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Comment Why wasn't MY spin selected for headline (Score 1) 258

Chicago has reason to rejoice, as it was found that by trimming the red light duration from 1.7 to 1.3 seconds it will lose only 17 million and not $29M as originally estimated.

Camera shutters will not be altered in any way, saving even more of the city's budget on any unnecessary upgrades.

Comment Go lightweight (Score 2) 128

My DELL latitude E6440 had Windows 7 for a few hours, but bodhi Linux 4.1.0 has been its main resident ever since. Bought for $129 or available for $99 if you look hard enough; I used to be Thinkpad exclusively. E6440 is not bad but XPS13 is still in my crosshairs because I do prefer Tracpoints and discrete graphics.

Comment no media campaign nor massive advertising (Score 1) 73

That was the decision of , no not the CEO, but the Prime Minister of North Korea. The resulting headline Kim Jong Un shoots down Samsung's plans was definitely more agreeable and PR friendly compared to Samsung comes up with a Big Bang which was perceived to be taken literally by the smart phone crowd, which turned out be be smarter than average after all.

Comment Studies Show Testosterone *declassified* (Score 2) 138

The studies were conducted by military doctors in a MASH unit, but it was more than just lining up field personnel to give them so-called malaria vaccine or STD protection (penis-sealin' as the privates continued testing their privates on the unsuspectin' infectin' whores)

The Rolling Stones were visiting, and one of the surgeons concocted this scheme just to get a private performance of Mick and the band in the MASH unit "to lift the morale" of the wounded.

The Stones were knocked unconscious and the testosterone shots were administered, with their consent and the patients being witnesses. The Stones were going to go public with these unofficial tests. Unfortunately Altamonte happened, and the rest is history. When they tried revealing the test results, it was drowned out by the media wildfire from Hells Angels at Altamonte.

You can make this shit up.

Comment That is only HALF a discovery (Score 1) 143

The other half should be more of a concern.

New Zealand has long been using this submerged landmass to conceal an impressive stockpile of 20 megaton nuclear missiles.

At this point, experienced journalists should ask:
a. Where are those missiles aimed?
b. Who has access to the button that launches these missiles?
c. How many warheads are in that stockpile?
d. How big is this submerged landmass? (How long have you known, etc)

At that point, I guess none of this stuff matters. But fault all the Slashdot eds till the cows come home, but when it comes to stuff thast matters they absolutely nailed this one.

Comment I stand alone (Score 1) 21

The rest of the world can go buy these things, allowing these so-called "content creators" make more clips to make you even want to buy MORE of their stuff, or their shiny accessories, or their gizmos.

I'll just take the single serving, thankyouverymuch. Because Mr. anti-social here is NOT the contents of his wallet, nor his khakis.

Comment Re:Why do people not understand (Score 1) 55

I was about to get me knickers all bunched up over this, and similar issues, until I read a former editor (the great Rob Malda himself) state what pretty much summed up the utter lack of editorship in Slashdot. It's in the FAQ linked down there at the bottom; I find it relatable to suspension of disbelief. At the moment though, we're the junk fighters, holding out our hand to try and stop the assault, with the hyphens and dashes suspended in mid-air

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