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Comment Re:What's the new DUI? (Score 1) 21

If somebody in your back seat reaches forward, grabs the steering wheel, and forces you to get into an accident, who is liable? You, because you didn't stop them? The car maker, because they didn't prevent anybody but the driver from grabbing the steering wheel?

The hacker is obviously the liable party.

Comment Re:akin to.... (Score 1) 95

>> I guess they don't have any booths in Europe?

Obviously I'm generalising and this is all my experience, but they're really pretty uncommon especially in nicer restaurants. You see them a lot more in pubs and (mostly American/American-influenced) fast food chains though.

Exceptions are obviously made when serving from the left is not practical, but in most restaurants and when it is practical, it's usually done.

Comment MTBF (Score 2) 67

Anybody know the mean time between failure for these plugs (The micro ones)?

I've only had a headphone jack fail once, due to some pocket lint getting in the hole, which I was able to remove.

I've gone through a number of cords and a few devices due to failure of the cord, failure of the female plug, or the female plug becoming so fatigued the solder broke attaching it to the PCB.

The 3.5mm jack is pretty solid when it comes to abuse. I've accidentally broken off USB connectors several times.

Comment SBU is not what you think it is. (Score 3, Insightful) 67

from here:

"The SBU wires are lower speed signal wires that is allocated for Alternate Mode use only. USB Power Delivery is required for Alternate Mode negotiation before these pins may be used for any purpose".

Doesn't sound like headphone power-level or analog to me.

Comment Re:Apple says (Score 0, Troll) 67

Apple will probably be all over this for their single usb-c port macbook. But you'll need an adapter to charge and listen at the same time and a dongle to use your lightning headphones you bought for your iPhone!

I hope it'll cost at least $300 per port or I won't feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

Comment Re:We get the government we deserve (Score 2) 181

If four or five years ago you'd been in a creative writing class and written a story detailing this election and Trump's role in it, it would have been panned as "ridiculous", "unrealistic", "pure nuttery" and "impossible"....but here we are.

If you'd written about a presidential candidate who bragged about being able to shoot people in the middle of the street with without losing a single voter, the teacher would have told you that the scene was childishly unbelievable in the extreme.

If you'd written that the candidate ran on a platform of wanting to deport 11 million people, you'd have been laughed out of the room.

If you wrote a scene where the candidate publicly trashed a widely-respected war hero, the book would end about two pages later with him going down in flames.

I mean, maybe we are living in a simulation, because this just doesn't seem like reality to me.

Comment Re:We get the government we deserve (Score 1) 181

I think God's just fucking with us now.

Well, there's something we agree on.

I'm starting to question my own reality now.

Did I actually die a few years ago?

Is this some twisted, abstract kind of hell?

Or are these two really the best we could come up with?

I keep thinking "This is the stupid shit I've ever seen, it can't get worse", then something else comes along that shatters that notion.

Take this picture taken in a college sociology class, for example:

(I have several pictures of this, if anyone is interested)

Paying to go to college to learn about memes and pepe.

Please, wake me up. I want to go back to the good old days of photoshopping monkey faces onto Bush.

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