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Comment Holy living fuck (Score 1) 736

I'm going to get rated down for this but fuck it. What the fuck is up with this site? Who thought THIS would be a good question to ask? Isn't it blindingly obvious that progress bars lie because in almost all cases the task at hand cannot be accurately measured? Could the submitter not have googled this? It's stories like this one that make me not want to know what other humans are doing with their lives. Better to just pretend they're not completely fucking brain dead.

Comment Re:I don't recall noticing this... (Score 1) 134

Almost all my friends left due to class homogenization and the general compression / "dumbing down" of stuff to do. I personally began to doubt the direction of the game when they added recuperate to the Rogue skill tree - they needed a way to stop Rogues from going down in fights that didn't involve lots of escape skills (because those would be 'un-fun' to their enemies) so what did they do? They added a blanket x% heal every couple of seconds. Bloody terrible. I didn't even get to 85 in Cata. In my opinion they had class balance pretty much perfect in the final patch right before Burning Crusade, then we saw how broken class stats became passed 60 (e.g. MASSSSIVE health ramp up) and they've been literally chasing that problem ever since.

Comment Re:Then why didn't that happen with notebooks? (Score 1) 150

The first part there chimes with my point - exporting your slides from PowerPoint to html would give you the worst of both worlds. I once tried exporting some notes to html and PowerPoint made a complete mess of them and didn't even use the entirety of the horizontal screen space. The notes didn't even require images, it was just some text. Ouch.

Comment Re:Then why didn't that happen with notebooks? (Score 1) 150

What relevance does exporting from PowerPoint to html have with what I have said? The argument is producing your presentation in html vs producing it in PowerPoint. If you exported your slides to html you would satisfy neither my argument that PowerPoint is a more efficient and exact method of creating presentations, nor the GP's argument that you ought to build your slides in html and avoid design atrocities committed by typical PowerPoint presentations.

Comment Re:Then why didn't that happen with notebooks? (Score 2) 150

Sure you do, it's another way of conveying information. For instance, how many people would rather see a map as plain text vs an image of the map itself? What about a graph plotting statistics that show progression? Maybe you want to show a screenshot or photograph of something significant, again text won't do. There are plenty of frivolous things that images aren't required for, like clipart to "pretty" (ha) up a presentation, but the reverse is also true.

Comment Re:Then why didn't that happen with notebooks? (Score 1) 150

"The issue you have with HTML versus powerpoint means you're doing it wrong in the first place, not that HTML is the issue."

I take exception to this, you see I believe in making something clean, simple and *precise*. If I have an image being rendered somewhere, I want it to render there and ONLY there, and I want it to be precisely positioned.

Perhaps you don't care about the layout of your work, but I do. And just because I do, doesn't mean that I spend more time on the look of a presentation than on its content. In fact, I'd rather NOT spend forever and a day making sure my presentation looks right, which is exactly why I'd choose PowerPoint over making a website, because I don't HAVE to test it at different resolutions on different browsers to make sure it'll function correctly, I can design it once and be done with it! I'm not arguing that PowerPoint isn't capable of funnelling the user into some God awful design choices regarding their presentation layout and its information, but it sure as shit is faster at creating something visually accurate than building a site in html5. That is, unless you want to do something beyond the (admittedly strict) limits of PowerPoint such as complex animation. But then you'd be spending more time on the visual look than on the content itself, which you seem to be against.

Comment Re:Then why didn't that happen with notebooks? (Score 1) 150

Being worried about the exact spot a graphic is in means you give two shits about how your presentation looks. It's a presentation, so like, visuals are sort of key. Who can stand to look at a PRESENTATION that has graphics all offset by a couple of pixels and nasty borders showing through. I suppose if you have no fucking clue of how to visually convey an idea then having your graphics appear differently depending upon the browser you're running won't make you neurotic with rage. PowerPoint isn't exactly exceptional at letting the designer loose with their ideas, but for God's sake it's faster and more accurate than plopping together a nasty web-site that won't even look right half the time, especially if you're showing it on a projector with a different aspect ratio to what the site was designed in.

Comment Re:Attention whore talks economies of scale 101! (Score 2, Insightful) 325

Your parents may not understand how to use that technology, but they understand its implications as they saw the world change as it became widely used. Children and teenagers growing up around this stuff though that just take it for granted? They don't have a fucking clue.

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