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Comment Re:For those people not in the USA (Score 1) 76

From memory it was T-Mobile but it was about 2 years back and the issue appeared to be because I had chosen the cheapest option they offered. I made the same assumption as you, until I couldn't register it. Things may have changed since then but I clearly remember my surprise that I couldn't use Google Voice because I walked into the wrong store for my SIM. My warning still stands, check before you buy a SIM.

Comment For those people not in the USA (Score 1) 76

I guess most people outside the USA are now aware that the USA is unique in that pay for calls made to you. As an outsider you may think it is just a simple case of double dipping, but actually it is a lot worse. I purchased a prepaid SIM on a trip to the USA with enough credit to get me thru a week there. When I have done this in other counties it has worked out well however in the USA it was a waste of money. I was aware of the need to register the number with their do not call service but for a short trip that did not help as it has a lag in being activated. The first time I need to make a call I found all my credit had been consumed by unwanted incoming telemarketing calls.

Also be aware that cheap prepaid SIMs in the USA may come with limitations. For example it you use Google Voice for number persistence you may not be able register your new number with that service depending on the account type and company.

Comment Patent searches for product purchases? (Score 1) 242

One problem with making a new product is the patent searches. You have to try and locate any potential patents you may be infringing before a product reaches the market place to protect from future infringement issues. The catch of course is you may still be infringing something you missed, and hit up for damages. It is PIA process.

My concern is if patents can be extended to control end users then how is a purchaser to know they are at risk of this? A buyer of printer is not going to do a patent search on a printer as it too much work to to evaluate if patents may apply to their potential purchase and if it could be used in this way. Even if you were to do this you could still be at risk of missing something. I just can't see any way this could be reasonable. There is just too many ways this could be abused and companies like Lexmark and HP have already shown they see no limits to how they control consumables purchases.

Comment Would be of limited use without additional laws (Score 1) 155

If the content in question was hosted on a server located and operated outside the USA then this law is going to have no effect on that content, but you can be pretty sure we will have some USA based lawyers making such demands anyway because they don't understand how the Internet works. My guess is if passed it will followed up by another law to force USA based ISP to block offshore sites with such content once law makers realise that not every website is actually in the USA.

Comment It may not be about money (Score 1) 153

I think the older generation have seen enough companies and technologies come and go over the years to know that paying for DRM's content is a really bad idea. Try buying a book you recently heard about in an open format that you can read on all of your devices and with no reading dependencies on some companies whim or longevity. The odds are above even that pirated content is going to be easier to find in a format that can be trusted. Money may be a factor but don't under estimate the mistrust old people have for the 'system', they have seen how the commercial scams pan out over time and are no in a hurry to buy into that.

Comment What about what was recovered? (Score 1) 70

Was it ever disclosed what was discovered on the phone? The whole fuss in the first place was the extreme importance of getting access to the contents of the phone. At the time I was dubious that they would find anything of any great value on the phone and therefore forcing Apple to break the security of their products was not justified. So now they have that data what value was it? Has it saved the lives of thousands or do we now know what he ate for lunch on Wednesday?

Comment Facebook has a messaging thing? (Score 1) 76

Who cares? Facebook is a public social media site website. I use private communications programs for communicating, not a website. My preference is Signal as what I say is between myself and the recipient and I certainly don't want it passing thru a USA based company server to be dished out to third parties.

Comment Is this just a USA thing? (Score 1) 188

I am in New Zealand and I have not seen age as an issue with the exception of pay expectations due to experience levels. I am 54 and no one asks if my knowledge is current, they just look at the work I have been doing recently. There is a shortage of skilled workers here so people are employed based on their skills/experience vs their pay expectations, age is not a consideration. My understanding is there is a skills shortage in the USA too so age bais seems counter productive. What about other countries? Maybe some Slashdot readers outside the USA and NZ would care to comment on what their country is like?

Comment Having live with and without it (Score 1) 352

I live in New Zealand, where do have daylights savings, but lived in China for 2 years, where they don't. I like daylights savings, I get to make the most of the day after work. I was in the east in China and the fact the whole wide country is a single time zone is wrong. It was worst in the east where in summer the sun would rise before 5am yet it would be getting dark before 8pm. So while time zone handling was wrong at least daylight savings could have improved things a bit,

Comment What if company experince was more important? (Score 1) 239

I am a New Zealanders currently working for the New Zealand branch of a USA company. In my last job my employer was a New Zealand company that has a branch in the USA. It is my personal view that H-1B programs, and the New Zealand equivalent, should be paying imported staff more that local staff for the same role to stop out sourcing just to save money.

In the case of my current role we have a couple of people working in NZ from the USA who are here because they know the parent companies operation and products and are helping our branch fit in with the parent operation. I believe they are being paid well above the rest of us so we know the reason is not money saving but rather company experience they bring. There is no animosity here towards them, they are welcomed team members.

I was wondering about the reverse situation, if I was to work for my former employer in the USA. I would expect to be paid at least the same a local for the same role, probably more due to my skills and experience. There would be one less local employed but the company would be better off because of my deep and long knowledge of their product range. Would I still be seen as stealing a job from a local?

Comment Re:Is this a joke? (Score 1) 195

I don't think they are after 'I.T' people, they are after tech experts that are in short supply. I would assume it is vertical market roles like embedded systems engineers etc they are after, most of whom have left Wellington for Auckland due the bigger market and higher pay there. If they do their screening right I think this could be a good thing for Wellington.

Comment Re:Do they need Infrastructure People? (Score 3, Interesting) 195

I grew up in Wellington and now live in Auckland. The stats are more hours of sunshine in Wellington than Auckland and the reported temperatures are similar. The real catch with Wellington is the common icy cold winds coming up from down south often ruin what could be a lovely day. I ride a motorcycle often so I care about the weather and Auckland is much better. That said Wellington is still going to be a lot better than some places I have visited. Simply put what you think of Wellington weather is going to depend on where you come from, what you are used to.

Comment Re:"trying to recruit experts" (Score 2) 195

I suspect that is because you can retire at 65 so they are basically saying they expect 10 years work from you for their investment. From what I hear age is a big issue in Silicon Valley but is is not here in New Zealand, the only problem I find as an older employee (54), is that my pay expectations are now too high for a lot of companies. If I didn't mind a pay cut I would expect I could find work at almost any tech company in New Zealand as skills and ability to fit in with the existing teams are the main thing employers are looking for here.

About Wellington, they say "You can't beat Wellington on a good day" and that is true, but they do have a lot of windy days there, you have been warned. Depending on where you come from you may find Wellington has a very small feel about it but it does have great people and a good culture so is worth checking out.

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