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Submission + - IP Question for you legal gurus out there

cshark writes: A friend of mine was teaching me about the principle of abandoned property. In his example, he stated that (in most states) garbage when thrown away falls under this principle. In theory, he stated, anyone could legally go into your garbage can and take whatever they like with no fear of legal reprisal.

I'm not really sure if that's an urban myth, as my brother was arrested in Colorado for dumpster diving. It seems to me that regular property (assuming the above paragraph is true) can be regulated by the state, as New York (for example, I don't actually know this) may have no rule against it, while it is a priority in Colorado.

So that got me thinking...
If it is possible to consider regular property abandoned and free to the public, can the same principle be applied to digital property? Theoretical example: a software company puts out a small program or utility, it doesn't sell, and they stop selling it. Could one legally distribute the software? It's been abandoned, discarded the same way regular property would be.

Or, say someone reserves a domain name, puts up a web site, does not register a copyright formally, but notes the copyright for the content of the domain as property of the domain name itself. If they allow the domain to expire (without trademarking it), and I reserve that domain name... do I then have the right to use the original content of that domain name?

Is there any precedent for this that I can read up on?
Just curious.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Ah ha...

cshark writes: Back to square one.
Need to research linux distros later, or else I'll be downloading crap for weeks.

Figured out how to solve the networking problem.
Free BSD will compile and run (sort of). It will run well enough to get to the point where I can download new sources.

Now, let's see how long it takes to get it right!
heh heh.

More to come.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - ARGH!

cshark writes: I toasted my Windows instalation recently. Don't really know how it happened this time. Network analysis indicates a script kitty, but no way to be sure.

So I figured this would be a great opportunity to give PC-BSD another shot. Heard the new version has better hardware support, and I'm running a much less esoteric setup this time. Just one thought. Why the hell aren't the kernel sources included in the base install?!

Here's my thinking.
I live in an older house with two phone jacks and cable wiring on the first floor only. So my options for connectivity are limited. Luckily, there's a DSL boosting station two blocks from the house, so DSL gets decent speed around here. I run my connection through a Linksys router, which would work under PC-BSD with Project Evil (which happens to be built in) and porting the driver. Sounds good, works extremely well. Driver make file gets set up, but in order to install it, I need to re-compile ther Kernel.

There doesn't seem to be link to the kernel sources anywhere. When I tried the PC-BSD message boards, the best anyone could tell me was "Click the refresh sources" button under settings, and download them from the web. Argh!

If I could download them from the Web in the first place, I wouldn't need to download the sources to begin with.

The Free BSD and Net BSD sources are available for download, but they're just different enough to break PC-BSD if I tried to use them to re-compile the Kernel.

So now I'm going through the liteny of live CD's, looking for something compatible.
First Ubuntu (dapper version), serious driver problems, Gnome only, I seem to need KDE for Wireless support.

Knoppix still won't boot.

Morphix and Phase both cause my Trinitron screen to do very bad things.
Freespire hangs and won't do much of anything.
Debian mirrors won't seem to complete a download.

On to Slax live CD.
The kill bill edition looks promosing.

I'll keep you posted.

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