now abuse.
Compelling criticism is now violence.
Anyone who talks about subjects the MSM wants to suppress is now a troll.
Anyone at random is a racist/sexist/white supremacist/nazi/etc if they say so.

The use of this alarmist (and usually, simply wrong) language is ubiquitous and deliberate. It's all a pretense to justify a disproportionate censorial "response," especially when they know no response is warranted at all. It's also a brazenly transparent tactic, especially since Twitter/Reddit/etc rarely seem to use it against users that properly align with their politics.

A popular tranny just had two of her YT videos demonitized, one that criticized Islam, and another that criticized feminism:

Comment 1PB meh (Score 2) 96

I think even a vanilla Postgresql will do 1-2 Petabytes.

The maximum column size for Postgres is 1GB. The maximum table size is 32TB. So let's say you have a 1PB data set, that means you need to shard your data in at least 25 tables of 250 columns.

Let's say you want to run a query vertically; you'll need to join those 25 tables, start the query and go on vacation for a month. That's how 1PB works on Postgres.

And don't you even dare do some leaf-level manipulations on that volume of data, like a lateral join - unless you enjoy a faint smell of burnt plastic in your data center. Meanwhile, that kind of thing runs smoothly on Hadoop, and if it's too slow you just add nodes.

I'm not saying RDBMS are dead - in my opinion the vast majority of use cases warrant for a traditional RDMBS or non-Hadoop NoSQL database. But when it comes to seriously big data, fuggedaboutit.

Comment Re:Let's get it started (Score 1) 84

As a linux user and an anti-fan of systemd, I thought I'd give FreeBSD a try - it's been years since I last gave any BSD a go.
So, first thing I try and do gives an unGoogle-able error message. That's enough playing about, I'll try a BSD again in a few more years.

We've all been there... Next on your list should be: installing Slackware on a brand new ultrabook that has no ethernet adapter.

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