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Comment Re:In Seattle... (Score 1) 201

You would think Seattle, WA (home of Microsoft, etc) would have a virtual cornucopia (sp) of broadband options??

Microsoft isn't in Seattle, it's in Redmond. Seattle might as well be Forks as far as MS is concerned.

From what I've read about the situation, it's only Seattle that has such horrible internet service. All the other cities there are fine: Redmond, Tacoma, etc.

Comment Re:Less Space than a Nomad. (Score 2) 256

Most people bitch about their cell phone battery life but that hasn't led to Apple doing anything but making their phones thinner and their batteries smaller.

Well WTF do they expect? If they bitch and complain, and then run out and pay top dollar anyway for a device they bitch and complain about, why would the vendor bother listening to their complaints?

Comment Re:2016 marks the end of Apple brand loyalty (Score 1) 256

It's the support for commercial applications people actually want to use, without having to compromise with shitty FOSS alternatives. Linux is a pain in the ass in that regard.

I've been running Linux for a bunch of years now and I'm content with the FOSS stuff. I buy Windows games on the Steam store sometimes, and I can imagine someone really needing an audio workstation or a video editor or something. But the basics (email, web, watching videos, word processor, spreadsheet, etc) are all solid.

That said I am willing to pay money for Linux software, if anyone would bother to sell any. I bought the legal video codecs pack and the DVD player from Fluendo and I'd buy a video editor or whatever.

Comment Re:I hope Apple knows (Score 1, Insightful) 107


Any new computer hardware on the market these days is plenty powerful enough to handle anything a typical user might ever want to do.

That means that unless you're a power user (or video game or VR enthusiast), there's going to be very little difference between your experiences using a modern low-end vs a modern high-end system; either one will work just fine for you.

So the remaining criterion (other than purchase price) is the quality of the user-experience -- i.e. how much of your time at the computer is spent getting accomplished the things you want to accomplish, and how much is spent dealing with computer problems?

Minimizing the latter is what Mac users are willing to pay extra for.

Comment Re:Buzzword du jour (Score 1) 106

The power and sophistication of say pattern matching can span a wide continuous range. For the high-end techniques, most are okay with calling them "AI". The medium and low end will invite more debate.

That marketers throw around "AI" a bit much, I agree. Whether its a misuse for this particular gizmo depends on how its done and how well its done.

Comment Re:Low end? (Score 2) 107

I swear to god Apple is like a "stupid" tax.

Not exactly. Taxes are involuntary: you're required to pay them whether you want to or not. No one is forcing anyone to buy an Apple. People do this entirely willingly, just like they happily and willingly buy or pay for things like cable TV (including premium sports channels), church tithes, horrifically expensive handbags or designer clothes like from Coach or Gucci, Jeeps, or Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Comment Re:2016 marks the end of Apple brand loyalty (Score 1) 256

I agree the new macbooks seem overpriced, but what's the alternative?

For me: Linux on decent hardware. All my desktop computers are AMD (for the price/performance and because I hate Intel) but I do have a ThinkPad notebook. Good keyboard, good touchpad, good screen, docking station, it's all-around good.

Linux hasn't been difficult to install for years now. In fact, if you have the technical skills to install Windows, you can install Linux, and you are likely to have an easier time. The exception would be wacky brand-new hardware; trying to cope with Linux kernel drivers is still a pain. But for my ThinkPad, everything Just Works with Linux, no special effort needed. Just boot from the installer USB flash drive and oh hey, you are in a GUI desktop with wifi and network and audio and graphics all working.

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