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Comment State lottery far worse than casinos (Score 1) 405

I get the entertainment aspect. I personally follow a similar behavior.

Regarding the state lotteries. They are far worse than any casino. A greater con, but its the government so they get be more "evil" than even casinos. In my state a portion of the lottery is marketed as going to the "schools". What the government did was reduce the educational budget proportionally to the revenue generated by the lottery.

Comment Re:Its not cheating (Score 1) 405

Using marked cards is cheating, but it's also against the law.

The cards as supplied by the casino are not marked. Every card has the same appearance until rotated. Such rotations are not part of the casino's standard practices. The rotation was a player request and the "marking" by the casino an unintentional (from casino's perspective) result of fulfilling that request. Note that you use the word "using" in your description of the law, who was using this "marking" to their advantage? It was the player not the casino.

Comment Fake news does not require "deliberate fiction" (Score 0) 405

Fake news is a deliberate fiction on the part of the writer, with an intent to deceive. It is not the same as a news story reported in good faith, but with errors.

Fake news does not require "deliberate fiction". You are closer to the truth with respect to "good faith". A better definition of fake news would be news where there was a lack of good faith in reporting. Your first definition excludes reported "news" that was blindly accepted because it matches the predisposition of the news staff, a staff that conducted no due diligence to confirm the story. I.e. journalistic negligence. That counts too as fake news.

Comment Its not cheating (Score 5, Insightful) 405

Remember kids! Only the casinos are allowed to cheat you out of your money!

Its not cheating you out of anything when you ignore the fact that the statistical probabilities are against you. As my statistics 101 professor explained (literally, he used casino games examples all the time) you are either:

(1) Paying the "I didn't pay attention in math class" tax.
(2) Paying someone else to play cards with you.

Comment Re:"Historic thaw"? (Score 1) 279

I don't disagree, but if that was the intent of the embargo, it has been a stunning failure.

The embargo was a reaction to Fidel's involvement with the Kennedy assassination, that's the reason all Presidents until Obama maintained it. Perhaps now the truth can come out. ;-)

Comment Fidel - The little bully sidekick (Score 1, Insightful) 279

You can say anything about Fidel, but he was a tough guy. Cuba resisted bravely ...

Fidel was the little bully sidekick talking sh*t, sucking up to, the real tough bully, the Soviets. He was a useful idiot, nothing more. Once the Cuban people are allowed a voice he will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Comment Khrushchev thought Fidel insane (Score 1) 279

Khrushchev would agree with you. If he or his dream were still alive.

And Khrushchev was the sane one of the two. Part of the reason he withdrew missiles from Cuba was that he thought Fidel was f'n crazy, willing to let Cuba suffer nuclear strikes if it would advance global communism.

Comment Reagan didn't need guns to people's heads (Score 1) 279

Cuba is still communist while tricle down economics has been discredited. People die . Its if their ideas live on is what matters.

Fidel's ideas only live on under the gun's of his government. Reagan didn't need to hold guns to people's heads. When the Cuban government's guns are put aside we'll learn the people's true opinion of Fidel.

Comment Re:"Historic thaw"? (Score 1) 279

Freedom worked so well in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria...

Cubans have a western culture more compatible with democracy, like the other peoples of the region. You cite countries where the people often have a greater loyalty to local tribes.

Comment Re:Goes conservative on gun control (Score 1) 385

One of the few things the liberals get correct is that one should not leave them laying around loaded. They should be stored safely under lock and key. Once locked up the children are safe.

That then demolishes the argument that they are required for self protection against burglars.

No, there are lock boxes that can be open rather quickly and in the dark.

Comment Re:And yet it leans conservative sometimes ... (Score 1) 385

In this case the conservative side is more fact based and less appealing to emotion and placebo "solutions".

that is itself a biased and not factually accurate statement.

"Assault weapon" and "high capacity magazine" bans are placebos, they make some feel better but do little to nothing to enhance safety. "Normal" semi-auto rifles and pistols are as deadly or more deadly. Low capacity magazines would not have been exhausted in most criminal attacks, plus they can be exchanged so quickly there really is no additional opportunity for flight or defense.

Short of banning nearly all firearms, including many hunting and target shooting rifles "banners" claim they are not after, there will be no effective bans.

Where "reformers" are correct are in areas of background checks, safety instruction and safe storage. Things that many firearms owners already support.

Comment Re:Goes conservative on gun control (Score 1) 385

To be honest, I've never managed to figure out what the facts on gun control really are. I do know there are an unusually large number of idiots on both sides of the debate, such as "ban scary-looking guns" or "we can overthrow the government".

In short there is denial that nearly all problems can be solved by keeping firearms and ammunition locked up, and by having owners receive even modest safety training for when the preceding are not locked up. Plus of course some screening of owners for mental deficiency and criminal behavior.

When delving into the common placebo solutions involving "assault weapons" and "high capacity magazine" bans. The proponents are ignorant of the cosmetic and ineffective nature of such bans.

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