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Comment Re:Is it creepy to anyone else... (Score 4, Insightful) 100

the future of interplanetary travel is capitalist in nature... thoughts?

Damn, but that would be almost as bad as going to the New World hoping to find a cheaper route for the spice trade, wouldn't it?

Luckily for us that never happened, eh?

What/s that? Columbus was trying to find a way to the Far East when he conned Isabella out of her jewels to finance the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria??? Say it ain't so!

Seriously, who cares whether the first men on Mars are paid for by the government of private industry? As long as there ARE First Men on Mars, it's a win for humanity....

Comment Almost meaningless (Score 5, Insightful) 299

He can't remain President long enough to actually do the mission.

Hell, he won't be Pres long enough for hardware designs, much less actually bending metal.

Much less launching anything...

That's NASA's biggest problem these last few decades - no way to stick to anything beyond the term(s) of the current President, so nothing can really be done that takes longer than about five years....

Which is another way of saying "nothing can really be done."

Comment Re:$10M, huh? (Score 1) 331

Just like Cal Berkeley yanked all 10,000 educational videos over a lawsuit,

Cal Berkeley yanked those educational videos because they were sued under the ADA to provide close-captioning and such for the hearing impaired.

Which would have been extremely expensive (think of 10k lectures as ~50 years worth of primetime network TV), to say the least.

So they looked the situation over, figured out that they'd have to spend tens of millions of dollars to continue offering those free videos (with an ever-present risk of further lawsuits), or they could solve the problem by just removing the videos....

So, how much of your own money would you be willing to spend to provide a free service to all and sundry after you were sued for not providing enough free services?

Comment Re:I don't care (Score 4, Insightful) 193

Even if you do like kids, bringing them to the world we have today isn't exactly a gift to them...

Yeah, bringing kids into a world where they can expect to live to near 90, with almost no chance of dying in a war or plague or starving to death would really suck.

Plus there's the whole "we can communicate with almost anyone, anywhere, in Real Time" thing. Can't imagine wanting to subject kids to that (an example: when I was a kid, my Dad spent a year in Vietnam. We got letters, occasionally (he wasn't much for writing). Today, if your father is in the middle of a warzone half a world away, you can video-conference with him using any number of internet tools).

Much better to have had kids back in the Civil War, right? Or WW1 or 2? Or maybe back in the halcyon days of the Black Plague? Or hell, any random famine year during the last 5K years....

Comment Closer in line with SpaceX? (Score 1) 32

Hmm, they've got a contract to start putting up these satellites in five years (notably two years AFTER they say they'll have the ability to deliver stuff to the Moon).

Starting to put stuff into orbit in five years isn't in the timezone of SpaceX, which has been putting things up for several years....

Comment Re:He weas acquited of all charges (Score 1) 397

and the admitted sex with the 2 women

Two women who were his employees. Note that when that sort of thing happened in industry, it was a slam-dunk for a sexual harassment suit. But people REALLY like Bill. Enough that they gave him a pass on something that would've gotten any CEO in the country in trouble....

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