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Comment Why does this scientist ignore biochemical facts? (Score 1) 253

Based on the human body and the fact that Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is so utterly vital to our health and to our brains, the leading theory is that the early hominids who rapidly evolved much larger brains was due to an abundance of seafood in their diet, not savanna meat.

No where in the article is this mentioned. I'm almost inclined to think that this "article" is another one of these that has been surreptitiously sponsored by an industry - in this case not the pharmaceutical industry but the meat industry.

Anyhow, read for yourself the convincing data about why our ancestors were probably seafood eaters and not hunters as has traditionally believed. Furthermore, if you simply ask yourself how many restaurants there are in the world where meat is served raw - which for species which are truly carnivorous is the way it is consumed and to which their digestive tracks have adapted - vs. how many there are where seafood is served raw. Sashimi anyone?

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