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Comment He was clearly always pro gay marriage... (Score 2) 621

It's just that the connotations changed over time, making "marriage" somehow a religious thing, with "civil union" being the same thing in practice - minus the religious connotations.
Thus, he switched his support for what seemed like a viable option. A bird in hand now.

From TFA:

Later years offered greater clarity - and a shift from 1996. Civil unions? Yes. Gay marriage? No.

As Obama sought a U.S. Senate seat in 2004, he told the Windy City Times, "I am a fierce supporter of domestic-partnership and civil-union laws.
I am not a supporter of gay marriage as it has been thrown about, primarily just as a strategic issue.
I think that marriage, in the minds of a lot of voters, has a religious connotation. ..."

He described his hesitation to endorse same-sex marriage as strategic and political.
What I'm saying is that strategically, I think we can get civil unions passed. â¦
I think that to the extent that we can get the rights, I'm less concerned about the name. â¦
Republicans are going to use a particular language that has all sorts of connotations in the broader culture as a wedge issue, to prevent us moving forward, in securing those rights, then I don't want to play their game.

Guy is a politician and a government official.
It's his job to find a compromise and push a consensus in the best interest of the citizens.

Comment Geography doesn't vote. People vote. (Score 1) 435

Most those middle states have large tracts of land - occupied by very few people.

And no... Electoral college was NOT created "to get the politicians out of the big cities and blah-blah-blah".
Number of electoral votes has fuck all to do with where the voters are located, are they rural or urban, OR are they visited by the candidates during their campaign or not.

It was created back when there was no "flyover country" - but only towns, villages and farms along the coast. THE coast.
And it was created cause they were paranoid about Congress ignoring the will of the people, getting together and electing the president on their own - while also being paranoid about big states doing the same thing.
Which is why there's that stipulation about government employees not being eligible for the position of an elector.
And why it is based on the number of people living in a state (while each state still gets two votes on top of that) and not its geography.
Including those people counted as "three fifths of all other Persons".

Comment Re: Interesting, Dave Chappelle. (Score 1) 550

Because a live performance, by a living human being, in front of an audience of living human beings is based on the performer's ability to interact with and perform in front of said audience.
I.e. To stand in front of and be observed by thousands of people.
Which is about as private as standing naked in the middle of a panopticon, and yelling so everyone can also hear you.

The fact that those people paid the toll to do that doesn't make any of it more private or less exposing.
Hell... Jim Jeffries got punched in the head by an audience member.
He later took the video of the event and included in his material - instead of demanding it be erased from the internet, because privacy.
Even though it is unflattering AND though he makes some bigoted statements about Irish in the "punch video".

Then again... he's not the kind of guy who would get a nervous breakdown and run away to Africa because he got paranoid about people wanting to see him in a dress or a kinda guy who'd file DMCA requests on account of being fat in a photo.

Comment Re:A little perspective (Score 2) 435

The Founding Fathers created the electoral college system specifically to prevent populist perverts like Trump becoming president.

Except that in this case Trump doesn't get the popular vote - he's at 42.5%. Clinton has 49.3%.

Also, electoral votes being a representation of the will and the number of the people in each state - they tend to vote in accord to the popular vote.
I mean... last time popular vote winner lost the election was in 2000 - back when Gore lost to Bush by less than 1% of the electoral vote, while wining the popular vote by 0.5%.
Last time before that... you'd have to go back to the '80s. 1880s. Before women could vote and just after black men got the right to vote... at least on paper.

Other than that... there are only two more cases of a winner of the popular vote not winning the electoral vote as well. In the 1870s and in the 1820s.
Winning the popular vote but losing the election is not a normal thing. It's an exception which happens very rarely.
Like, centuries can come and go between such elections.

Comment 666-1? (Score 1) 435

You think Clinton's campaign is feeling desperate? Vegas is paying out 6-1 on Trump presidency, but you know better, don't you?

What will their odds be in 3 weeks?

That would be the odds of note.

While having 666-1 odds on Trump presidency may be of note, it will sure be too unsettling for most people to place such a bet.

Comment It's closer to a sphere... (Score 1) 313

In any case, it is multiaxial.

Which is why you are seeing what you are interpreting as a circle. Or what others see as a horseshoe.
It's actually people's methodologies overlapping and blending into each other (what/how they do) instead of their ideologies (that which they believe/know to be true).

Thus "Different yap patterns, but always willing to dictate how others must act in minute detail." looks like a circle - cause it is a view along a single axis.
The "willing to dictate how others must act" axis of authority, while ignoring all others.
Cause both peaks and valleys come off as circles on a map.

Comment Re:Attack Of The Killer Soy Beans? (Score 2) 197

We shoot Matthew McConaughey into space and that fixes everything.
Also, we get space colonies and anti-gravity plus Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain are involved in the whole thing as well.
Oh, and Matt Damon gets shot out into space out of an airlock.

It's win-win-win-win-win... win-win all the way.

Comment OK... let's say English is not your first language (Score 1) 367

And that you misunderstood "implication" thinking it is related to if-then logic, so you are confused with something being "half true".
Instead of "implication" being used commonly as a synonym for "suggesting" - i.e. "insinuating", i.e. "claiming".

And let us also assume that you haven't actually read through the article you quoted.
Cause it actually has a video of Trump "making that claim".

