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Journal iamtheantipudge's Journal: The ultimate pudge critique- 2

Will he blend? I sure would like to know.

For further idiocy, cruelty, contempt, arrogance, and just generally bad karma, make sure to read his journals and his comments. They speak for themselves...in volumes.

Poor, Poor, Pitiful pudge. I wonder how it feels to be such an ass. Like with a person that weighs 300 pounds, how does he carry all the weight?

And remember, all you sick people who don't have any money, according to him, you're supposed to go wonder off into the hills to die quietly. He doesn't care, and he doesn't want to know about it. You are a leech, a tick, sucking the blood out of our great society. By his account, you have a lot of gall demanding anything in exchange for your lousy working conditions and slave wages. Basically he's just saying, "STFU and die!" You're interfering with his quality time with his butt-buddies in the GOP.

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The ultimate pudge critique-

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