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Comment Missed point (Score 0, Offtopic) 278

I think the point that many are missing is that many people who lie are so inured to it that they aren't even aware of it anymore. It's just in their nature. They're way past the state of mind of being intentionally deceitful as other commenters say here. Those are the really scary people and often most difficult to detect. I honestly believe that the Clinton's are truly of this class. Scamming has become so wrote to them that it is literally integrated into their personalities at a fundamental level.

Comment Re:This is a surprise? (Score 4, Insightful) 483

Universities have never been more than a bottom-line for-profit business that uses cult-like recruiting tactics and has absolutely no shame or loyalty to anything or anyone but themselves.

Not all. I take courses at an urban community college and these classes are inexpensive and high quality. The college offers 2-year associate degrees to many people who would otherwise find it difficult to get any degree, as well as offering numerous certificates and types of training, not to mention cultural and artistic enrichment which are also very important.

They are always struggling financially but they serve a vital function in the community.

Comment Bring in 30 million more!! (Score -1, Flamebait) 504

Gee, maybe they should bring in 30 million more illegals, 3/4 of whom are illiterate. And when their kids fail to work the jobs "no one wants" and instead become gangbangers, draining massive community resources on law enforcement, prosecution, and incarceration, then just bring in 30 million more!

Seriously, what California is is a giant ponzi scheme perpetrated by political leaders at the behest of a corrupt oligarchy, who are nothing short of arch criminals engaged in wholesale betrayal of the American people.

And now see see city after city openly defying federal law in what amount to serious violations of the sovereignty of the US federal government. There's going to be a standoff and I sincerely hope Donald Trump cracks down as hard as possible, because we are losing this country fast...

Comment Re:Three answers to three questions (Score 1) 104

b) How do Wordpress and Drupal update by default?

In a stupid way. The script itself downloads the new version from the Wordpress web site. For this to work, the script (and therefore all scripts on the server) needs to have permission to overwrite files on the server. That's bad because in most cases that means *any* script can change *any* file on the site. Any little security hole in any script allows the bad guy to write whatever he wants, including his own software, and run it on your server. That's a bad idea. It's *possible* to set this up to be reasonably secure, but nobody does. PHP makes the more secure configuration much more difficult than it needs to be.

What about an installation on a shared-hosting environment where you only have user permissions? In such an environment you can never just run a sudo command to make a secure update.

As a side note, I just ran the exploit against one of my sites and tried to create a file using the exploit shell, but I then looked for the file and it does not exist anywhere on the server.

Comment Re:GNU+Linux is better (Score 1) 102

and 2017 will be the year of Linux on the desktop!

I agree wholeheartedly. Actually 2016 for me was the Year of the Great Revival of the Linux Desktop, with special thanks to Microsoft for pushing me over the edge with their telemetry and the general crap that Win10 is. I'm a Never-Win10'er - I will never use it in my life, guaranteed, and only have Win8 on one dedicated music system at home that runs a funky driver for a synthesizer I use. Other than that I'm all Linux and absolutely loving it.

Check out KDE Neon or Linux Mint Cinnamon. Check out Wine which has become so good that you can run a ton of stuff including Acrobat. Crossover Office now supports Office 2013. You can pretty much do everything on a Linux system now and much more happily.

Comment Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures... (Score 2) 338

Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects 6th edition by Tony Gaddis.

I feel like this book more than any other is the one that really took me into the world of computer science in a clear, methodical, easy-to-follow way and has opened my mind to whole new realms of thinking. Another great book is "Starting out with Python" which is very similar, and I'm finding that reading them both together is helping me even more in understanding how different languages approach different things.

Some may find the methodical approach to perhaps be tedious as some points, but it is exactly this kind of gradual building chapter after chapter that gives you a strong sense of deliberate progression and certainty about your increasing knowledge that is so necessary when undertaking the monumental task of learning computer science.

Comment Re:Also, there's (Score 1) 284

I think the claim that Twitter is driving people away is overrated. Most of the accounts I'm aware of that were cut were engaging in outright abuse/insults of others. A lot of people think they're right in abusing others because of some claimed moral position. I actually think Twitter has done a good job with how to handle it.

I *highly* doubt that Twitter is going away any time soon. Maybe the organization will change in some ways - I hope they aren't acquired - but there are tens or hundreds of thousands of users.

Comment Re:Fine (Score 4, Informative) 91

I'm actually surprised by the article. Because where I live - a major city that goes to great lengths to bill itself as being environmental - what you're supposed to do with e-waste is just throw it in the garbage. I'm not kidding. Also, much of what people think is getting recycled is also going to landfill. In fact one of the former mayors of the city worked as an attorney to defend the city against fines because it constantly exceeds its allocation of landfill space.

In my apartment building it sickens me every time I take out my compost to the compost bin and see plastic and general garbage dumped in there. The recycling company - controlled by a mafia-run monopoly that the city gave them for all waste removal - is supposed to notify the landlord when the compost is contaminated with regular waste, but of course that never happens. That didn't stop the city from making a big deal some years ago trying to force people to use its compost in their gardens, toxic though it is.

Basically waste removal is mostly a big mafia-based industry and much of what is claimed to be recycled is just dumped into landfill. Its a scam, just like so many other scams such as the promise of upgraded fiber to the home which never happened.

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