The "half true" in fabula lies on the back of Trump getting the timeline correct.
That's the "true" part of the "half true". He got his A before his B. He got the order of the dates correctly.
Which IS somewhat of a feat for a man who can't get the date of election right.
But ignore him getting the timeline right and look at the claim as meaning "BECAUSE you got a subpoena you have deleted 33,000 emails." (which is what he is claiming) - and it's nothing but unproven bullshit.
Except it's not just any unproven bullshit - it's "after being investigated by the FBI - who found nothing" unproven bullshit.

Politifact didn't infer anything.
Nor did they set up a straw man argument as you seem to be implying there. As in, suggesting.
They are just too polite and too nitpicky to simply label it "bullshit". Which is what it is.
Cause he isn't talking about the order of the dates... however amazing it might be that Trump got that part right.

Well... if we assume that he isn't a complete imbecile who is simply thrilled about figuring out the order of the dates of the events, and that he is thus not talking about dates but about some sort of guilt regarding those events.
I mean... that could be true as well... but it's doubtful.
He's obviously at the very least a moron.

Comment Re:Politifact (Score 1) 367

Secondly, the FBI finding "no evidence" doesn't even prove the implication false.

It proves that Trump was making statement WITHOUT evidence.
I.e. He was either lying OR basing his statement on other people's lies. Either case - he was spreading falsehoods.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence - but it IS a proof that such a claim is nothing but unproven bullshit.

Comment You misspelled oolooney there... (Score 1) 342

You think it's more likely that Russian hackers conspired with Donald Trump to keep Hillary from becoming president by starting a DDOS on Newsweek? That is the nutty conspiracy theory.

BTW, that's a nice canard.
Not that I'm judging your propensity towards aquatic fowl or its food, but no one is claiming that Putin and Trump actually conspired - just that the Trump is an useful idiot for Putin and Palls.
Cause that's how you looney brain works. Conspiracies everywhere.

Oh... and BTW... Speaking of "more realistic theories"...

Oh... Looney, Looney, Looney... Whatever would we do without duck fuckers and fish rapers like you?
Who would we laugh at? Cats? I don't THINK SO...

Comment Irony? Oh... (Score 1) 220

If you want irony, just read up their FAQ.

They originally wanted to process plastic into oil.
Because taking bunch of stable carbon which takes millions of years to decompose, making it into fuel and burning it into CO2 so it helps boost the greenhouse effect - that's green as fuck.

Why remove the plastic and transport it to land instead of processing it at sea?

After exploring plastic-to-oil conversion at sea, our team has determined that processing plastic on land is more practical.
Large-scale pyrolysis, the technique used to convert plastic to oil, requires heavy machinery.
To do this on the open sea, we would need a stable platform: a far steeper investment than transporting plastic back to land.
Until it is shipped to land, all collected plastic will be stored in an internal buffer which will have to be emptied approximately every six weeks, depending on the size of the transporting vessel.
For more information, please consult Chapter 4 of our feasibility report.

What will you do with the plastic once it's extracted from the oceans?

During the feasibility study we showed that ocean plastic is suitable for conversion into oil.
Because making oil from plastic consumes less energy than extracting fossil crude oil, this processing solution has a net positive carbon impact.
However, recycling into new plastic products appears to be a more attractive option.
Preliminary tests show that 100% recycled plastic can be turned into new, durable products.
The Ocean Cleanup receives tremendous interest from companies that want to use ocean plastic in their products, making large-scale recycling viable.
More information can be found in Chapter 9 of our feasibility report.

Comment Re:Hopefully, it will be built to higher standards (Score 1) 220

I never said "frontpage".
Which at 4 megabytes would be INSANELY HUGE.
Even at 3.37 megabytes it's still insane.
BTW, Apple is a "mere" 1.14 megabytes, which is tiny in comparison.

But do feel free to enjoy the wonders of this scaled down to 660 by 440 pixels while this keeps loading and loading and loading...
If they're gonna have a 3-30 MB page where all actual info is text... why not just put up a pdf? Preferably a high resolution one, so it's even bigger.

Without images their "frontpage" is actually ~400 kilobytes.
41k when you also dump all the unnecessary scripts cause there's no reason for that page to be dynamic.

Comment Re:No Pics? (Score 2) 220

From TFA:

Charles Moore, the racing boat captain who discovered the floating vortex in 1997, once said that the cost of a cleaning operation would âoebankrupt any countryâ.

But around half the scheme's initial â30m (£20m) budget has now been raised through online donations and wealthy sponsors. In the long term, the project plans to finance itself with a major retail line of ocean plastic fashion wear.

And they've not even made it to the scaled model phase yet.

Much like jeans made from ocean plastic worn by our "hero" there the project itself will do nearly nothing for the oceans, something for the people who are desperate for a solution for their many existential anxieties which make them crave for a way to validate their life styles while shedding the self-perceived quilt over their own existence, holier than thou assholes and clueless treehuggers - and a lot for certain people's bottom line.

Even if every pair of jeans in the world were made from Bionic Yarn, the oceans would still have a plastic problem. Toussant knows that much. But if every piece of clothing, every shoe, every pillow and couch cushion, blanket and rug were stitched with the stuff, then we might see a dent.

Feel free to peruse their recycled jeans store here.
Warning! Store features explicit images of hipsters surrounded by even more hipsters. People allergic to hipsters shouldn't click on the link provided above.

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