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Comment Hey! It's the MasterBlaster! (Score 1) 7

Yes, you commonly resort to such irrational claims. They do not stand on their own; they logically need actual backing with argument and evidence. You provide none. You make no actual arguments, ever, and then pretend that you've actually made a valid point.

You work for a man?


So he tells you what to do and you do it?


Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 23

Of course I do. Your words are the demonstration.. There's nothing to add. We've been through this many times. By habit you deny the facts, so a reenactment on my part will serve no purpose. You have to get me drunk first. If, by chance, you ever comprehend the words you write, you will understand with crystal clarity their absurdness and unoriginality of thought in that they are simply recitals of paid pundits regurgitations. You yourself offer nothing whatsoever other than your services to a machine.

Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 23

...if you COULD actually demonstrate anything I said to be "absurd," you would.

Every word you utter, or put on paper.. But I suppose the standouts are your accusations of liar. . Just like the eternal quote "... the assassin accusing the assassin...". There was a another funny remark you made somewhere crediting the bible with ending slavery in the US. I'll dig it up if I feel like I really have to. No, pudge, you are the embodiment of the word. Aside from the associated destruction, it's pure comedy. Must be a ploy to keep people from protesting. Disable them with laughter. There's always something to say for the "disarming smile" when it keeps the victim from noticing the knife in his back.

Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 23

Your lying aside...

Tee Hee... Listening to your banal little descriptions* of the world are so... Actually, it's intriguing.. I have a deep interest in the absurd, and you and your glam rock friend there are ideal studies. Comedic, yes, but can be dangerous with heavy machinery and sharp objects.

*ripped straight from the headlines and Glenn Beck's blackboard, as you have posted no thoughts of your own.

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