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Comment Re:Exactly as predicted (Score 2) 333

Almost everyone I've ever seen has a case on their iPhone which makes it bulkier so I don't think the bulkiness argument holds any water. Apparently many users must actually want the phone to be bulkier. It's easier to hold securely, makes it possible to hold it against your shoulder (almost anyway). This race to the bottom as far as thinness goes is such a strange fad. My phone is about 1cm thick and that's as thin as I want it to be. Sure super thin looks sleek but that's as far as it goes.

This new case design looks really sweet I think. Makes the phone look just about right. Maybe they should offer a version without the headphone adapter for those that don't care about that and just want extra battery life and a little thickness.

Comment Re:Laptops, its buyer responsibility to confirm Li (Score 1) 484

I've yet to see any computer list other operating systems on a retail box. They all come with Windows licenses these days, so I expect only a Windows logo, regardless of compatibility. I've definitely never seen logos of Linux or BSD on any machine anywhere, except ones that ship from companies like System76. So no I don't think it's sufficient to blame the customer here.

Comment Re:I had Prodos on My Apple][e in 1983-84 (Score 3, Informative) 81

Correct, there was ProDOS on Apple II. I remember using it. However according to the author himself, it was ProDOS 1.0. ProDOS 2.x apparently did not run on the Apple II. He says: "ProDOS 2.4 includes both the 6502 compatibility of ProDOS 1.x and the slot remapping functionality of ProDOS 2.x. Now Apple II programs can use a single version of ProDOS to boot any Apple II and access all storage volumes. ... For the first time, the features and improvements of ProDOS 2.x are available on 6502-based Apple ][, Apple ][+, and un-enhanced Apple //e computers."

Comment Series 11 manages to not make them look so old (Score 1) 153

Series 10 was a bit jarring to see how old all the characters were (which is hard not to show since the actors are indeed 30 years older). Rimmer in particular appeared much older than the last time we saw him.

Even their movements and voices sounded older. In Series 11 so far it appears they have a lot better makeup as they appear younger than they did in series 10. They almost look like they could have hopped into the scene from series 8 and we might not have noticed.

Comment Re:After a three year break... (Score 1) 88

Hmm, where does that leave us then. Because they can now do more than the US can do right now when it comes to manned flight and launching space stations. We have the ISS, true, but we couldn't build another one. And we certainly can't build small space laboratories like we used to in the 70s. Personally I'm a bit jealous that the Chinese are going to do this. I think having multiple, short-term space stations would be more economical and get more science done than the one big expensive one we have now, as cool as it is.

You can think disparagingly about China's endeavors, but really we have a lot to fear from them. American supremacy has been eroding for decades and sooner or later other powers will rise and we can bet they won't give the US special consideration or treatment. Maybe China's government's inability to reform and lust for power will hold them back and allow the US to remain dominant in the world. But I'm not counting on that.

Comment Re:Audible rocks (Score 1) 60

Ahh if only it were that easy. Like most of these utilities, they are fraught with difficulty and most often just don't work. I tried this program (under Windows 10, the only windows I have readily available right now) but it wouldn't work with any of my aax files (audible manager did open and play them.). I hit the Umwandeln button and it just said immediately, Umwaldlung beendet. Conversion finished.

Comment Re:Audible rocks (Score 1) 60

It's not that easy to convert Audible books to mp3. It can be done, of course, but it's not automatic or easy. Most methods involve exploiting the analog hole in real time (as long as the audio book is). Mind you if you run the process at night that's not so bad.

Personally I don't find any utility in making a bunch of small mp3 files. Any player worth it's salt will bookmark your position and let you do variable speed playback.

And one of the benefits of leaving the audio book in Audible is syncing to the Kindle. Fabulous feature

My tip to audible is to convert your account from $15 a month for one credit to a maintenance mode where you pay just a few dollars a year to keep your account active. This is good if you find yourself accumulating credits that you don't want to lose but haven't used yet. Also, many audio books are quite cheap if you buy the kindle version. Often the kindle version plus the audible version can be purchased for much less than the $15 they would charge you for a credit.

Finally, there's an Android app for downloading LibreVox audiobooks that's kind of handy, though the latest version really screwed up the interface and made it hard to browse what's available.

Comment Re:Still rolling (Score 1) 88

Well at least they were working in 1990 when the picture was taken. That's about 13 years after Voyager I was launched. Shortly after the picture was taken the cameras were shut down. I understand we still get a faint signal fro Voyager I, from which we can learn about the heliopause and other things, but there's no data being transmitted from the spacecraft any longer.

Comment Re:6500K all the time (Score 1) 88

I find 6500k quite glaring at night. 6500k is considered to be the equivalent of the color of the sun at mid day. Why would I want that on my monitor going into the evening? The whole point of the red shifters is to lower the temperature as twilight falls.

There may not be much science to support the idea that blue light adversely affects the brain or sleep at night, but it sure makes my computer use more comfortable in the evenings and and easier on my eyes when I red it down to about 3500k at night and let it come up to 6500k in the day. I was quite surprised when I tried it for a while. Now I see a screen that doesn't shift at night and I'm surprised how blue it is (even if it's really white). I also prefer 2700 to 3500k lights in my house as well.

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