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Comment Re:IDK, but... (Score 1) 91

>To those that say it's the Republicans' fault that we have this law, please note that the DMCA was signed by a Democratic president and passed in the Senate unanimously - all 45 Democratic senators wanted this.

Yeah, but those were the years when the DINOs ran the democrat party with their center-right "suck up to the liberals a little in the primaries then ignore them for 8 years" style of governance...

Those years are well and truly over, Bernie Sanders and Trump both pretty much shattered that consensus.

Comment Re:"Us" versus "them" (Score 1) 91

>All the bad shit we have right now is the result of bi-partisan cooperation among politicians.

Really ? I could have sworn we just had 8 years where not a single bipartisan moment happened, and things which USED to be matters of bipartisan consensus were actively opposed purely because of who was president.

Are you seriously saying that ALL the problems in the USA predate the Obama administration ? Hell even most liberals won't give him that much of a free pass - we tend to think there were a few things we wished he'd done differently.

Bipartisanship is NOT a bad thing, it's not a good thing either. Fundamentalism of any kind - tends to be evil - and that is more commonly associated with obstruction than bipartisanship.
It's not an unqualified good, but it is definitely not a bad thing either - whether any particular idea is good or bad, in fact, is entirely divorced from whether it's supported by one party or two. The idea should be judged on it's own merit.

Comment Back-scratchy (Score 1) 309

I find it bizarre that there are no companies out there seeing this exodus of people who are probably very talented and taking advantage of it elsewhere. Has America become so mutual back scratchy that we must all live beside each other now? What is keeping all these companies in one place? Tax differences? Well then tax them more for crying out loud. They are using American infrastructure on a national level. If it is worth it to the nation to risk some that leave and "courageous" ones that stay *cough*tax cheat*cough* then let us do so.

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