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Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 1) 166

But... but... Think of the shareholders... If the company can't turn everything they do into a rental business, how are they going to make their quarterly profit numbers to satisfy the market and allow the Execs to keep getting their bonuses... If they can protect this business by using and corrupting the legal system, all the better...

It is Lexmark's business model. They sell dirt-cheap printers, probably lose money on them, and intend to make up for that on their toner sales. It's kind of attractive to a company because it makes for steadier cash flow. I suspect that if Lexmark loses, you can expect a big jump in the price of the original printers.

The big flaw in this system is twofold - first is the issue we are talking about here, and the second is if you are going to be charging rock-bottom prices, you'll be attracting the cheapest consumers. So they want to both buy a loss leader printer, and the cheapest possible cartridges.

Short version, Lexmark is using a gamble of a business model, could be put out of business here.

Comment Re:Whoa! (Score 1) 87

The rest of your post is so ludicrous I'll not take time to point out how you can't understand anything else either...

I will take the time to point out that you took the time to point out how I cannot understand anything else, which you said you wouldn't take the time to do, but then did take the time to do. Do do

Comment Whoa! (Score 3, Insightful) 87

Full stop! We've had the Microsoft shills in here telling us that Microsoft isn't collecting data, that it's not an invasion of privacy, and that we aren't handing them the keys to the kingdom.

So quickly shills, exapand on this. Tell us why there is no spying by Microsoft, yet despite no spying, they produced a version that doesn't spy less on us than the version that already doesn't spy on us. Inquiring minds want to know.

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 188

I think they've done a good job at that by diverting water from the croplands to some fish somewhere.

This actually worries me more than AGW. And AGW worries me a lot. The situation needs addressed. But we aren't a country that can address much any more.

BTW, most of CA already is a desert.

Exactly. Its a situation where the weather is pretty good, lots of sunshine, OK soil, but not much water. They've wrecked their local sources and when you get soil subsidance like this, you've probably made the water table recharge either impossible or a tens of thousands of years effort.

Then we have the river diversion issues. Already the Colorado no longer reaches the sea. Most impressive to stop that river.

If I had a say in how water use in California is handled, I'd say you start with the Sunshine. That's not likely to go away any time soon. So that's good. But the next issue is that water. It has to be used better, and more efficiently. I'm seeing a lot of farming under glass, so to speak. If you are going to use water, you have to meter it out and limit evaporation. If you are going to ship water from another state, you need to keep the damn stuff covered. Gotta watch how we deliver it to the plants though, because drip irrigation is great for saving water but you eventually salinate the soil.

We are perhaps a dog that likes to shit in it's dinner bowl.

Comment Re:As usual, more detail needed (Score 1) 117

Generally speaking you should never, ever change your behavior based on the results of a single study -- even a controlled, double-blind study, much less an epidemiological survey. You should wait for a comprehensive literature review paper in a high-impact peer reviewed journal before you consider a result reliable.

That said, correlation is still quite valuable -- to researchers. Science doesn't have the resources to come up with quick, definitive answers on a question like this, involving a complex system that is expensive and ethically tricky to monkey with. So science spends a lot of time doing safer, more affordable stuff like looking for epidemiological correlations, until it can justify spending a lot of rare research dollars on something more probative. And those dollars are about to get a lot rarer too.

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 188

Kiribati is going underwater. Does anyone else care? *sigh*

I could rob you and beat you to pulp. Would anyone else care? The answer is that wise people would care, because they'll know if I get away with that I'll be getting away with a lot more.

Same with climate change. Yes, Kiribati may disappear. But the Kiribatians aren't the only people who will pay; in fact most people in the world will end up paying. The way this works is that we all get some up front economic benefit from unregulated carbon emissions and we all pay for the consequences later, but the trick is that the benefits and costs aren't spread uniformly. Some people make a killing on cheap fossil fuel and then can move the bulk of the resulting assets out of the way of climate change. The worst hit are those whose wealth is in land -- the Kiribatians obviously, but also farmers in places which become unsupportably arid.

Comment Re: Oh well (Score 1) 188

I don't think it's greed. I think it's wishful thinking.

And it absolutely would be great if there were no downsides to burning all the fossil fuels we can lay our hands on. Most people on this site are too young to remember the smog we had in the 1960s and 1970s; they're imprinted on a time when gas was cheap, air was clean, and anthropogenic climate change was (as far as the general public was concerned) undreamt of. Who wouldn't want that to be true?

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 188

Everywhere from California to Indiana will desertify. California may well lose its agricultural sector over the next 50 years.

Do you have any projections for that? I've always been loathe to make predictions for a specific area, although if Nebraska gets a little drier, it will become desert .

Comment The one good thing abut Batman Vs. Superman (Score 1) 360

I shouldn't really say "the one good thing" because I didn't see the movie yet so I don't know if there's more I would like...

But what Batman Vs. Superman did set up was a lot of really great ongoing batman/superman at the diner scenes the end most How It Should Have Ended episodes.

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