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Submission + - Web store requires immigration documents to buy a 3

PineGreen writes: Recently I was trying to buy a laptop from a company that had good reviews online and the best price on the particular laptop I tried to buy. For some reason, my credit card did not process cleanly and hence I was asked to send them a scan of the credit card and my driver license. My driver license is still valid, but contains a note about the expiry date of my immigration status in the USA (which has since been renewed but the license does not show that). Even thought the driver license is acceptable for the TSA folk, the company is asking me to show them my immigration papers in order to buy a laptop. I find this somewhat infuriating. What can I do, besides reporting them to the BBB?

Submission + - Sony develops technology to hack your hand (newscientist.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A device created by the Univeristy of Tokyo and Sony Laboratories called PossessedHand allows researchers to control a subject's hand via electrical stimulation. While currently being used to teach students to play the koto, a Japanese traditional stringed instruments, just imagine the possibilities! Twilight Zone anyone?

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