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Comment Re:Stupid analogy (Score 0) 255

You must be joking. In case you are not, what has changed over the years:

  • Security: switching between kernel modes and user modes are costly; Secure coding practices take more CPU and RAM; firewalls; encryption etc.
  • Abstraction: you don't have to configure select, which sound card the game uses. Applications used to manage system resources themselves, now kernel does that. It is obligatory for security.
  • Graphics: resolution was 800x600, images were tiny and in 256color space (HDD speeds have not significantly improved, so then it was adequate, now you have SSD disks, which makes booting fast again), terrible video codecs (which still managed to buffer most of the time), laughable 3D.
  • Useful services: automounting USB sticks, instant messaging, e-mail notifications, calendar notifications, colour corrections, system logging etc.
  • Caching and indexing: since memory is cheap, just load all the data into memory, if data is no longer used, just keep it around, since it might be used again soon.
  • Web has changed a lot recently. I personally use noscript to deal with lot of the bloat, but the web now has some perks I would not want to give up.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 111

It seems you have issues reading release notes and user manuals. Have you got any mental issues that makes it difficult to read long technical texts? There is no shame in having such difficulties and help is available. For example dyslexia and ADHD are well studied conditions and there are tons of treatments and comping mechanisms developed. I would suggest you go to GP to get tested. If you have diagnosis, it will help you to navigate this world better -- even those with no apparent disorders can find the world confusing. Take care!

Comment Re:Finally, I can switch to Gnome! (Score 2) 111

I looked at the screenshots and GNOME 3 looks better. Perhaps you can clarify your dissatisfaction? What I see:

  • Missing file browser: it is still in gedit 3.x, just not enabled in the screenshot
  • Some missing buttons: all of those are sill available where they should be — either in menu or context menu. All of those have keyboard shotcuts.
  • Reduced wasted space: button bar, menus and title bar are are now compressed in one, reducing waste by 50% (excluding tabs).
  • Some settings are more accessible: code highlighting, tabulation setting per file, text line rendering options. Now status bar not only informs you of status, but lets you fix it, if something is not as it should be.
  • Of course there are visual differences, but those are customizable.

Comment Re:File Dialog (Score 1) 111

I just opened “open file” dialog (gedit 3.22) and it looks like it has widgets, panes, lists, buttons and such. Nowhere do I see any piles of any kind of trash. Cannot replicate issue, more information needed.

Comment Re:They lost me at 3.0 (Score 1) 111

I jumped ship because they took a usable desktop and redesigned it for tablets and then tried to push it to desktop users.

What made you think GNOME was designed for tablets? The 3.0 was totally unusable on tablets. Further releases got slightly better, but I have not seen any GNOME developer actively working on making it work on tablets, bar fixing bugs being reported. Was it the big application icons in grid layout and removal of “start menu”? This is a visual similarity at best and functionally very different:

  • To get to application list, you have to get in overview mode, press grid button and witch to “all aplications” mode. This feature is buried and not the usual use case.
  • Most used applications should be in the docker. Just like on windows or macs.
  • Accessing random application is most efficiently done with keyboard — get into overview and start typing a keyword. Similar to kupfer. In tablet that is not a good usecase.
  • Accessing “overview” is very desktop oriented. Compared with menu system, it is faster with mouse and as fast with keyboard.

Besides, why would design elements found in touch interfaces should be an obvious fault? Big icons and buttins are necessary in touch interfaces, but they help on desktop too — time to position a mouse pointer on a tiny button takes more time than to put it on a big button. It does cost a screen estate, but at lest for me it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Comment Re: Just stop (Score 1) 181

But the left is also wrong in saying it's nothing but chemicals and can be handled with medicine alone.

Disease metaphor is rather useful here. A lot of those can't be cured, only managed. For example, a person can have asthma and not even know about it, if they live in an environment which lacks the triggers, like pollution, allergens or humidity. If changing an environment is not an option, medication is.

Perhaps I am reading different liberal media, but I haven't seen a viewpoint that treats addiction as easely solvable by medication first and only. Can you point out your sources? I really would like to see them.

Comment Re:You forgot the Fascist+Inquisition bits... (Score 2) 289

That's the thing with populism, on the headline front it all sounds reasonable (at least for some). Like when Trump says he will replace ACA with something better and cheaper, that would cover healthcare for everyone. On this level it is a no-brainer, but implementation and context is what matters. So with no further adieu:

1. One element of the rich and long standing culture of Netherlands is the tolerance of religion. And you seem to conflate religious label with attitude towards a country. And I don't see how forced conversion (to what, exactly?) would solve problems of attitude. If anything, this would increase radicalization.

2. In that case, why shouldn't, say, Holland or southern Netherlands declare independence from the rest of the lot?

3. This depends on the culture of referendums. Where I live, those are “confidence in government” vote, and not about the actual question in the ballot.

4. This depends. Any subsidy is problematic and should be weight case by case.

5. Could be reasonable, could be totally catastrophic.

6. On the other hand, Europe's population is ageing, so more young people (it seems mostly Turks) have to support more retirees. This needs extensive economic analysis, not just common sense.

7. And why not drop subsidies for health care then? That sounds reasonable.

8. If you put in new money, where is it coming from? Especially if you retire more people.

9. Police? Maybe, but army is not going to help here. Btw, where is the money coming form?

10. Great, another income source cut. How do you sponsor your good stuff above.

11. It's Netherlands. Public transport + bicycles makes more sense.

My point is, if you just have policy headlines, it might sound sensible, but you really need to analyse impact to see if it would actually work, can be sustainably funded and not have too bad negative side effects.

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 4, Interesting) 289

Thanks for clarification. If plan is to remove dual citizenship, I can share experience of my country, Latvia. We too have large community of people who don't integrate that well — Russians. We have never allowed dual citizenship to begin with., but just forcing to choose one passport does not help. Most likely most of Turks will choose Dutch passport (since they live there and it is a more wealthy), they will still be able to live in enclaves, watch Turkish news, eat Turkish food and all that just like before.

However, you could be more explicit on “that really leaves only one choice then, doesn't it?”.

Comment Re:Upgrade experience (Score 3, Informative) 91

All that resetting is necessary to help to debug. If the bug is in add-ons, then it should be reported to the add-on developers. If it is really a fault of Mozilla, add-on developers should report it, since they will probably have a better insight of what exactly has gone wrong.

Similar with settings. If you have messed with about:config, it is nigh impossible for Mozilla to test all the permutations, or provide reasonable upgrade path to all of them.

In my workplace, we have similar issues, but we solve them by selling support. Since you get FF for free, it would be unreasonable to expect them to handle your specific configuration.

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