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Journal Journal: It doesn't matta!

"I dont buy the "dangerous loony toon"teabagger meme. So what if they are? if they get to the senate they will be told what they can and cant do by Mich Bugconnel and the lobbyist/handlers they assign to them... dont hector me if I dont vote for Pepsi because its no Better than voting Coke." - Anonymous

Comment Re:Effective way to keep screens locked (Score 1) 336

On a Mac, use the Active Screen Corners feature of Exposé in System Preferences. Set one corner to start the screensaver. Then, go to the Security page and hit the checkbox next to "Require password..."

That part's easy.

Then you have to train your users to move the mouse over and park in the chosen corner of the screen.

That part's hard.

The human element will always be the weakest link in the security chain.

Comment Re:Microsoft is pure genius (Score 1) 830

A lot of people *will* buy Windows 7. Maybe not so many in absolute terms - but MS will buy just enough publicity to make it look like *everyone* is doing it (hell, the launch of XP was the #1 item in the fucking *news* FFS. They probably paid millions for that). Every magazine will be full of 'how cool windows 7 is', every online blog they can buy will be full of 'how to do cool things with windows 7' (and I expect this will include slashdot, since they have feed their families just like everyone else).

A lot will pirate it - and MS are fine with that because if they're using MS products they're not using the competition.

Like it or not, Windows 7 launch will be huge, whether the OS is any good or not.


Journal Journal: Attention Slashdot Shoppers

Please stop spamming us with your amazon(and other product placements) links in your posts. Not all of us have bank accounts, much less credit cards. Information that we can't access is absolutely useless. And makes your posts even more so.

Clean up in Aisle 8...

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Teabagging 10

Quick reminder: today, all across America, thousands of people whose taxes will go down are marching and protesting the fact that my taxes will go up.

By 3 percentage points.

Memo to protesters: I'm okay with that, because I am not a selfish dick. I think I can survive the same crushing tax rates we had during the great economic apocalypse of the Clinton Years.

Go. Home.

United States

Journal Journal: The uninsured

..."do not provide political benefit for the aid you give them*...If I'm in Congress, and I help out farmers, they'll help me out politically. But if I help out the uninsured, they are not likely to help members of Congress get re-elected."

*They might if you actually give them any.


Journal Journal: The time has come for us to say sayonara 1

My heart will always be yours for eternity
I knew some time we'd have to say sayonara
So promise that...
Uhh, Colonel, fair is fair. If I nail Hotlips and punch Hawkeye, can I go home?
I'll remember our romance until the day that I die
I'll see your face in the moon and stars in the sky...


Journal Journal: The Social Function of Sexual Suppression 2

If one studies the history of sexual suppression one finds that it does not exist in the early stages of culture formation. Therefore, it cannot be the prerequisite of culture. Rather, it appears at a relatively late stage of culture, at the time of the development of authoritarian patriarchy and of class distinctions. At that stage, the sexual interests of all begin to serve the profit interests of a minority. This process has assumed a solid organizational form in the institutions of patria


Journal Journal: If I was(okay...were) a pirate 3

I could stand close to Caesar and rule the world. Actually, he would stand close to me, or stand down if he wants to live. It's the pirates who are the real rulers of the planet. These are men with no need for nations who roam freely throughout the world, and create and destroy them on a whim. This is how your world works today. It has always been that way.


Journal Journal: Freedom of speech gets smacked down again 2

in the name of god

Western governments and a broad alliance of activist groups have voiced dismay about the religious defamation text, which adds to recent efforts to broaden the concept of human rights to protect communities of believers rather than individuals.

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