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Comment Re:Is convenience really worth that much for last (Score 1) 125

I presume that's in USD as well, so paying $180 US ($240CDN) per year to *not* own any games vs me picking up a used PS3 on Craigslist for $100CDN and then buying used games at $5-$15 per game, I just don't see the value proposition here.

Can't disagree with you there, but I do think you're underestimating the target audience's laziness.

Comment The bigger problem... (Score 1) 10

If the GOP manages to still get voters to split their voters (voting against Drumpf for president but still voting for GOP house-critters) then we won't see anything done in the next 2 years of government. Remember how many times the house has tried to repeal the ACA (so they can replace it with their own identical bill with someone else's name associated with it) in the past several years? Remember how many millions of dollars have been wasted on "investigations" into Benghazi? If Hillary is elected POTUS but the house is till under GOP control we'll see the first impeachment discussion on the floor start no later than March 1, 2017.

Comment Re:How Active Does Development Need to Be? (Score 1) 512

particularly if you are in a situation where you need to X-forward a browser session over the internet; Chrome and Firefox might be particularly painful while Konqueror could be usable.

Neither Chrome nor Firefox's bloat is drawing on the desktop

You're probably correct on that, in that those browsers are just simply bloated, period.

and in any case the performance of the window draw will pale in comparison to sending a bitmap of the website you're currently visiting over the internet.

From my experience that is not the case. I have had times where I have used XForward to send browser sessions across the internet before and there have been profound differences in the initial loading of the same site between firefox and konqueror. From my experience konqueror was faster to the point where I could start the browser, load the page, get what I needed from it, and close the session in less time than it took just to get firefox to open and accept an address in the address bar. This was with no flash or other fancy plug-ins loaded on either browser, connecting to the same PC on the same cable modem either way.

Comment Re:How Active Does Development Need to Be? (Score 3, Interesting) 512

I don't know that maintaining a web browser in the face of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and the rest makes any sense?

I can tell you from experience that Konqueror is a browser with a vastly smaller footprint than Chrome or Firefox. There are times when this can make a really big difference, particularly if you are in a situation where you need to X-forward a browser session over the internet; Chrome and Firefox might be particularly painful while Konqueror could be usable.

Opera I haven't used in a long time, and the last time I tried to use it I found it quite broken in *nix. Maybe it's better now? As for Edge, I'm not aware of a system upon which you could have both KDE and Edge. If you know of such a beast, feel free to enlighten me.

Also, a standalone mail client? I haven't used one of those in nearly 5 years now. So, do I care that it hasn't updated? Do its users want it to become more like Outlook? I think probably not.

There is still demand for a standalone mail client, though I can't say I've used KMail much. I use Thunderbird religiously. I most certainly do not want it to look any more like Outlook, in fact I value how much it looks like the old Netscape Communicator.

My gripe with KDE the last time I tried to use it was lack of font scaling support for 4K screens.

Holy first world problems, batman. If I ever find myself with that much disposable income ...

Comment How Active Does Development Need to Be? (Score 4, Interesting) 512

I'm not sure how active desktop development needs to be for a single *nix desktop environment. I am a big KDE user myself, and I'm happy with where it is. Sure, some of the applications from the KDE team have been neglected quite a but but they're not fully broken either. KDE runs GNOME stuff quite well when there are GNOME applications that I just can't get by without.

That and of course I still do a huge part of my most important work from the command line. That won't change any time soon, so as far as that is concerned it matters not at all whether or not any additional new features are ever incorporated into the environment.

Comment Hard to hire? Doubtful (Score 2) 111

I haven't applied to Amazon though I have applied to a lot of other major employers in my area. What is the most common response? Nothing at all. Not even a form rejection letter, just nothing - drawn out over a long time.

It seems the majority of employers in our country are reliant on various shitty HR algorithms to evaluate resumes en masse, and most often the employers don't know shit about how those algorithms work. The employers then congratulate themselves about how many resumes they were able to avoid reading, and then they get stuck with a thoroughly illogical collection of resumes written by people who happened to match the correct combination of keywords (which were often not included in the job posting).

If they would actually have human beings read the resumes, they would find hiring gets a lot easier.

Comment The House Reflects Human Psyche Well (Score 1) 33

While congress generally has an abysmal approval rating, there is an interesting exception to that. Ask an average voter what they think of their representative, and the majority will say they think s/he is doing a great job. This is why reelection rates are so high, most Americans - regardless of party affiliation - believe that the problem is all the other critters in the house. It doesn't matter if their representative has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on witch hunts and posturing, it doesn't matter if their representative is in the majority or not.

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