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Comment Re:a good home backup strategy (Score 1) 680

The first burglar or house fire will remove all your 'backups'.

Personally I load all RAW photos onto my main linux PC (which uses RAID 1 HDDs). The best photos, once edited and polished, are sync'd to the PVR and Mac (where they then move to the iPads for display). I also run full & incremental backups of the PC, Mac and core PVR files via wifi down to a DNS-323 with RAID 1 hidden in the garage.

Lastly I take an encrypted snapshot every month to work.

PC/HDD crashes - RAID will probably save me. No loss of work.
PC explodes - Garage backup will save me. Loss of (at most) 1 days work.
Burglar - Garage backup will save me. Loss of 1 days work.
House and Garage burn to the ground. Loss of at most 1 months work.
Its all automated (except taking the encrypted snapshot offsite).

Comment Re:First Impression (Score 2, Informative) 182

Have you actually *read* the iPhone contract? I'm surprised they didn't require blood.

When I got my iPhone, I asked to read the contract.
The store workers had never had anyone ask, so they didn't know where it was.
Took them a long time to find a copy.
It was pretty nasty, but from memory (they wouldn't let me keep their
only copy now that they knew where it was) the worst section was something of the form:

"if we suspect you may have altered your phone, you agree to let us cancel
your phone service, and you will keep paying out the rest of your term."

Suspicion (not proof, just if they felt like it) was enough to give them the right
to cancel my phone service (and reclaim the phone phone IIRC) and I had to
keep paying. the monthly fee. And there was no
appeal or ability to protest your innocence.

Comment Re:It's the apps stupid (Score 4, Informative) 228

You are correct - Its the APPS.

If this is a business device, the killer app is OneNote. Sure tablets dont suit a lot of people, but if you want to take notes, do research, read and link information, be mobile etc... Onenote is it. Evernote is not. (right idea, wrong execution). There are also niche applications (medical etc), but from a general business focus... do Onenote.

If its a consumer device - create an open iPad. BUT you will also need to ensure that Music, Reading, Web browsing, Gaming, Sharing work brilliantly. Only Apple has really succeeded with that, as long as you live in their ecosystem. If you can made those apps work openly **and** get the media providers on board, then you stand a chance.

Comment Re:Great, still doesn't fix the Houston problem. (Score 2, Interesting) 494

I worked in Houston for a few years - over off Nasa Road One.
I used to walk to work - wasn't that far. A mile or so...

Two things stand out:
a) every few days, someone would stop and ask if I was ok and whether I needed a lift.
On one hand, it was great to see so many caring people. But it just shows that they never
saw people walk before.

b) the path actually went up to people's front doors, so I had to either walk on the road, or follow the path into people's
property. Weird. Again - not built for pedestrians.

Comment The elephant in the room... Performance (Score 1) 697

Ok - so we have had people proposing
- buffalo link station
- alix boards
- sheevaplug
- EPIA 5000
- WRT54G
- Mac Mini
among others. The thing these *all* have in common is
completely horrible LAN/IO performance. None (except for a mac mini
and perhaps the EPIA 5000) can come close to saturating a 100Mb LAN.
Certainly only the MacMini has half a chance at making use of a Gb LAN.
Remember this guy wants NFS, so one presumes he actually wants
to move reasonable files around at a reasonable rate.

I've got a low cost LAN drive, and get, at best, 2-3MB/s out of
it over a 100Mb LAN - about 1/6th what I expected. I turned it into
a remote backup drive where the ugly performance is ok.

So lets rephrase the question: can someone suggest a cheap system
( 20MB/sec (which of course requires Gbit LAN).

Comment Re:What Restrictions Should Student Laptops Have? (Score 1) 1117

1) Whatever you do, kids will get around it. You can only do a good job of security a box if you have physical security. And you dont.
2) If you do something and it fails, you are liable. So if some kid gets porn all over his Laptop despite your best efforts, his parents are coming after you.
3) Spend your time protecting your severs and dealing with the fact that you are going to have a lot of worm/virus laden laptops coming into your LAN.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple rumor site Think Secret settles, shuts down

ohthetrees writes: "Think Secret, the longtime Apple rumor and news site is shutting down. An announcement on the site explains that they have reached a settlement with apple in which they didn't name any of their sources, but they are closing down. Other terms, if any, were not disclosed. Think Secret has been one of the more reliable rumor sites for years."

Submission + - Mother of current ISS Astronaut killed in accident (

Itsallmyfault writes: The 90-year-old mother of a NASA astronaut aboard the international space station died Wednesday when a train struck her vehicle, police said. A preliminary investigation showed that Rose Tani, the mother of astronaut Daniel M. Tani, stopped behind a school bus pausing at a train crossing, Raymond Byrne, police chief in this Chicago suburb, said in a statement. She drove around the bus, bypassing the lowered crossing gate, he said. In what may have been a first for NASA, officials called Astronaut Daniel Tani over a secure connection to give him the news, then offered any help he might need.

Submission + - One-Click-Submission to German terror watchlist ( 5

An anonymous reader writes: As the German daily Der Tagesspiegel reported today, the German federal criminal agency has a new strategy to catch terrorists: they put up an informational web page about the terrorist group "militante Gruppe" ("militant group") and now look at their web logs. If someone clicks on that link, his IP address will be investigated and he will be put on the terror watchlist. It would be utter madness of us to ask you to click on THIS LINK to put a billion people on their list so we are not even going to mention the URL. In case you find it, do not click on it! Thank you.

Submission + - Fund software by teaming up (

mr.october writes: Get paid to finish (or get others to finish) your pet projects. The guys over at microPledge have just gone live with their new micro-pledge scheme, which they describe as "an open-source software house, a contract developer website, and an online auction all rolled into one." Looks like a great way to bring software developers and interested users/customers/clients/etc. (with "micro" amounts of money) together. If you're like me, you already have a list of software projects you've been hanging on to for a while in the hopes that you'd get time to finish them yourself. Now's your chance — go get a bunch of people to pay you to finish them, or better yet get a bunch of people to pay someone else to do it for you.

Submission + - UK students must submit fingerprints for lunch (

wikinerd writes: "A school in the UK decided to start requesting fingerprint scans from its 1100 students before being allowed to get their lunch. From next term, the same school expects to use the biometric system for controlling entry into the school, as well as for dictating who is allowed to use the school's printers. According to a concerned citizen, the school did not consult the parents before implementing the new policy. Currently students carry ID cards that are used for getting their lunches, and the school claims that the biometric system is a means to limit expenses from lost cards, and since the fingerprint scans are not stored there is no breach of civil rights and no need for asking the parents first. However, a group named Leave The Kids Alone says that this is an infringement of liberty since fingerprint templates are stored and can be accessed by the police."

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