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Comment Re: Not a taxi service huh? (Score 2) 192

Yep; well-spotted - this is the business model in use via Slashdot. Content-creators bust their ass to type in snarky comments about iGadgets, US corruption (the word corruption being largely redundant now when discussing things US) etc and that-company-we-all-love leverages their effort to do whatever it is they do to turn a profit.

Comment Re: Not a taxi service huh? (Score 1) 192

They aren't charging for this service when using these cars at this point. They are testing, and the rides are free. Your point is valid in the future however.

It's only free if you consider your time, the use of your brain as uber video you freaking-out to differing degrees as an indicator of driving quality and (let's not forget) your health - to be worthless

Comment Re: Great! (Score 1) 192

Nu-uh - if one is driving, one is fully immersed in the flow of information streaming in to the extent of predicting what's going to happen next.

Dependent on the extent that the human copilot trusts the SkyNet prototype, they will be more or less engaged. The delay when switching from observation- to participation-mode will be too great.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 526

[In the UK], it's virtually impossible to avoid - unless one eats the leaf nodes from the tree of food combination. e.g. a ready-to-eat chicken from the local supermarket has added sugar!

It seems as though the response is "oops, our bad, we've helped destroy the world's health" - I'd like to see GRATUITOUS (50% of total assets at minimum) applied and everyone involved should be forced to eat a high-sugar diet.

Comment Re: Laws should be changed... (Score 1) 241

the publicize the bigger dollar figure in order to scare others into buying Transformers instead of downloading it, and make their money by not losing quite as many sales.

Is this considered a function of the free market?

In my day, they had writers who would develop and plot and lure the consumer in with a film which appealed to them.

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