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Comment Re:Banish cars from the city center (Score 1) 145


I have found some of the worst traffic congestion in European cities, and have found the public transport systems generally rather poor for anything other than either local or intercity transport (ie: almost completely ignoring medium distance needs).
Of course I assume YOU live in a central apartment, work not far from there, and work in a job where you dont have to move much around, right? is that pretty much it? No one else should live differently to YOU?

Well, I live on outside one side of a city which happens to form a geographical block (the city is at a choke point, unless you like boats), most of the work is on the other side of the city (great urban planning, and the council is actually working to make that WORSE by restricting residential and commercial mixing). From one side of the city to the other is around 90km, and buses (the only public transport that travels through) run regularly, every 2 HOURS from my area.

Care to handwave your way to a solution there, genius?

Comment Re:Without their needed displays Pebble was doomed (Score 4, Informative) 174

The problem here is that it's very hard to build a technological product without depending on a single source supplier somewhere. Just look at any smartphone: they all have at least semi-custom CPUs; you can't just drop in a different one, even if they are all ARM-based. Usually all the other complex chips are the same. You can design a new product (or maybe a new version that mostly looks and works the same from the user's perspective) with an alternate part, in many cases, but that's a more serious undertaking.

Unfortunately for Pebble, it sounds like their product design was based on a type of display (e-ink) that just isn't all that widely used, especially now that e-books seem to have abandoned them. You can't make a smart-watch with a backlit LCD that runs for over a week without recharging; this is simply against the laws of physics, so e-ink was the obvious choice to make a product like this. I don't see how they really could have done anything different in regards to their screen supply choice.

Comment Re:No Fitbit then (Score 1) 174

The problem is that your statement about there being no company acquisition is plainly contradicted by the actual article title!!! Look here:
"Pebble Gets Acquired By Fitbit - Ends Production and Ceases Support Of Its Existing Lineup of Smartwatches" (emphasis mine)

Then, in the first line of the fucking summary, it again says that Pebble is being acquired: "In a notice to Kickstarter backers, pebble has stated that -- following the acquisition by Fitbit (official now) -- ..."

It's only at the very end of TFS that our stupid editors finally point out that the article's title is a blatant LIE!

If you want to bitch at someone, bitch at the stupid editors on this site who can't even post an article title and summary that don't contradict themselves.

Comment Re:Pump 'n Dump (Score 2) 230

If anyone invests their money based upon stories like this, they deserve what they get.

Well, there's little evidence Trump is into austerity, he has a better Congressional chance of passing an infrastructure bill than Obama did, and both GOP and Trump like a really large military.

All investments are guesses, and even not investing is typically based on guesses of events or lack of. Therefore, it makes sense to see where the stars are aligned and aim your boat that way.

(I myself am investing in pussy guards.)

Comment Middle hollowed out, just like everywhere (Score 3, Interesting) 204

Technology and globalization have "cheapened the middle" of almost every industry. Get used to it.

The most popular performers will do well, and even get bigger access to global markets, but the middle-ground is being hollowed out because the Internet gives consumers more choice and more access to old-but-good material. And, many amateurs give out works for free either to promote them or because money is not their goal. This gives for-profit performers competition who work for peanuts.

Concert, venue, wedding, and bar performances are probably the best source of music wages, not recordings.

The rich get richer, the rest stagnate. Welcome to the club!

Comment Re: The same PR talk crap that everyone else does. (Score 1) 180

There's plenty of people that live in the "real world" and make a fine living working on Linux software and not using MS-ware at all.

If you think you need to compromise that way to "make a living", that's the bargain you've chosen, and you get to suffer the consequences accordingly. Don't complain when things go badly for you, because I for one don't give a shit, and laugh at your suffering. You've chosen this path for yourself. Sure, you by yourself insisting your software vendor make a non-Windows version may not get far, but because *all* their customers are spineless sheep just like you, and don't even bother trying, you're all in the situation you find yourself in now, so you all get the fate you deserve.

Comment Re:waterproof SD cards (Score 1) 317

Well to be fair he wasn't specific, and was replying to my comment which mentioned both SDcard slots and removable batteries. He's probably thinking that making a phone waterproof somehow makes it impossible to have a removable battery; he may or may not have even been thinking of the SDcard slot. Of course, as I pointed out with my 3-year-old S5, it's entirely feasible to have a waterproof phone that has a removable battery. It's not even hard; the back cover on my phone comes off with a fingernail, and has an internal seal protecting the battery compartment (and SDcard slot too, and the SIM slot as well).

The idea that having a phone be waterproof makes it impossible (or infeasible) to have *any* of these features is plainly contradicted by phones that have been on the market for years.

Comment Re:#1TermDonald (Score 1) 508

Your comment makes no sense at all. Why would it set an "ugly precedent"? Why do you think the Electoral College system even exists? If the Founders wanted the voters' will to be followed without question, they wouldn't have come up with the Electoral College at all, they would have just had a popular vote. Instead, they wanted to give more power to smaller states, and to remove the ability of the people to directly choose the President, so they invented the EC system.

If the Electors choose someone else for President, because they think the voters' choice is harmful for the nation, they'll be doing exactly what the Founders intended.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 508

Oh please. You're probably right that she wouldn't put a goldman sachs billionaire with zero government experience in as head of the treasury, but not installing a GS alum, I don't buy it. She was good buddies with GS people, and Warren and Sanders had zero pull over Hillary. There's no limit to her tone-deafness; that's why she picked Kaine as VP, she hired DWS right after she resigned after being shown by WikiLeaks to have helped rig things in the DNC against Sanders, and she told Sanders supporters that she didn't need them. Picking a GS alum as her strategist (or some other position) would have been perfectly in-line with her tone-deaf actions.

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