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Comment Re:So the next botnet will be Audi cars (Score 1) 48

My biggest concern is...

How do you turn this car-to-anything-external comunication the fuck OFF?!?!?

Geez, I mean, I don't want this crap on my car, to aid in tracking etc.

Hell, its difficult enough to disable OnStar or any other myriad of car to base communications as it is....this sounds like even more potentially intrusive software/hardware reporting to authorities on the road.

Hell...I guess I am going to just stick to in the future...70's muscle cars, and other older 'fun' cars to ride in, without all this crap.

Hell, I'd pay EXTRA on a new car to get it without all this external to car communication.

Comment Re:Almost never go... (Score 1) 235

No uncomfortable squished together seats

The stupid seats aren't even good for going to the movies with a date. They're squished together, so you're uncomfortably close to some stranger that happens to sit next to you (assuming the theater is moderately full), but there's an uncomfortable armrest in the way which can't be lifted out of the way, so you can't snuggle with your girlfriend either.

Much better to just watch the movie at home on your sectional sofa. Then you can sit as near or far from your companion(s) as you want. You can probably even lie down together on the recliner (it helps if you're both thin here...).

Comment Re:Isn't this what caused the Note7 disaster? (Score 1) 98

Your response is stupid. No, this stuff has never happened before, that I can readily recall. All your examples are cases where an older technology was replaced by a clearly superior technology. This simply isn't the case here. The 3.5mm headphone jack is the superior technology. Bluetooth is inferior; its only advantage is eliminating a wire, but the downside is poor audio quality as well as radio interference problems. USBc headphones are not a proper replacement because they prevent charging, and also they simply aren't enough of a technical improvement to justify the cost. In fact, the connectors are likely inferior; 3.5mm connectors are simple, easy to plug in since they're round, and extremely rugged compared to today's ultra-delicate connectors. There's simply no good reason to abandon it at this point. Manufacturers are only dumping it because they're cheap and lazy, and one of them wants to sell all their customers brand-new headphones.

There *is* something inherently wrong with a workaround when the problem was never necessary in the first place. No one asked these companies to abandon the 3.5mm jack. The solution is simple: don't buy their shitty products.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 235

There was nothing whiny about his "excuses". It's his money and time, and his prerogative how to spend them. If the movie companies want his business, they'll make their product available in a format he prefers (and which many people these days prefer, considering how popular streaming video is these days, as evidenced by Netflix's instant play offerings, Hulu, Amazon video, etc.). If they can't be bothered to do that, then he was every right to call them morons and spend his time and money elsewhere.

It's really no different than a company which offers me information and the ability to order their products on a website, versus a company which has no website and insists that I use a fax machine to communicate with them. Guess which one won't be getting my business. But I will make fun of them whenever I have the chance.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 2) 105

1) money will come back into the US and help our economy

It's unproven that money being shifted from an overseas bank to a US bank will "help the economy".

In fact, if it comes back and ends up in the hands of a few or used for one company to buy another it could very well hurt our economy.

Further, it's not "the economy" that needs help. It's people. And for the past 35 years, there's been little proof that helping the former necessarily helps the latter.

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 1) 235

Timing and location makes all the difference. I've had terrible experiences, and nice ones. The nice ones were like when I saw "The Martian" last year: we went when the movie had already been out a while (it was probably just about done with its run at that theater, not sure), and we went I believe on a weekday night, so there was almost no one at all in the whole place. I think there were two other patrons watching The Martian with us in that theater. When you can catch a movie like that, it's a pretty nice experience. Of course, if you have a nice giant-screen TV and your own home theater room, I'm not sure what the theater offers that beats this.

I've also gone to a few movies at a dinner theater in the city I used to live in, and that was pretty nice. No noisy teenagers or inappropriately young children in theaters like that (they serve alcohol, so they're probably not allowed in, plus it's not the environment they'd like).

But any rather recent movie, in a non-dinner theater, at a time when there's likely to be a lot of people (esp. young people), is probably going to be a miserable experience. It's really a lot easier to just avoid it altogether instead of trying to game the system to figure out when the optimum time to view the movie is.

Also, having trouble with uncivil patrons once a year is too much: I probably don't even watch 12 movies a year, so that's a high probability of a bad experience. And all it takes is one bad experience to make me think thrice about bothering with a theater. I had a bad experience back in 2007 watching JJ's "Star Trek" and my movie-viewing (in-theater) went way down after that.

But again, timing and location make all the difference, plus how recent the movie is. Some localities have very, very different patrons than other localities, the mix of people changes drastically depending on the time (matinee vs. evening, weekday vs. weekend), and the mix of people changes based on the movie itself and how old it is (e.g. first week of a Star Wars movie vs. 5th week of some chick flick or boring adult drama).

Finally, there's some things that are universal. For instance, everyone needs to use the restroom at some point, and movies never have intermissions (in American movies at least). So people who urinate a little more often are going to be unhappy no matter what with a theater, whereas watching at home doesn't come with this problem because of something called a "pause button".

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 2) 235

I would rather go to a theatre and watch it on the big screen. Watching a movie, in my opinion, isn't just about watching the movie. It's the experience, something I feel I wouldn't be able to replicate on my smartphone or TV at home.

So you actually like having people kick the back of your seat, listen to them talk/text on the phone or talk to their companion, listen to kids talk and scream during an adult movie, and only have access to shitty drinks and snacks at absurd prices?

That's an "experience" I can do without.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 235

You sound like a complete asshole. WhyTF should anyone hang onto ancient and obsolete technologies just to accommodate the media companies? I for one have plenty of other things to do with my time than worry about hanging onto things like BluRay players or fax machines just because some stupid company refuses to give them up. TechyImmigrant isn't missing out on anything anyway; Hollywood's latest stuff is all garbage, and I'm sure he's perfectly happy spending his time watching stuff that's available in streaming format.

Comment I'm kind of surprised they don't do more tie-ins. (Score 1) 235

I'm not talking advertising tie-ins, but why not do additional story lines available for streaming purchase? Especially in those big ensemble superhero movies that are always so narratively cluttered because they have to give you a thin slice of so many characters.

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