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Comment BIG NEWS: Men in Nursing near 22% (Score 2) 217

New research warns that at the rate we're going, the number of men in the nursing workforce will decline to 22% from 24% by 2025 if nothing is done to encourage more of them to study nursing science.

This tragic result of institutional discrimination shows no sign of improvement in the immediate future. Beginning at childhood and continuing throughout the educational system, there is little incentive given boys to study nursing. Those who do are often discriminated against by employers and even patients. Legislators have failed to recognize the problem or offer incentives for equal rights for boys.

Comment "3 Times Less" ? (Score 2) 494

I'm having some trouble wrapping my brain around that. Maybe I'm just tired.
Is '3 Times Less' the same as 'one third'?

I have a recipe book nearby and I can't seem to find any instance where an ingredient should be '3 Times Less'. What, for instance, would be '3 Times Less' than a teaspoon? It's probably just me struggling with the grammar of marketing. I notice that it is popular today to dramatize changes by saying that the (somethingorother) 'increased by 100%' rather then the paltry 'doubled' or 'two times' that just doesn't make a great headline. 1,000% sounds much more impressive than 'ten times', don't you think? It also helps that slashdot gives every word in a headline a capital letter. These are really important headlines!

Comment we are not worthy ! (Score 1) 1042

Only a great intelligence could produce this simulation. And we know that the greatest intelligence will not be biological, but the result of Vinge's technological singularity. At most it will be a hybrid with some biological components. This intelligence, while beyond our comprehension, seems unlikely to be amused by simulation games.

It's possible that it wants a deeper understanding of human foibles, but really- that's our own ego speculating. How interesting are we? So what could motivate this elegant machine to devise such a simulation. Even in an advanced civilization there is a cost to be justified.

This suggests that only the super mega ego of a billionaire would think us worthy of a simulation.

Comment the rich can't hide (Score 1) 332

That the rich can't hide was powerfully illustrated in "The Masque of the Red Death", a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. In it the wealthy and connected gathered at the abbey of Prince Prospero to get away from the common people succumbing to a plague outside the walls. But it is not so easy to cheat Death!

Comment Google losing focus (Score 1) 63

The engineers and creatives who founded Google brought us powerful tools that made us more productive. Now, with money in the bank, they are hiring marketing people and MBAs and they are 'sprucing up their image' and trying to appeal to advertisers.

It's all going downhill at Google/Alphabet. Relax. Inhale deeply. Now rethink the plan.

Comment "increasing regulation" ? (Score 0) 20

"ever-increasing regulation and risk management requirements in the financial sector"

Thanks for the chuckle. Yes our government is getting really serious with those big financial institutions. Uh uh, no more 'too big to fail', no more sleazy derivative trading, no more unreasonable bonuses for criminal executives, no more microsecond supercomputer trades in the middle of the night ... Strict regulation all around.

Comment don't get in my way (Score 1) 43

Y'know what? People have real I (intelligence), call it HI ? And humans are far more flexible in that than any machine. But even so they are a problem. When they try to help they usually just get in the way. The Boy Scout that wants to help an old lady cross the street is just a nuisance.

I liked Google search when it began. It offered information such as when a web page was published, cached images of the page, and other information that is rarely available now. Now it tries to be helpful by eliminating things I might not want and promoting things I might want. Fuck that. It was better before.

Siri and Ask Google are very convenient, usually helpful in my experience, but trust me, they will become obnoxious very soon. They've been an experiment; next phase is to be a commercial nuisance.

And of course the entire concept of AI is traditionally linked to government and military. Most of us now know that it is also part of the commercial master plan linked to financial, insurance, medical and other industries. Any benefit to an individual will be at the cost of privacy.

My suggestion for HI and AI is do as little as possible and don't get in my way.

Comment Re:First it was Uber. (Score 1) 239

First it was UPS...

I was a mail carrier way back when. A fairly laid back job that paid quite well. Then came UPS (and similar companies). Managers followed the drivers around with a stopwatch in the unending search for more efficiency. Notice how young and healthy the drivers are- they are athletes trying to keep ahead of that stopwatch. But they were paid fairly well, don't know about now. The US Post Office pays very poorly now.

So into this mix steps Amazon, the ultimate in efficiency. They will work their drivers to the bone and pay a pittance. And yes, same at Uber, same everywhere that unions have gone and EvilCorp has all the power.

Comment the trees obscure the forest ... (Score 0) 497

TFS says "booster will have 127,800 kilonewtons of thrust, or 28,730,000 pounds of thrust"

Yes, there's more detail than the previous /. on this topic. But it's easy to get mired in detail while forgetting, you know, the forest for the trees.

So while others discuss/dispute the details; the people with a larger vision ask "Is this a reasonable proposition?" And the answer is ... we will have to wait and see. It is futile to speculate at this very early stage, especially for those of us who are not experts in the appropriate sciences. Please constrain yourselves to your particular expertise.

Take a moment to consider whether any of us have any authority regarding this proposition. Is this not just another provocation for mental masturbation? Is it Slashdot clickbait?

Comment I don't know the secret handshake. (Score 1, Insightful) 398

Obviously all this is related to some inside joke in some obscure neighborhood on the internest. Since I'm not a denizen of this sub-division of the netisphere, I'm left out. But I do have something to contribute:

Certain portions of our world community claim special status based upon historical events. Anyone who says anything they don't like is subject to being labeled 'anti-Semitic' and being blackballed by certain elements of the Power Structure.

I look forward to the day when we can all see this labeling as the new McCarthyism. It's time to override the 'special status' of Israeli Jews and look critically at what they do and whether they are respectable citizens of the world. Are they deserving of billions of dollars in military support?

Comment opportunity (Score 1) 92

Before we were born there was a fascinating industry around stereoscopy. Stereographers would travel the earth snapping 3D images of interesting sights that could be viewed back home in a simple device similar to Google Cardboard. Stereo projections of still images are fun, but moving images in stereo can be breathtaking.

This Spectacles device should have two cameras for stereo. This is a public announcement of the idea, so don't try to patent it subsequently.

Comment Could this be FUD? (Score 1) 47

I don't believe there's an increase. My ten plus mailboxes get a total of 10 spams per week. Same or less than they got in the last century. Of the 10 spams, roughly 2 are from an annoying friend, 2 are from Trump affiliates, 2 have Chinese looking script, 3 are from small businesses. Most are the result of legitimate attempts to communicate but a typo in the address got me involved.

If I owned an internet security business, I suppose I'd want people panicking about spam or viruses. Could this be FUD?

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