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Comment Re: Americans? (Score 1) 285

Then why is the quality of living going down? Sure we have lots of cheap gadgets, but that does dick all for quality of life. People work longer and commute longer, are in greater debt, spend less time with their families and can afford less nutritious food and housing than ever before. It's great that people in China are making more money, but why do we have to be the ones to sacrifice for it?

Comment Re:Sad (Score 2) 159

Well, I dunno. It seems like blaming Fitbit for Pebble's financial failure.

Let's take a consequentialist view of matters. If the rule is you have to buy the whole business and continue to operate it, even though it's losing money, Pebble goes out of business and it's customers and debt holders suffer. If you can sell of just the good bits without the obligation to continue running the failing as before, the customers suffer but the debt holders get some relief. Which approach is better?

Comment Re: Americans? (Score 1) 285

So if we don't want most people living on a dirty street and starving like in other countries we need to figure out how to make better stuff then them? That's bullshit, especially when that stuff was designed here in the first place and cheap labor adds nothing to the quality of the product.

Comment Re:127 Mill Maintenance robot vs 4 Billion AF1 (Score 2) 36

Well, it's actually $3.75 billion. And it's not one, but two aircraft, so that's 1.875 billion apiece. That's to ensure the executive branch can function in a military crisis while one of the planes is being service.

Deduct 375 million apiece for the airframe, and we're talking 1.5 billion dollars in customization for each aircraft, including aerial refueling capabilities, which on a two-off job is a craft job; no economies of scale. Add defense and countermeasure capabilities that Air Force is extremely close-lipped about. Is there a actual escape pod on Air Force One like in the movie? Well probably not, but I'm sure the idea was at least contemplated. However it's pretty certain that if someone locks onto AF1 with a targeting radar the aircraft will have options that a stock 747-8 doesn't.

Next outfit each one so it can function as a replacement for the West Wing and the Situation Room for up to two months -- that's a deducible requirement based on the known fact that the aircraft stores 2000 meals for 100 people. That means three-of-a-kind electronics and communications systems (one for each airframe and one for the actual White House).

Is 3.75 billion too much for that? Probably. But it's hard to think of any weapon development program since WW2 that is less extravagant.

By that standard 127 million for an orbital repair robot is an almost inconceivable bargain, even if you factor in a 5x cost overrun.

Comment Re: Trump is already a uniter (Score 1) 580

Giving people a ride on a bus to help them vote is not an act of fraud. Voter fraud does not exist. Massive voter defamation does.

Right now in NC the governor's election is still up in the air. The republicans won every election in the state overwhelmingly except the governor: mostly because the current republican governor is hugely unpopular. His bathroom bill has cost thousands of people their jobs.
Now there is huge charges of fraud being flung around with no evidence. Voter ID is a law there but student ID is not acceptable... wtf. The GOP there published a list of some 300 individuals names who 'voted in multiple states'. Just one problem: every single person on the list is innocent. No evidence was given against any of them. Many can actually prove their innocense and several are now suing the party for defamation.

Now why the hell would any party do that? Hell why complain of fraud when you overwhelmingly won every race except the one where you had a terrible candidate ?
Only one possible explanation: to convince useful idiot like you that massive voter fraud is a thing so you would support laws that prevent people excercising their legitimate votes.
These laws do not, nor are they intended to, prevent electoral fraud. These laws ARE electoral fraud.

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