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Comment Hire American Heck, There is rampant H1B fraud (Score 5, Insightful) 834

Stop the fraud. These companies are firing Americans and replacing them with H1B individuals. And saying we can't find Americans with the skills! If the Americans they are firing don't have the skills, how could they be asked to train their replacements.

And if their replacements had the skills, why would they need training!

I have never been trained by an individual I was replacing ;) I was just dropped in the fire.

Comment Great Idea and I live in MN (Score 5, Interesting) 225

i have a 1999 Ford Expedition, great truck for the 2-3k I drive it a year. Had a cracked windshield replaced which leaked (they fixed it) but it got my Gem Module(General Electronics Module) and fuse box wet. Darn truck, kept draining the battery, most of the electric stuff did not work, no lights, flashers, turn signals, dash indicators, windows ;) lol, !. Got it to the dealer. They said my GEM Module was bad, and they would order one.

It would be 700.00 dollars up front and they had no idea when it would arrive. In fact they had one customer that has been waiting 7 months.

OK so I talk about getting one from the junk yard. But!!!! it needs to be programmed with the exact options my truck has and only Ford can do that and that is 500.00

I went home and just charged the battery everytime I wanted to drive the truck. And over time things dried out. All is good now.

I have been gathering every scrap of info so I can build a jig and write a program to dump the firmware from my electronic modules on my truck, since I am keeping it forever ;)

Comment The Election and the Foundation Trilogy (Score 4, Insightful) 1069

When I think about this election. I can not help but think of Issac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy.. And the various eras of leadership and government the foundation went through.

Maybe we are transitioning from the era of the modern profession elite career politician (which I think may have started with Kennedy). And now it has ended with poor corrupt incompetent status quo leadership. Ending with presidents, Clinton, Bush and Obama. They were not bad presidents, they just were not very good at the job.
To the new era of Corporate Business Tycoons (no elite political background). But (I hope) strong leadership and competence. Maybe the next 50 years will be a succession of Business Tycoons from both political parties. And in 50+ years Business Tycoons will be the corrupt incompetent status quo. And something new will arise.

But that will be for future generations ;)

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 4, Insightful) 1069

I saw something (could be wrong) that said most of her popular votes excess came from 3 precincts in CA.

I think she lost 200 counties/precincts? that President Obama won twice in fly over country.
Maybe if she connected better with everyday middle class voters and those votes were spread out. She would be taking office Jan 20th.

Comment Idiot (Score 1) 351

This person should not be in government at any level or have any power anywhere!. This individual is an idiot!
Mandatory, manufacturer installed content filters ;) Yea like this will work, NOT! ;)

One does wonder what politicians and government bureaucrats would do! Since they are the ONLY ones who would be to stupid to know how to bypass things ;)
mmmm Maybe actually do something constructive for a change ;) duh! Fat chance of that ;)

Nope they would sponsor bring your kid to work day and have them remove it ;) lol

Comment My 2 Cents (Score 2) 303

I have been a self employed work for hire software developer/troubleshooter for 27+ years. So have a lot of experience with work areas.

Choice 1, for servers would be lease virtual servers, Where ever it works for you.

Choice 2, if want full control of physical servers, rent a half rack secure space in an established data center that has full power backup, fire control and 24/7 access control security.

Choice 3, rent commercial space at least 2 rooms, one office, one servers and storage.

For access control setup full VPN access for work and management. And only open public ports where needed./wanted.

Do your server stuff using option 1, 2 or 3, I use all 3 options and have never had issues, Don't try to duplicate what they do much better than you ever could do. And the comments about not working where your servers are except when needed IS very valid. They are warm and noisy ;) I know when I go to the secure data center. I wear a t-shirt and take headphones for ear protection ;)
I also have an office (2 miles from my home), 2 rooms (one for my office, one for some servers) with a door between and I still work in my home office most of the time ;)

Then make a really nice office work space in your home. And it must be isolated. Dump laptops and go with a nice workstation. Multiple monitors, etc. if you do go with a laptop, get one capable of having a nice docking station, that can support multiple monitors real keyboard, mouse etc. I do have several laptops I use for onsite stuff based on the needs.

I know it really does not address your question. But in my experience your option is not one I would entertain. Because in the past I have tried it. I did everything in my home, various rooms, before I got married ;) Thankfully marriage forced some great for me ;) changes ;)

Comment Coomy is no idiot (Score 0) 733

He sees the writing on the wall. Once Hillary is President Congress does not matter anymore. She will rule by executive order from the White House. Coomy is trying to save his ass and make sure he does not end up in prison. He is a corrupt deluded idiot because there is no way he can save him self.

Because on Jan 20th 2017 the corrupt criminal Clinton cabal will be running America.

Comment This legal action is a waste, (Score 1) 296

For good or bad this will happen. The most direct effect I see is monetary. ICANN can now set their share of the revenue from each domain name with complete freedom. It is now 0.17 cents, I think!! I see that increasing "A LOT" in the future..
The other thing will be attempted global laws and regulations placed upon all internet users (crypto?, etc) to satisfy governments. After all every government whats to read "ALL" the communications in order to protect their people.

Whether these will be good or bad who knows. Only time will tell.

But it is going to be interesting ;) As said elsewhere if problems come up the internet will try to re route ;)

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