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Comment Why is he doing it the HARD way? (Score 1) 55

A team just to prepare photos and tidbits and press sound bytes?

He could have just taken a tip from a near-famous celebrity:

Hire a stunt double.

Walk and talk like him, dress like him, pose in family photos, take exotic trips, kiss the current arm accessory, prep bogus "leaked" sex tapes, deny everything, watch stock value rise, etc.

Comment Re:By commenting, I'm part of the problem (Score 1) 123

vaguest lying marketing bastard sense

This item was regurgitated by a bot, as a matter of fact, and the fact that you suspected a lying marketurd means our work needs a bit of polish, so wait for RC 1.01 to hit alpha.

Not to worry, though it will still need input/posts from us carbon units long before we even think about 2-point-oh.

So, no, you're NOT part of the problem.


Comment It is time for some TOUGH questions (Score 1) 215

1. Would the suspect be a good example or a bad example, of a social media user who simply wants to make the most of his so-called social skills in a very social-centric online world?
2. If it's a fake porn agency, would this item be considered as fake news, and Slashdot a fake news source for nerds?
3. Would a real porn agency be equally newsworthy?
Man hires 17-25 yo women for pr0n!

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