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Comment Nope... (Score 1) 541

You're missing the point.

"No" can be used as answer (and it will be a correct answer) to any HEADLINE which ends with a question mark.
Because, if the answer were "Yes" - paper (or website) would NOT have used a question mark. Headline would have been an affirmative statement instead.

I.e. They are covering their ass, knowing that their headline is bullshit/clickbait.

Betterige's law is not about some underlining force of nature, or a mathematical rule which magically decides answers to headlines in the form of a question.
It's about sensationalism and CYA mentality of people who sensationalize crap.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 541

Trying to get Trump to admit defeat (or anything else) is like trying to get water to stick to a duck.

There's an easy way to get water to stick to a duck. You cook the duck.

I see no real issue with doing the same with Trump. As long as I don't have to eat that soup. Maybe bottle it and sell it to his souporters?
I don't think that Ferengi Futures Exchange would mind, as after all, he's only part Ferengi and he clearly lacks lobes for anything but boasting.
His remains would have a pitiful resale value. Sad.

Comment What a crock of BULLSHIT! Cherry picked at that. (Score 4, Interesting) 289

First of all, trying to untie Koran from the Bible doesn't really work cause it contains the same damn stories and same damn people.
Only real difference being that Jesus is not the son of god but just another prophet.
So that "Islam by one hand" is a crock of shit regardless if that one hand is Allah's or Uthman's as you put it.

Second, saying shit like that "Islam is the work of one man. (Not counting nameless scribes, no one ever credits them.)" is basically proof that you don't know jack shit about Islam.
Or you would have known of hadith.
Which is basically an attempt to expand the Koran after the death of its writer - by compiling quotes attributed to him by various sources.
All of which are specifically and strictly credited because... well... some might choose not to believe some sources.

There are many flavors of Islam. Just like with Judaism or Christianity
Painting it with a generalization-brush of "one Islam by one hand", particularly in today's climate of CLEAR AND OBVIOUS EXAMPLES of Shia-Sunni divisions is beyond ignorant or retarded.

Third turd... Just like the Bible which was not written in modern languages it suffers from transcription and translation errors.
Which compound when most of the text is metaphoric in nature - as is the case with all religious texts.
Saying it is consistent requires more than just belief - it requires blind faith.

Fourth... The Bible is plentiful with DIRECT commands to murder anyone from witches and gays to infidels.
And both Koran and Bible, old testament and new give even more reasons for hate and murder of everyone.

Fifth... Islam is as "compatible with the civilized world" as any ancient religion, cooked up by schizophrenic hermits in a cave, desert or jungle somewhere, edited by lunatics, crooks and child molesters and left "unchanged" for thousands of years.
You know... like all those flavors of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism...

Not that newer religions cooked up by loons and crooks are any better!
Mormonism, Scientology and Moonism are the same kind of shit.
Just with fewer genocides to their name.
So far.

Comment Re:The Dutch were justified (Score 1) 289

That's because whether you're a Turk in the Netherlands or a white American in Mexico or Asia, you are nothing more than a guest.
Therefore, you have no right to participate in the workings of your host and your political activity with regard to your former homeland is tolerable only to the extent it creates no disturbances for your host.

By that logic, they should also pay no taxes.

What? You never heard of "No taxation without representation"?
And why would you tax your guests? Just what kind of a host are you? What's next? Paying for food and lodging?

Oh wait... did you perhaps mean "slaves" but mistyped it as "guests"?
Cause that's what you're describing. Foreign citizens with no rights. I.e. Slaves.

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