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Comment Re:This is a wise move (Score 1) 305

You're an idiot for stating that Germany is still an occupied country.

Really? What exactly would you call a country that has more external military than local military? A hotel? A brothel?

This made my day. :-)

But what ever we say about the military threat to Germany I have always thought of Gemany as a country which can make its own laws.

Comment Running red light is actually safe (Score 1) 383

If you look are actual numbers cyclists break traffic laws with the same frequency as everyone else, and usually in a much safer way.

Some years ago there was a study of 5 years of accidents in Stockholm; no cyclists were injured when running a red light. Left turns aren't that dangerous either. What does main and kill are those right turns which Uber got in trouble for.

Confirmation bias is a thing..

Comment Sweden is Canada (Score 1) 2837

You can move to Sweden english is not a problem here, I don't know how fast you can become a citizen. But a friend, who has been living here for 7 years, applied directly after Brexit and got it this october. Getting an appartment is kind of hard.

Comment Re:PowerShell (Score 1) 152

once I discovered that output is refomatted depending on destination it was the nail in the coffin.

ls removes color if you pipe it. It is a sane thing to do, and I would guess you can override it in PowerShell too?

Like you I think the implmentation is pretty crap, I like the idea though maybe if they take it abit further.

Comment Please down vote this thread. (Score 2, Insightful) 125

If you have any accusations of the government doing any sort of propaganda then post them, insinuations have never helped against propaganda. Those links are not informative in any way, I would say that the second link is propaganda of the worst kind, and the first is made into propaganda from you by a strange context.

Comment There is nothing to support that claim. (Score 0) 99

They wanna drive on the street but not obey the rules of the road. Then, they play the pedestrian card if they get in an accident with a car,

Actually more people on bicycles means better safety, and less cars on the roads, peoples tendency to break traffic rules and laws are not linked to their mode of transportation. Lots of people drive too fast in a 30 km/h (20mph) zone, even though that is the most likely scenario for a car to kill someone, at 50 mph your kill rate is above 90% when you hit a pedestrian. When it's the people speeding that actually kill and hurt I think "playing pedestrian card" seems legit, speed matters a lot.

With that said in a recent study of 5 years of accidents there was no incident were a bicycle was hit by a car at a red light. Traffic lights are there because cars are just really bad at sharing intersections, which is the most important part of making a traffic system work. Bicycles and pedestrians do not need traffic lights, so I think cycling and walking past traffic lights is something good.

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