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Comment Nearly 1000 users? "NEARLY"?? (Score 1) 553

They could have left a voice mail message, at least I think I can get to my voice mail mailbox, before "thinning out" my blood to the brain.

What if the last three were enough to affect the results? I'm not saying that one like me could affect the outcome; I'm just sayin'

Well, I happen to think that studies like these involving recreational uses of substances are just as important as those demonstrating ill effects of habitual use.

Submission + - the bezel-less phone from China

Provocateur writes: Put your $2000+ Porsche Design Blackberry or your gold iphone aside, the future of the phone is a work of art courtesy of French designer Philippe Starck. Xiaomi and its new MiMix is a very bold design step, and this clip shows one in actual use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment Re:This stuff drives me nuts (Score 1) 166

They're not arrogant asshats. Simply put, these guys are the SNL tech rejects. They go around, snickering, somebody doesn't know the Master Password, before breaking out into song, until our chief protagonist, the Trinity wannabe/lookalike hacks into the file and sees the password in plain text.

The project's been forked; Good news, everyone!

Comment Re:Explosive news (Score 1) 159

The headphones to the rescue! Before impact, the headphone saves my phone from that shattering blow. SAMSUNG (With headphone jacks, not bluetooth-my-arse) FTW.

The cable is just long enough to about ankle height, so this phone-saving job is a caveat that has proven more effective than the toughest glass or case you can think of.

Comment Re:As an older programmer... (Score 1) 435

Have you even tried to imagine what those discussions would be like?

"Oh, yeah. This one, I think, is starting to get like, personal."

"No, he has a point. He just came on too strong, to the point of being obnoxious. He strikes me as quite abrasive, had he not brought on his argument about the derivative."

"What were we talking about? Who, the toxic boss, or his underling who logs in anonymously, not knowing that that's his boss."

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