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Comment Re:If only that were true (Score 1) 29

My brain decides to store things I don't care about and refuses to store things I specifically study.

From your perspective that's a bug. From your brain's perspective it's a feature. Your agenda is getting a good mark in your course. Your brain's agenda is to survive, reproduce, and generally have a good time while doing so.

The thing that you think of as "you" is just a tiny film of consciousness on top of an ocean of unconscious activity. You think "you" live in the present, but actually it takes over 300 milliseconds for your consciousness to become aware of anything, and by then, most of the time, your brain has decided what to do about it. "You" mainly come up with rationalizations for decisions your brain has already made. Which is not to say that consciousness isn't important; it isn't quite as sovereign as it believe itself to be.

Comment Re:Human females are going to have to do the same (Score 1) 98

Because it is so dangerous for a man to get married and have children due to unfair family law. MGTOW. Look it up

While MGTOW is a little interesting, way too much of it is butthurt whining. But the point is taken that an increasing number of men who would make good mates for a woman have done a risk/benefit analysis, and decided that it is not worth it.

And that is kind of a problem. It's a passive avoidance, it isn't illegal. It's like avoiding smoking by not smoking. And as VR and "sex dolls" become more realistic, will only become worse.

What is worse, while stable prudent men decide to pursue their careers and keep their assets, and avoid relationships with females, the jerks and abusers won't change at all.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 199

Not according to the summary, but let's go with your interpretation of events. He wanted $200,000 in consulting fees for what? Spending literally one minute filling in a web form changing the admin's email address on an account. Still stupid: he should have demanded $2 million, because that's a never-get-hired-again dick move.

Comment Re:Pleasant surprise (Score 1) 147

I think their pretty happy with the US's issues with TPP too. Personally, I have some huge issues with TPP of course...but it is a policy to restrict China trade-wise and even rumors of the US abandoning it has allowed China to do various maneuvering.

And if someone gets a little too frisky with China, and pulls some really dumb move, China owns something like a third of the total foreign held US debt. (don't hold me to that exact amount, suffice to say it is a Yuge amount)

Although China needs the US as badly as the US needs China, if we try to bluster our way into something stupid, just calling the debt will make for a rather unpleasant time as the world economy topples.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 147

Aaaaand what percentage of the earths surface is covered by the UK?

That's the "Looked out my window and it was cold this morning - Take that golbal warming douchebags!" theory that he's spouting.

Now that can be of some utility. For instanceI can note that it was a fairly cold winter two years ago here in the Northeast of the US. Okay.

But the part of interest is that the other 15+ winters this century have been warmer than normal. That's a lot more interesting than "soundbite" weather.

If I wanted to play the UK denier's game I would note that I was outside doing yardwork last week in a just jeans and a T-Shirt as the temperature hit 60+ degrees F. But that was weather.

A little more interesting is that during what is statistically the coldest part of the year, it is not going to dip below feezing here for the next week. A little more more interesting, but still weather.

But with that trend continuing for years and years? Now it has become extremely interesting.

The ability of politics to trump science and the laws of physics is remarkable. It's called the "Neener-Neener effect.

Comment Re:Microsoft Hurt Themselves Early (Score 1) 97

It depends on what you mean by "limit". Having to insert a disc to play a game is a pain in the ass, so if the XB1 did uniquely register a game to a console to avoid that hassle then it has obvious advantages.

Where they fucked up is they didn't provide a way for people to "de-register" the disc so they could sell or loan it. The obvious way to do it would be to say that whoever owns the disk can play it and other images are invalid. If you try to play from the image the console will check online to see if the disk has been used elsewhere and ask you to insert the disk if it had. It could also occasionally challenge the user to insert the disc, more frequently based on usage if it thought the disc was a rental copy.

But instead they junked the feature. So now the console has a cache of the game but you always need to insert the disc to play it.

Comment Re:Scorpio makes no sense (Score 1) 97

Scorpio, an upgraded Xbox One, is said to have about 3x the power of the PS4, 1.5x the power of the PS4 Pro. And 5x the power of the Xbox One, which it has to be compatible with. Scorpio software must run adequately on the Xbox One despite the huge power gap.

It wouldn't be the first time Microsoft have gimped specs between announcement and release. When Kinect was called Project Natal it had an onboard CPU/DSP that could do motion tracking of 4 people independently, track fingers & hands, even facial expressions. Then they decided to do all the processing on the 360 instead and the thing could barely recognize a person flailing their arms in an exaggerated bowling motion.

Microsoft might take a look at the PS4 Pro and decide there is no reason to exceed it in performance in any substantial way. If games have to remain backwards compatible with the XB1, then perhaps there are limits on what they could even do with the added compute power even if it were available to them.

Comment Not surprising really (Score 1) 97

Microsoft fucked up the launch of the XBox One. It was overpriced, bundled with a peripheral that nobody wanted, was less powerful and looked uglier. That gave the PS4 the lead and it's been widening since.

Whether that continues when "Project Scorpio" turns up in some form remains to be seen. The PS4 Pro and PSVR didn't exactly take the world by storm so perhaps there is an opportunity for Microsoft to seize or maybe the same pit to fall into.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 2) 199

Actually it's worse... or rather stupider. He offered to fix it (which really is just involves filling out and submitting a web form) if school settled a lawsuit for $200,000.

Now let's assume this guy is totally in the right as far as the claims in his lawsuit are concerned. That doesn't give him the right to hold his employers' systems hostage until he gets what he wants. Those systems still belong to them.

What was he thinking? Of course the courts are going to order him to hand over the metaphorical keys to the system. And the judge isn't likely to be sympathetic after this. On top fo that any future prospective employer is going to find out about this the instant they google "Triano Williams".

Based on the levels of stupidity and assholery displayed here, I'd be amazed if he weren't in the wrong.

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