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Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 468

... and thus, another (somewhat) funny joke dies, by being mercilessly reduced to an uninteresting math problem. Congratulations, Slashdot pedants, you've bagged another one! All those people who doubted your word-problems-solving skills will doubt you no more!

At least half of Slashdot users have no sense of humor.

Comment Re:Love it and stay (Score 1) 235

Hillary lies much less than Trump does.

They're both liars. Trying to decide which one lies less is an exercise in masturbation, unless you have an agenda, in which case whichever one you happen to support will always be found to lie less.

You can't even argue magnitude as a means to differentiate them. Hillary has plenty of "yuge" lies of her own (like claiming she landed under sniper fire and had to run for safety).

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 113

To be accurate, its kinda like how people like you spent the last 8 years blaming everything on the present occupant.

Thanks, present occupant!

To be fair, most people blame the current guy for everything if they don't agree with his politics. If they do agree with his politics, they blame the previous guy (or the guy before that, if the previous guy has the unfortunate handicap of also sharing their politics).

To most democrats, everything is Dubya's fault. To most Republicans, everything is Obama's fault (before that it was Clinton's fault). Timing is largely meaningless (take a look at how many conservative types blame Bill Clinton and Janet Reno for Ruby Ridge (which happened before the 1992 election) or the laughable way Obama was nominated for a Nobel peace prize for the accomplishment of not being George Bush).

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 113

because there was a power-station there, but that was years ago

Well, only fifteen years ago. It shouldn't be all that problematic to take advantage of it, it was a 4GW plant so even partial capacity would be more than adequate for servicing a solar plant of any reasonable size.

And still there, although not as pretty as it once was.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 113

this seems such a great idea at 1st, but why build a solar plant there?

Solar has come far enough that you don't have to have an ideal location to have a product. There are solar installations in some nasty-ass northern places in Alaska, which shocked me when I found that out. While it's true that during portions of the winter, they have to use diesel power generation, during the spring summer and fall, they don't, so solar becomes a cost cutter.

And the Ukraine is in a temperate zone, so they can expect power generation the entire year.

The other matter, I would conjecture, is an innate desire to return the land to some sort of practical use. Think of it as a psyche healing event. All of which would be a good thing.

Comment Re:You can't advertise on "the Internet" (Score 1) 110

How do advertisers know which particular sites are "a thing", especially smaller sites that are too big to be run as a pure hobby but not yet big enough to be household names?

And you can't.

But you have to remember, we never signed a contract with teh internetz that these folk have some sort of right to existence.

The model is broken, and needs fixed. And if some sites go out of business, well - insuring their right to deliver malware is not what we signed up for.

What is needed is "ethical advertising providers" as a service. With vetted ads checked for problems. Then I might consider turning off the programs I use to protect my systems.

In the meantime, if a site won't let me in, I just look it as if I caught a 404. And there is a real problem for them. Because while they might have successfully stopped me from seeing their content - they have also not shown me their advertisements. So they have not achieved anything other than saving a second or so of bandwidth use. And if Forbes or some other ad blocker blocking site went away tomorrow, it would be a net positive thing, AFAIAC.

As well, the parts of my internet use that I have to do, is research at sites that don't provide malware. The rest of it is merely entertainment, and I'm more than willing to find other ways to entertain myself if they try to make blockers illegal. I'm not certain that's an actual win for them.

Comment Re:We knew this (Score 1) 110

You can't bring advertising in-house unless you are the top 3 websites in the world. Everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone has to rely on a third party ad exchange, because Coke and Pepsi aren't going to go to a million websites and set up 100$ campaigns.

Sounds like a market opening for "ethical ad providers, with people who vet out the ads. I'd consider actually allowing ads onto my computer. If I was in the mood to create a company at the moment, I would look into that.

Comment Re:What the hell? $600K? (Score 1) 57

Just the accounting you'd need to sell the thing to the government would cost you $100K. Oh, and you'd have to pay yourself or someone else to take part in the bidding process or apply for the granted, and that has to be recouped as part of the sale cost. Er... you were planning on paying yourself for your time, weren't you?

Also, there's a big difference between building a prototype from junk you scrounged and building a reproducible product. When you build a product the second copy should be exactly the same as the first but cost less. Duplicating a one-off prototype exactly usually costs more. Why? Proof of concept prototypes are cheap because you make them with surplus stuff you have lying around or can buy for fractions of a penny on the dollar. You can be opportunistic. The problem is any particular set of opportunities (e..g the $10,000 assembly you picked up at auction for $50) aren't reproducible.

I had a colleague whose first job out of school was writing up a detailed specification for a prototype midget submarine a defense research lab built for the Navy. The Navy was pleased at the low cost and so they wanted to be able to build a second one just like it. Well it turned out that a second one would have cost a hundred times as much they'd have had to pay manufacturers to reverse engineer stuff or start up production lines. It was one of the pointless, futile tasks you dump on newbie engineers before you know you can trust their work.

Comment Re:Basic Journalism... (Score 2, Insightful) 151

That's an asinine argument. Other people who should do it don't do it, so I won't do it either.

Wikileaks won't do it because Assange is a chaos-monger posing as a crusader. Wikileaks should do curate its leaks because when you possess information you act responsibly with it, e.g., don't expose people it is about to identity fraud.

Comment And (Score 2) 172

The scammers and political Robocalls have enticed me to not answer the phone unless I know exactly who is calling. The Telephone system is now a liability, and not much more. The home phone displays who it is, and the mobile phone doesn't even ring unless the number is in the contacts list. So they can both go fornicate themselves/

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