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Comment Re:More then the movie made... (Score 2) 54

How you recover from that level of a flop I have no idea.

It's written off as part of a portfolio of other losses to avoid paying tax.

On a funny note the original "Mad Max" (Road Warrior was the title of the US dub) was financed as part of a tax evasion scheme, which is why the director was allowed full control, and the investors were initially horrified when it started making money. Once it started making a LOT of money they were not so horrified.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 505

I think if people can't be bothered to vote you don't want their vote

That way eventually leads to revolt once those people whose votes you do not want build up into a majority and decide to involve themselves in the political process by force.
Of course the gun nuts have wet dreams about that sort of stuff, but they don't understand that most of them would be among the corpses if things go that far to shit.

Comment Re:I like how this is just now a problem (Score 1) 505

Trump declared war on the media and some of them have accepted his challenge. An MIT journalism professor had a lot of interesting things to say about it in a radio interview but I've lost track of details (no summary or transcript on the net). I'm sure more on this topic will turn up.

Comment Re: Stop calling it "skepticism". (Score 1) 505

Wrong on every point anarchist, even your definition of religion. It has to be deliberate to get everything so wrong so why are you deliberately lying so much to the readers? What are your really doing with this? I know you hate the United States, but this different - WTF are you up to with trying to turn the kiddies against reality?

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 2, Insightful) 505

We did it because he promised

The slick salesguy promised? Were the operators standing by? Do you get a free set of steak knives with your order?

political corruption is the biggest impediment

You thought there wasn't enough of it or something and voted for obvious scum?

I think compulsory voting would make room for a third party and avoid such obvious mistakes in the future.

Comment Re:Fueling the fueler (Score 2) 37

Orbital transfers aren't free or cheap

Very true but when most of your potential customers are in geostationary orbit and you have months to work your way from one to the other it's not so ugly.
Readers, think in ellipses not one dimensional thinking with concentric circles. Not easy maybe but that's how it's done.

What can a hypothetical servicing robot do about dead batteries

I very strongly suspect that the complete mission plan will worked out on ground before launch and the thing will be sent to work on X number of known satellites with specific known tasks to complete and specific parts. The alternative - if it's going to be a general purpose thing working for years it's going to have to get fuel and parts shipped to it anyway.

Comment Old idea but a very good one (Score 1) 37

Back in the 1970s one of the selling points/excuses for giving up on the Saturn V etc and going for the Space Shuttle was that it could be used to refuel satellites and do repair on them - which did happen with spectacular success with the Hubble telescope. One of several major reasons that such missions were very rare is that the Space Shuttle was limited to doing missions in low earth orbit and it's a very long way to geostationary orbit from there.

A robot craft could potentially get to that distant orbit and could have a mission time far longer than the Space Shuttle ever had. Also such a mission is incredibly dangerous - if the speeds are not very closely matched the impact energy would be enormous. Accidents will happen and it's better to lose a robot and a satellite than a manned mission.

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