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Comment Re:Not so SWIFT afterall (Score 2) 21

It is nice that you feel a cool and confidant as wherever you work hasn't been hacked yet.

Security problem is across all sectors Government, Non-Profit, corporate...
Why? Well IT Security is a relatively new problem. As we are hooking many systems together. However organizations are still not thinking in terms of IT Security. And also the Buzzword friendly "Agile/Nimble..." organization has no time for such security problems as Good IT people are Expensive, and this Security Work isn't directly affecting the bottom line.

Comment Re:Prepare to be (Score 1) 351

If it manages to violate conservation of momentum and that stands up to the inevitable scientific pig pile that follows, I'll be impressed.

Conservation of momentum is what makes most of the universe inaccessible to us in practical terms. If it is only a rule of thumb rather than an absolute law, then perhaps more of the universe is within our reach than soberly critical thinking people currently believe. Obviously not with this device, but at least in principle.

But I don't expect any results to survive the pile on. I hope they do, but what I hope and what I expect are two different things.

Comment Here's the only relevant bit (Score 1) 91

While middle-aged and older Facebook users don't like seeing news in their feeds, those aged 18-29 were much more interested and excited to see even more news articles on Facebook.

This is the segment marketers and advertisers covet the most. The early years of independent adulthood is when habits that will endure for decades are formed. The party a young person votes for in his first two or three elections becomes the party he will vote for for the rest of his life. If he buys ACME brand rocket roller skates, chances are he'll never buy another brand of rocket roller skates.

Comment Re:Java? (Score 1) 342

Java is a good choice for bosses who are still stuck on decade old buzzwords and you don't want to use .NET.
Because of that it is a language known by a lot of people and schools teach it as part of the Computer Science Program. So it is easier to find people with that set of skills for larger projects taking a team of developers.

In the 1980's we had COBOL -- Built mainly for mainframes and filling out forms data and parsing fixed sized files (often compatible with magnetic tape)

In the 1990's we moved to C/C++/Visual Basic -- We moved to the slower PC hardware so we needed the Speed of C/C++ and/or the ability to handle he new GUI capabilities that VB offered.

In the 2000's we moved to Java/.NET -- Finding that are gping to be moving from 32bit to 64bit computing also dealing with many rough OS upgrades the bytecode languages offered easier migrations. Here is Java Strongest point, because compared to .NET you could actually make cross compatible products.

In the 2010's we are moving towards JavaScript/Python/Ruby -- As our personal devices are getting smaller at the expense of performance we are moving towards cloud based solutions so we emphasising more on Web Technologies and Server hosted processing.

Comment Non-recurring engineering costs (Score 1) 82

There is no way a modern ARM SoC will cost less than an 8-bit NES SoC to make.

Unlike an accurate NOAC, an ARM SoC is available commercially off the shelf. Are you including non-recurring engineering costs in your estimate or excluding them?

But all we can do is speculate. No authoritative reply is possible because everyone who knows about its internals is under NDA, and Slashdot will close this comment section before NES Classic Edition is available to the public. (Slashdot has a policy of closing all comment sections 14 days after they open.)

The licensor has a choice: make $1/$2 per game or make nothing at all. How is that difficult to understand?

A licensor might rationally choose zero in order not to devalue its copyright and/or trademark. If a licensor chooses $1 or $2 now, it can't choose $3 or $5 down the line when subsequent would-be licensees complain about not being given a comparable deal.

And no matter which way you hold it, it's still not a NES controller.

Neither is the controller included with NES Classic Edition. It's a Wii Classic Controller shaped like an NES controller.

Comment Re:well then, hand them a sat phone (Score 2) 179

We need to stop being hypocrites about our values.
Private communication risks our security (As the bad guys cannot be monitored).
Security risks our privacy (As the good guys will be monitored).

I would also like to make a point it doesn't take a team of super geniuses to code an encrypted and unrecorded communication protocol. Just one guy, and less than one day of work. It may not be clean and polished, but it would do the job.


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