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Journal Journal: Logic gates are second class citizens 1

When stories are written about quantum computing, references are made to bits, but logic gates are rarely mentioned or hinted at. This presents a fundamental misrepresentation of how computers work quantum or otherwise.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot's idea of being edgy is to harsh on BASIC 1

The quote at the bottom of the page read "Real programmers don't write in BASIC. Actually, no programmers write in BASIC after reaching puberty." Oh yeah? Well I say if you refuse to program in BASIC you aren't a real programmer! How do you like them apples?

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Journal Journal: EA's website is impossible to use and they are impossible to reach.

I've submitted this on EA's Facebook wall and repost it when it gets deleted:

EA's website is impossible to use. I started out trying to sign up with Pogo. On the registration page, it provides two fields to type your password into. I type my selected password in both places and fill out the rest of the registration form. I submit the form and get back "you need to provide a password". I go to help and select "Talk to an adviser" It asks me to log in. I follow the links to register an account on the main EA website, check my email confirm, and go back to "Talk to an adviser" I select Pogo as the Product. I get a spinning circle below for about 20 minutes. I stop it... Actually there's one still going as I type this. I log into Pogo using Facebook. It tells me I need to update my profile. I attempt to update it. It tells me my password is not correct. I attempt to go to EA's forums. It tells me I need to create a persona. I'm looking at a page that says Select a default persona, a spinning circle, and "Add a persona". As I type this it finally returns and I click on the icon that beneath it says hackwrench (EA ID). At the forums it says "Your email address is UNVERIFIED. You will be unable to post new topics or replies. Please visit the User Profile page to verify your account.
  Electronic Arts". I thought I already did, that but okay, I click through the links until it tells me a verification email has been sent. I go back to my email and click on the verification link. It tells me I am now verified.I go back to the tab that said it sent an email, click back to the forums, and hit refresh. It still says I'm unverified. I log out and log back in. It no longer says I'm unverified, but I click through a few pages and still don't see an option to post. Back at the help site, I find an article for EasyInfo. I install and run it. I click on test your system. I get an unhandled exception error message dialog box, but it says I can continue. The EasyInfo window has expanded and there is an unpopulated box with the title "Games list:" and a blue button that says update games list. I click on the button, and get a dialog box that says "Progress indicator please wait while the games requirements info is retrieved". Then I get a unrecoverable error box that says "UserImterface has stopped working. Close program." The only option left to me that I can see is to post here on Facebook.
  This post keeps getting deleted, but since it is my only communications line with EA, I'll keep posting it until I get a response...especially since this is supposed to be an option with "Connect with us".


Journal Journal: Small Windows Programming

I'm starting to write Journal Entries based on my sigs and perhaps the sigs of others.
My sig:(current of this writing)
#include <windows.h>
void start(){ MessageBox(0, "Hello", "World", MB_OK); }
The point of this is to write a program that starts at the entry point. Traditional Windows programming starts with WinMain, but that isn't the start of the EXE. The traditional compilation path sets a routine in a library somewhere that calls WinMain as the entry. Link allows you to specify your own entry point, and this demonstration program is small enough to fit in a sig. Similar things have been done in assembly, though I haven't seen much transference to C, though based on explorations I have made with the code segment above being the starting point, it appears it can be done.

See Also: Thread on
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Journal Journal: Clowder of Kittens?

I saw on slashdot "a flock of Ultra Kittens" which made me wonder what the word for a bunch of kittens actually is. So I did a google search and came up with this site and discovered that the name for a group of kittens is a Clowder.

Journal Journal: Stupid Windows Media Player Tricks

I just discovered that if you start an audio file playing in Windows Media Player, pause it then start an audio file playing in another program. then move a window in front of windows media player the visualization will step through its routine. It appears to do it even without another audio file playing, just having a window move in front of it.
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Journal Journal: Overrated?

I've just had a few of my posts moderated "Overrated" at 1. It doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps Overrated should be disabled at 1. Furthermore, it seems a good idea for me that Underrated should be disabled as Over- or Underrated moderation can't be can't Meta-Moderate. It's possible that someone is trying to skirt the system.

Journal Journal: Anime On TechTV

If the commercials are anything to go by,'Serial Experiments: Lain' is part of an anime line-up to be shown on TechTV. On 'The Screensavers' someone mentioned that it will start showing Dec 30. Can anyone pick out the other anime shows from the commercial?

Journal Journal: Using Palladium to promote P2P

How can Palladium be used to support P2P? IF there was a P2P stystem that made it harder for users of P2P clients to remove the download from the P2P clients scope then availability would increase, it would be harder to choose a specific user to target, and people might be encouraged to buy something instead of downloading it if they knew they had to share. What are your ideas on this sort of network and the use of Palladium to enforce it?

Journal Journal: Slashdot needs a better help system 1

So how am I supposed to get to the list of friends. Right now, I'm going to journals clicking on the one 'friend' that that has a journal, clicking on the little jewel thing, move the setting to friend, then clicking the button, then I get a list of all the friends... It says the friends are public... er, not private. How do I access other people's friends lists? I have enough trouble accessing my own...There's problably other stuff I'm missing.

Typing my/friends works better than the above... and I noticed the buttons next to those set as my friends allws me sto see those set as their friends.

Journal Journal: The new Slashdot moderation system and Trolls 1

The new slashdot moderation system and the complaints by Trollers reminded me of this thought that occured to me: that there should be a second set of mod points, more widely available, for handling the 0/-1 barrier. I view at 0 and oftentimes there are posts at -1 that I want to see. Since I am viewing at 0 and -1 is the lowest moderation value and the correlation to the lowest moderation value would be posts no one would want to see, it makes sense to me that if I want to see it, it should be moderated up to 0, and if I don't want to see it at 0, it should most likely be moderated at -1. The very nature of this boundary is such that it should be given a completely different set of points, to save regular mod points for modding comments up for being exceptional and down for not being as exceptinal as people first thought. At the same time, it occurs to me that the people who habitually view at a given level are the ones best equipped to decide whether a post belongs at their level or below it so perhaps a routine should be written to detect who has been viewing at a habitual level and let them moderate towards their level or down from that level. This next idea may be already implemented, but some trolls are repeated, so perhaps posts should be matched to a hash of a troll post, or checked for asdf-like repeats. How about a troll signature file, much like a virus signature? How about an option to allow users to remove the post button the first time around...sometimes I mean to add something to a post, that I would catch but accidently or overconfidently hit post. Oh, and I want to modify down tt, because it is used a lot in page widening posts. Also, I'd like the option to have 'No Score +1 Bonus' to be automatically checked. It's also likely that some people have accidently posted at 2 meaning to post at one but forgot to check that box, then got moderated down because of it.

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