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Comment is that useful? (Score 1) 19

In the trial of 100 lung cancer patients, scientists saw precipitous rises in tumor DNA in the blood of patients who would go on to relapse months, or even a year, later. In the latest trial

I suppose if the DNA test comes back negative, you don't have to X-ray or you can scrutinize the X-ray more carefully. But, still, it doesn't seem all that useful.

Comment big businesses asking for special favors (Score 2) 103

These are big businesses with massive financial backing. Many of them currently dominate their respective markets, and many have business models based on advertising and high bandwidth usage. When they ask for "net neutrality", they are asking for protectionist legislation that cements in their current market positions and protects them from newer, smaller competitors and from non-advertising based revenue models. That's because net neutrality redistributes the cost of providing bandwidth and therefore favors advertising-based revenue and bandwidth intensive businesses.

Comment Breaking News (Score 3, Insightful) 103

Dateline SAN JOSE: Special interests make dire predictions of the future to try to gain favorable government policy treatment. "Give us what we want or it will be just terrible," they said. "We'll all die of Silicon Valley ennui!" When asked how many startups would die anyway of unrealistic optimism and poor management, they just glared and sullenly shuffled away, whispering under their breath.

Sadly, we never got the chance to ask them how accurate their other predictions of the future were.

Comment Re:did you forget about scrubbers? (Score 1) 463

As other noted, that cost is only partial. Worse, it's for installation, not life cycle. It costs money (and power) to run those scrubbers.

Also, once you remove the carbon, sulfur, mercury, thorium and other stuff, you have to dispose of it. The carbon and sulfur take up space, but aren't that dangerous. The mercury and thorium are dangerous ingredients that you have to pay to properly transport and dispose of safely.

Which is why there are a grand total of two 'clean coal' plants in the USA, both finally operational as of January 2017, both funded in part by the US government as a test program.

Not a single corporation felt it made any monetary sense to run these stupid things without government money. Why? Because they are too damn expensive to run. If they made sense, we have built them without government cash.

Comment Giant fucking waste of time is what it is. (Score 0) 45

Sure, maybe for banking sites and anything where money changes hands.

I can understand that.

But why the FUCK do I have to do it on someone's stupid WordPress or Joomla site?

Hell, even company sites. If all they're serving is flat HTML content who gives a shit about HTTPS?

But NO! Their website is now SUSPECT! Are you REALLY sure you want to ENDANGER yourself?

It's the whole fucking popup verification debacle all over again!

"Are you sure?" Yes.
"Are you sure?" Yes.
"Are you sure?" Yes.
"Nuke your hard drive and fuck you in the ass?" Yes...wait WHAT?

Comment Re:EE Degree (Score 1) 184

Ever studied dynamic systems? The journey from Newton's first principles to the Hamiltonians and Lagrangians too a couple hundred years for a reason: the math of modeling the evolution of a stateful classical system is very distant from the math that describes that system in some elegant way. The connection between the two is non-obvious, to say the least.

State in programming is very straightforward, though I guess it's equally distant from the elegant mathematical systems of the lambda calculus and combinator logic.

Not to mention the fact that the best programming is only frugally stateful anyway.

That's certainly the current fad. The best programming is "whatever approach keeps things simple", which is never going to be the same tool for all jobs.

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