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Journal iamtheantipudge's Journal: Funny as hell 5

One of the more peculiar things about this baboon(apologies to real baboons) known as pudge is that he talks about god and religion as if he was a religious person. He's more of a religious whacko than anything. I mean, besides being an idiot and all. So hey, pudgie, did your god intervene when he made you dumb as dirt? You actually believe you understand the "nature of God"??? A blade of grass knows more about god and expresses it more eloquently than you ever will, you damn fool! Yeah, you probably didn't come from no ape. Any ape that is interested in the survival of its species would have drowned you at birth! Whatever "intelligent design" there might be in the universe definitely does not include you. You're so bent on pushing your god on the rest of the world, you simply refuse to believe that we don't need one to create a universe, and you have no concept of the word "random" or "chance". You have no idea of the sheer numbers that make life not only possible, but quite probable in many places besides our little "island in the sky". I got news for you. It is a roll of the dice. And it was an unfortunate roll that we got stuck with you on this planet. Well, considering those numbers, it's also quite probable that many other planets are burdened with people just like you. The mere thought that there is more than one of you makes my skin crawl. Uuugh! There certainly is no place in paradise for your kind. What's your real name? Abby? Abby Normal, right?

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Funny as hell

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  • is that you think anything you wrote actually had anything to do with me, or anything I wrote.
    • Everything I write is about you. I exist for for you, my sweets. True religion you will never find. Otherwise you wouldn't be such a bigot. But you are. So religion can be nothing more than a study course for you. You can argue the points without knowing what any of it means, or dismissing it outright. The appropriate metaphor is a person driving a car, but not knowing how it operates. You are a trained monkey. A talking parrot. Everything but a critically thinking human.
      • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

        Everything I write is about you.
        Well, no, that's the point. You may think it is, but it in fact is not. Nothing you said had anything to do with me. Like, for example, this:

        Otherwise you wouldn't be such a bigot. But you are.
        But I'm not. Indeed, I am not bigoted at all, in any way, and it is not possible for you to show otherwise.
        • Bigotry [] abounds [].

          "alternative religious beliefs"?? Please!
          To hold somebody against their will for breaking questionable law, and withhold proper medical treatment because he's in prison is bigotry. And actually should be considered criminal.

          And this little piece of work []: Even if this is as bad as anyone thinks it could be, it's still not as bad as actual racism, where someone is judging another just because of their biology.

          It is just as wrong to judge another on the accidental place of birth as it is any
          • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

            Bigotry [] abounds [].
            Just as I thought: you do not know what bigotry means, as quite clearly, neither of those posts is remotely bigoted.

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