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Comment Re:On-site service; cargo (Score 2) 199

Yes, but few strength training exercises require sticking your ass up in the air and waving it back and forth like that.

Straight leg dead lift. bent rows, and back hyperextension off the top of my head. And while we're on the subject of distracting and embarrassing, there's always leg abduction.

Anyhow, people are jerks toward anyone who gets serious about anything, whether it's biking, power lifting, or building electronics. You're supposed to be normal, not exceptional. That makes it easy to be a sanctimonious prig toward people who like things you don't have what it takes to try.

Ever go to a gym where there's rules about making too much noise because you'll scare the casuals? It's stupid. There's a woman in my gym, an ex-marine, who can dead lift over 2 1/2 her body weight, which for a woman puts her in the elite range. When I walk into the gym and she's doing it, I have to walk out because she sounds like a harpy ripping the head off a dragon. But it's my problem, not hers. That's what it takes for her to do her thing, and I'm not going to make her feel bad about it because it's awesome. Literally.

Celebrate people who dare to look, sound, or even be ridiculous. Even if it bothers you, that's not the same thing as harming you. The people who do harm are the self-appointed conformity police. The ones who automatically go after anyone who doesn't appear normal. "Normal" is must another word for "mediocre".

Comment Re:19th and 20th century powerhouse (Score 1) 184

The capital expense for solar is significantly lower than coal - and it is much quicker to build. If you start building a coal plant and a solar plant of equal capacity at the same time -the solar plant will be done in 2 years, the coal plant is a minimum of 7 and 10 is more common. The solar plant will also cost a fraction. Every coal plant in Africa was built by the government - most solar plants were privately funded (because it's a much more sensible investment for a private investor).

And of course, solar can be done economically at any scale - people stick it on their roofs to produce for one family. And to really hammer how cheap it is - my dad is an electrical engineer and he did the math, if you BORROW the money to do that, the money you save on power bills will be enough to pay back the loan AND the interest before you even need to replace the batteries - and in fact will pay for the replacements and STILL make a profit.

Comment Re:Driverless (Score 1) 271

I did a little more research and it looks like laser sensors such as lidar can be used for contour detection. They also have to be perpendicular to the object, so in order to avoid a pothole or stay in an ice rut as opposed to a lane, they would need to be pointed down directly at the road sufficiently enough in front of the car for it to have time to steer around the obstacle. The one IEEE study I found about detecting contours only had a summary in English and the actual study was in Chinese. Something tells me Teslas aren't coming with a lidar sensor mounted on a twenty foot pole in front of the vehicle and aimed down. I guess they could have a lidar array on the front of the vehicle pointed down. At least the first vehicle could try to gather as much information about the ice rut as it could while it careens sideways into oncoming traffic. It may even get some information about the opposing lane.

Comment Re:Driverless (Score 1) 271

Sure public transportation is fine. You said Uber and Lyft. The important difference is that when people pay for public transportation the money filters back and it helps the city they live in. So with lack of independent choices to transportation it becomes like a tax for movement but at least with public transportation it is a tax that helps people. If people are forced to use Uber and Lyft, the money goes into a giant pit that helps Uber and Lyft.

They have at least thought of these things?? Wow, drink the kool-aid some more. As of a post I found from six months ago, Autopilot doesn't even work with the lane markings covered. Ultrasonic sensors only have a 15-degree radius, and have to be fairly perpendicular to the object they are detecting. They can detct solid objects *exist* but not profile a contour like an ice rut or a pothole. The ultrasonic sensor coming in the new Tesla array detects 360-degrees around the car but not downwards which is where the road is. The things that Tesla says is called 'marketing'. They use that to sell cars. Don't buy into it. There is no way what Musk is selling will ever be able to be used for self driving in all conditions. Furthermore, they still depend on people driving the car manually to detect course differences; a big problem with no solution in site. I'm not just skeptical, I don't see anyone explaining how these problems can ever be solved. This makes believing in automated driving more like believing in a religion ruled by televangelists preaching for billions of dollars.

And, yes, the links you posted are exactly the marketing I am talking about.

Comment Re: And yet it's not Amazon that creeps out Oracle (Score 1) 81

Why would you use spanner? It has proprietary APIs (ok, yes you can run a SELECT, but only using their database drivers if available for the language/framework you use, but not INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE etc.), isn't faster than Aurora (, and is more expensive for the same performance.

These days, Google seems to be spending more effort on PR than engineering ...

Comment Obvious (Score 1) 348

Is it me, or is the most obvious answer going over this guys head.. I'm pretty sure the most likely reason that people ask why they would want a certain feature is that they don't actually see the use for a certain feature. So what he is really asking is, "why don't people want the features I do?". This is why gathering requirements for software is actually a job in itself and requiring of skills. If this person has absolute confidence that their ideas are good they need to put work behind it, learn to develop, make alternative product 'B' and win the market away from product 'A'.

Comment Re: The problem with your explanation (Score 1) 301

If you look in the FEMA site, they say that they provide gramts to perform repairs not covered by insurance. And no, they don't do a needs test. Now, the typical rich person does not let their insurance lapse just so that they can get a FEMA grant. Because such a grant is no sure thing. They also point out that SBA loans are the main source of assistance following a disaster. You get a break on interest, but you have to pay them back.

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