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Comment Re:No need for backdoors (Score 3, Insightful) 199

Of course the problem there was not lack of always-on monitoring of everyone in the off chance the police nothing something.
The problem was not encryption of private information.

The problem was leftist control of a council where them hamstrung themselves so tightly that they were ignoring child rape
cases in case they offended a minority group, some of whom were actively raping children..
And yet not one single one of those in positions of power who let this continue to happen are in prison, nor ever likely will be.
Because, you know, they are 'sorry', for allowing children to keep being violently raped.

But no, what we need is more cameras, less privacy, more government control - who cares what they DO with it.

Comment Re:Let's see if I have this right (Score 2) 489

Ideally, the moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans would get together and come up with something

The ACA is already based on moderate ideas. It's mostly based on a Heritage Foundation paper, a right-wing think-tank. The far left wanted single payer (similar to what other industrialized countries have).

It just needs some tuning due to mistakes and GOP budget bullet holes. Let's hope moderates can do that much.

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