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Comment This was a hero (Score 5, Interesting) 108

John Glenn was a U.S. Marine fighter pilot who flew 59 combat missions over the South Pacific during WWII and 63 combat missions during the Korean War. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism or extraordinary achievement six times! In Korea, he got the nickname "magnet ass" because he attracted so much enemy flak on his missions.

Oh, and then he went on to become a test pilot, the first American to orbit the Earth, a U.S. senator and then the oldest man to go into space.

He stopped flying planes at age 90.

"The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds and to advance the kind of science, math and technology education that will help youngsters take us to the next phase of space travel." John Glenn.

If you're looking for someone children can look up to, he's it.

Comment Re:Cult of personality (Score 1) 134

By now, anyone still falling for such cheap PR stunts and gimmicks?

Yep. Pretty much everyone is. It's like the Cons haven't figured out that their chicken-little politics isn't working anymore. Keep it cooky cons, and get comfy in opposition. :)

Liberals hold on to honeymoon gains in national polls
Justin Trudeau's Liberals continue to enjoy more support today than they did in the 2015 federal election and have yet to see their poll numbers take a negative turn.
The Conservatives are down almost uniformly in most parts of Canada since the election. They have slipped 3.1 points in Alberta, 3.5 points in both Ontario and Quebec, 3.6 points in B.C. and 4.4 points in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 3, Insightful) 134

Word of warning to non-Canadians who don't recognise the hyperbole: Alberta is a strange land that desperately wants to be Texas. Its politics produce strange ideas like this. It's clearly something in the water that does this, you see people move there from elsewhere in Canada, and it takes them months sometimes years to become normal again when they come back home. What your experiencing here is someone who has been brainwashed and is suffering a level of butthurt as a result of having a Liberal mayor in Calgary, Socialist government at the provincial level, and a Liberal federal government. Its spectacular to watch.

Carry on Mashiki. Tell us more about how the last decade of Conservative incompetence didn't create this housing bubble and the current economic instability.

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