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Comment Re:Being on TOR exit node list is insufficient (Score 1) 237

"The police told me they'd be back if it happened again," That doesn't sound like standard investigative work and ruling out innocent people to me. It sounds more like a threat.

Actually it does. If some random criminal event you are supposedly unrelated to keeps occurring on your property then obviously the police need to investigate things further. It doesn't mean you are guilty, it means they don't full understand the mechanisms taking place and need to figure it out.

Comment 3rd attempt at analogy (Score 4, Insightful) 237

Poor analogy. Tor exit nodes don't store anything. It's a relay that people use in order to obscure the place they came from.

Here's a better analogy. Imagine if a wanted criminal ran inside an open-door city shop in order to dodge the police, and the police then charged the shop owners as an accessory to evading law enforcement.

Poor analogy. Here is a better analogy.

Imagine if a wanted criminal ran inside an open-door city shop in order to dodge the police, and the police questioned the shop owners to confirm that they were the shop owners and not the criminal.

Comment Being on TOR exit node list is insufficient (Score 4, Insightful) 237

What does any of that have to do with police abuse against people doing nothing illegal?

Police are responsible for **investigating** crimes. Sometimes this means surprising people so that evidence can not be destroyed. From the summary it seems that the the residents told the police they operate a TOR exit node, the police looked at a laptop and left. The resident is a bit naive thinking that being on a public list of TOR exit nodes should have made the search unnecessary. Being on that list does not indicate that the resident is not the uploader the police are looking for, just that they are unlikely to be that person but it still needs to be **investigated** to rule them out. That what a lot of **investigation** is, ruling innocent people out as suspects.

Comment Re:Lenovo dev team working on it (Score 1) 467

However I would expect that the motivation has little to nothing to do with encouraging Windows usage and more to do with not wanting to spend the money and time testing their hardware under Linux.

And yet, they spent money ant time making ACPI return different values for Linux instead of returning the same ones that Windows gets and if Linux fails to work with them then to hell with it.

Yes. Testing ends at verifying Linux can not install rather than test the various Linux distribution for correct functionality on all subsystems (ex wifi). If you take an active step to support the installation of Linux then you have some responsibility to see that Linux runs to some reasonable degree, even if technically unsupported. You will get fewer support calls/emails if it can't install and many more if it doesn't run correctly.

Plus if the cited post is correct about a driver not being ready then Linux support may have been moved from v1.0 of the firmware to v1.1. If would not make business sense to slip the launch date of a Windows laptop because a Linux driver is not ready yet.

Comment Linux has history of problems with laptops (Score 1) 180

Now, please let me load Linux onto any Chromebook. That's what I really want.

That is what I did when I wanted a Linux laptop, repurposed a Chromebook.

Why? Because Windows laptops are well know to have Linux compatibility problems. There is no existing reasonable expectation of Linux compatibility for laptops as there is for desktops. Laptop compatibility is still a Linux wish list item. Buyers still have to do their homework.

Comment Lenovo dev team working on it (Score 4, Informative) 180

As explained in the slashdot story from 3.5 hours ago ...

A reddit poster offered this, in his link Lenovo says the dev team is working on it:

""[–]0xFFFFFF 89 points 7 hours ago*
Levono is aware of the issue and fixing it:
It is on hackernews, where people are being rational and theorizing that this is not microsofts fault. More like best-buy rep doesn't know what he talks about and the SSD doesn't have support drivers in linux kernal.. Or lenova messed up their bios implementation.
Luckily we have the reddit witchhunt in full force, so we can make uninformed rants!
Note: Every single previous similar scenario about linux being locked out has not been microsofts fault, which is why people are sceptical that this is the case this time..
I also have a Signature Edition laptop, it runs linux fine..""

The Lenovo link has an official post saying:

"Re: Yoga 900-13ISK2 - BIOS update for setting RAID mode for missing hard drive on linux install Options
07-27-2016 10:04 AM
Thank you for confirming it is still not possible to install Linux on Yoga 900-13ISK2 systems.
This issue has been escalated to the Development team. I am unable to offer a timeframe for fix at this stage in the investigation. With previous cases, BIOS fixes have been delivered anywhere from several weeks to several months.
I will post again when I have more information on the investigation."

Comment Re:Laptops, its buyer responsibility to confirm Li (Score 1) 467

I dispute this notion that given no indication of Linux support on packaging, on the website, on the support forums, etc it is a "buyer beware" situation.

I've yet to see any computer list other operating systems on a retail box ... I've definitely never seen logos of Linux or BSD on any machine anywhere, except ones that ship from companies like System76. So no I don't think it's sufficient to blame the customer here.

You misunderstood what I wrote, apologies if I was not clear enough.

By "box" I am referring to the retail packing not the system case. Furthermore I also indicated that not seeing Linux on the packaging would cause me to check the website and forums. If **none of these** mention Linux then the expectation of Linux support on a laptop is bogus, laptops have a very troublesome history with Linux and there is no reasonable history of it just working as there is with desktops.

Comment Re:Lenovo dev team working on it (Score 1) 467

Well, the fact that you installed your own operating system means they're off the hook for support. Support can't be the reason. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to make sure you use their bloatware.

I'm not sure, if they filled out the Linux section of the DSDT that might imply Linux support. At least to a hostile lawyer, they did make an overt act to support Linux after all. Making the user edit that info might make the company lawyers happier. I once had a small project that needed to be under close scrutiny by our corporate attorneys. Fortunately the two I dealt with were nice people and somewhat technical but even under those ideal circumstances it was ... uh ... interesting. As an engineer I had very different ideas about what exposed our company to risk. Once they explained I understood where they were coming from, a bit paranoid but not nonsense.

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