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Comment Re:Not exactly... (Score 3, Insightful) 134

Thank you for the sanity. So many derisive and uninformed posts, so much schadenfreude being shoveled out, and not enough basic factual information.

Another thing to consider is that a lot of sites seem to be designed that you can't just autofill to login. Nowadays you have to first click a login link which causes a dropdown form to appear.

I have to ask myself, of the say 10 most frequent sites that I use Lastpass to login to on a regular basis, could any other sites I've visited be ones attempting to maliciously impersonate those sites and steal my credentials? The likelihood is very small.

Comment Re: Technology Is Making Doctors Feel Like Glorifi (Score 0) 326

Your reasoning makes the assumption that improvements in medical treatment and life expectancy would not have occurred without the medical establishment, which of course is false.

in fact that was exactly the point of my original post: Humans are intelligent enough and quite capable of medicine without the twisted medical establishment that exists. In fact it may be that without the medical establishment we would have better care.

So long as people like you are beset by the delusion that there's no alternative to the medical establishment, then humans are doomed to be limited and stuck.

In fact your puerile attempt to try to prove something by throwing up a graph without actually using your mind to think more seriously is exactly a symptom of the problem.

Comment Re:Technology Is Making Doctors Feel Like Glorifie (Score 2, Insightful) 326

Burn down the medical schools and start over. As a society, we need to get back in touch with the basic fundamentals of what constitutes healing and caring for one another. What the modern medical establishment has morphed into is an abomination.

Its excellent news that more and more people are able to bypass the medical establishment in various ways and that the remaining vestiges of it have been reduced to frivolities like data entry. Hopefully it will become completely obsolete before long.

Comment Re:Exactly why is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 268

So Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin aren't going to be speaking at the bakeoff event at my local elementary school either.

No one gives a f__

Personally I admire people willing to make a public stand in this dumbf__ political climate of intolerance and idiocy we have.

In case you didn't know, people speaking up and sharing their ideas and beliefs makes us stronger and better. Intolerance is what makes us petty and weak.

Comment Exactly why is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 268

Wow. A human being, in a free country with free speech, is going to speak at a public event.

*Why* is this news?

Seriously, if people can't handle this without shitting their pants, *that* is the story that needs to be reported...

The more that people crap themselves over people exercising their rights in our free country, the more appealing it makes the people they condemn seem.

All I can say is the level of hypocrisy is truly sickening when self-righteous losers claim to ascribe to basic principles of freedom - so long as it never involves them actually having to enact it in their own conduct.

Comment Consumer Reports = borderline scam (Score 1) 83

Consumer Reports AFAIAC is a borderline scam. I bought what was their top-recommended printer which was supposed to be economical with inks and it sucks through those ripoff cartridges at a ridiculous rate. And you have to get genuine cartridges because the manufacturer rigs it so only theirs work. Total scam and I will never buy a printer from Canon (nor probably HP as well) again!

Submission + - In Dallas: The first use of a robot by law enforcement to kill

Comment Re:Where does all the money go? (Score 1) 144

The traffic there is *appalling* every day starting at 3 p.m. and doesn't get better until almost 8 p.m. That entire area has become a logistical catastrophe and the fact that greedy developers want to keep putting shit there - like a huge sports stadium - keeps making it exponentially worse.

Comment Re:Where does all the money go? (Score 1) 144

What does Yahoo actually have left? The most frequent web real-estate must be Yahoo answers which comes up often in search query results. There are still people who never migrated away from Yahoo mail but to my knowledge most people who used it switched to Gmail years ago.

I think one major thing that should have been done long ago was to change the name. Face it, Yahoo is a stupid name and has like zero marketing appeal, especially to the groups you would want to be reaching.

Once when Firefox forced my address-bar query to be answered by Yahoo the result took me to a download of a popular free app that had been re-packaged with what basically amounted to malware - super-aggressive crapware which even though I selected all options to not install and to decline, still installed shit on my system. That was my impression of Yahoo and totally pissed me off about Mozilla's having baked it into Firefox.

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