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Comment Re:"Statistical impossibility" (Score 1) 156

Gun manufactures? Perhaps not (although compelling could be made). More appropriate example would be gun sellers. Say, for example, you sell guns in a village and one of the villagers tells you that Joe Smith has been telling everyone he meets that he is going to kill the barber. You go and investigate and surely enough, you overhear him saying that to random people. Later that evening Joe comes to your shop and tries to buy a gun. Do you sell it?

As for Twitter and Facebook, they were informed that radicalization happens on their platform and the question is — is that willful blindness?

Comment Re:"Statistical impossibility" (Score 2) 156

From what I have heard from interviews with Chinese, censorship is a nuisance. The bit they object to (and is actually harmful) is brutality and corruption of the state and municipalities. These are the things that actually hurt, not some abstract censorship. There can be a good case made for freedom of speech, but FoS usually ends up in instrumental role — it helps to improve living standards, gives dignity, security etc.

Just chanting "Free speech good, censorship bad" is no better than "Four legs good, two legs bad".

Comment Re:Drug trials (Score 1) 232

I too am no doctor, but I have spent time under pain killers after surgery and if your case was anything like mine, the original source of pain became less and less intense. Like, if in the first week you would be on pain level 9 without medication, but after 10 weeks pain level would have dropped to level 5, and the required amount of morphine is the same, then you have developed some tolerance.

I had to use morphine for couple of weeks and didn't even notice any withdrawal, but what I have gathered (anecdotally) from other people who were on pain killers, when you are taken off pain medication, you do feel actual pain, but it is usually written off as a /just another pain episode/, after a while it gets better so who cares.

Comment Re:Drug trials (Score 3, Insightful) 232

> and our Calvinist morality and repressive drug control regime hates this

Oh please! Problem with all current pain killers is that they are NOT EFFECTIVE for chronic pain. Opioids require ever bigger dosage to get the same effect, and your plan to "monitor their therapies" just mean that if the source of the pain is not dealt with, treatment will not be effective. But sure, blame Calvinists.

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