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Comment What does this mean for the newbie open sourcerer (Score 2, Insightful) 118

Say you're a millenial and actually use this github hoping to meet geekchix or fellow Big BangTheory fans or whatever.

In which group are you,
1) the embrace group
2) the extend group, or
3) the extinguish group?

Or did you sign up to be the Bad Example github user guy, always presented in front of the day's training session, to hang his head in shame and remorse, writing I will stop being a bad example 1000 times on the chalkboard somewhere in Redmond?

Comment Why Siri and not Watson? (Score 1) 400

Some idiot thinks Siri has anything remotely to do with the technology in self driving cars

All this time, it's Siri this, and Siri that, and she was effectively mis-directing us... ...when quietly, without much fanfare, in walks Siri's gun-toting, beer guzzling, spawn of Satan,Siri's jealous ax-and-batleth-wielding ex-boyfriend Bender!

He will take the rest of us out, only so that the 6%

Comment The conversation (in detail) (Score 3, Funny) 305

hey, so what happened to Fred again?

He tried that thing, you know, crawled out of the water to see if we could escape our aquatic existence.

WTF! To live with them??

Quit looking their way! Talk about something else! Uh, yeah, them tunas is great...er, mackerels, I mean...why are they still staring at us

Comment I am a fan (Score 1) 204

because I grew up watching it, and bought the anthology done by James Blish so I had every episode almost etched in memory banks. I bought the making of star trek, from Roddenberry himself, who explained how thorough they were about the ship, even down to how laundry was supposed to be done on the ship: the washing machine or whatever it was, would beam the clothes to the dryer, without the dirt. And yes, he even described how salt and pepper shakers would work in the future.

Comment Not science news but entertainment (Score 1) 282

It finally happened, today, here, on my immortal beloved Slashdot.

The day has finally arrived. No, not the Singularity, even.

We have even named it. So, all we have to do is wait for the inevitable--when the headlines blurt out the ominous things we have watched only on films like Independence Day

The Kardashians are coming!!

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