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Comment Re:There's an obvious alternative explanation (Score 1) 272

Having an oversized body as a consequence of a lifetime diet of growth-hormone-tainted food is a deformity. There are a lot of grotesque deformities now because of various adverse dietary and environmental factors which have been considered acceptable, usually for reasons of profit.

Comment Re:There's an obvious alternative explanation (Score 3, Interesting) 272

The first hominid ancestors to us whose brains quickly developed much larger were avid seafood eaters. There are a number of telltale biological clues to this in our physiology, including the fact that our bodies don't manufacture DHA yet our brains and nervous systems require high levels of it. Also DHA is passed through the placenta to the fetus implying that the ancestors had an abundant supply of it in their diet.

Comment Hopefully its not just GV (Score 1) 46

What I hope this is is the ability to go running and have your smart watch act as your phone. Get in your car and have the car stereo act as a phone. Then switch it back to the mobile phone device. That's something GV does not do or if it does it requires wifi.

The way I understand this to work is that each device's IMEI can be added to the pool for a particular number and you can select on the fly which device(s) are active. In addition they are offering that you can have multiple numbers and multiple IMEI's pooled between them.

The only thing surprising about this is why, in 2017, this hasn't happened sooner.

Comment The real story (Score 2) 208

The real story is the ripoff of American's who were promised fiber upgrades to old infrastructure which never materialized. The providers did a bait-and-switch and only upgraded certain backbone lines with fiber, but leaving the critical -to-home endpoints with the outdated copper. My d/l speeds are far less than 1Mbps over DSL and upload is appalling. My ISP will allow me to use a second copper wire for double the price which is an absolute rirpoff.

For people who believed that all of our old copper lines were eventually going to be replaced with shiny new fiber, that is a complete lie and the providers basically perpetrated large-scale fraud.

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