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Comment Re:Let me help translate here. (Score 1) 49

Because, well, what's in it for them? They can now create facts and take the market if they so please. They are the only ones that have a huge software library behind them that is heavily loaded with indie developers (i.e. the only ones that are willing and able to take a risk with a rather tiny market).

Yes Sony has the Playstation and its market share behind it, but the PS market depends heavily on large studios, and so far they have been wary to invest into the VR market because it is still very small, no play ground for AAA titles.

Comment Re:What a joke (Score 1) 49

I don't know yet, I have seen a few very intelligent attempts at it and I would say we're still way too early in the game to tell whether there is a solution.

Yes, there are VR games that make even me sick (and I'm a roller coaster junkie, with dark rides being very much on top of my "wannahave" list), but these are invariably games that don't take the specific needs of that new medium into account. Other games had better ideas, and yes, there are ways to move about without making the player feel like he is about to hurl.

Developing something like this takes time. There is a good reason why you see a fair lot of low/no cost games right now, people and companies are pretty much trying to find out what's going to work and what isn't.

Comment Here's how you do it (Score 1) 33

1. Develop exploit.
2. Sell exploit kit to people who want to pirate soft but can't develop exploit.
3. Wait for about as long as it takes to reverse engineer your exploit.
4. Report exploit to Nintendo and collect the 20k. It's just pocket change, all right, but someone's going to report it anyway.
5. Start over at 1.

Comment The reasons I read /. for sure are changing (Score 5, Insightful) 506

Years ago, I came here for insightful and informative exchange of arguments on a topic.Not that long ago, it was for witty and cynical but still topic commentary.

Today, all I come for is to watch the entertaining, ballistic mud slinging of Trump supporters and opponents. Independent of topic. But climate change themes sure add another layer of vitriol to it.

In movie terms, I came for the documentaries, stayed for the mocumentaries and now I'm here for the Michael Bay popcorn flick. I used to care about the story, but today, all I watch are the explosions, whether there is a script anymore or not isn't important, I'm just here to watch the pretty pictures and don't give a shit about the content anymore.

Comment Re:Issues (Score 1) 158

First, the amount of time spent watching stuff is a poor metric by itself. What you really want to know is the amount of enjoyment people get out of the service. Admittedly that is very hard to measure accurately, which is why they want to use "hours spent watching" as a more easily determinable value.

One of the things that I think is important to keep in mind is, a lot of people just turn on the TV when they get home. They just turn on *something*. They might take a nap or leave the room. They might be reading things online. They still just have *something* playing on the TV.

So it's not just a question of whether or not they're enjoying the TV show they're watching, but also a question of whether they're really watching the TV show that they're streaming.

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