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Comment Re:Sinking ship (Score 1) 97

Nobody is going to hire you if you go around doing it too often, so I doubt you'd get your chance to do it thousands of times. And ultimately, they are greedy so hope you turn the company around. Warren Buffet said he has a problem finding people greedy enough to work for him because usually what happens is talented people become hundred millionaires and retire. He said it's very difficult to motivate a billionaire to come into work every day in a high stress position. I know I wouldn't.

Well, if you liquidate the company and make tens of millions out of it, you don't need to ever do it again. You now have enough to live happily and comfortably ever after. Why not take those millions and simply enjoy the rest of your life?

Comment Re:Sinking ship (Score 1) 97

Well, Fiorina was obviously inexperienced and used management-"techniques" (for example, "shoot the messenger") that are known to be extremely bad ("shoot the messenger" has been known to be fatal for, say, only a few 1000 years). I wonder whether the board did not understand they needed somebody competent or whether they though she was. In both cases, the people even more incompetent than Fiorina (if that is possible) were the members of the board.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 220

Indeed. The whole thing was a freak accident that will not repeat after the software has been adjusted. It took an incompetent driver (in two regards) and very special circumstances to happen in the first place. Criticizing Tesla for this is stupid, and I suspect its competitors are very much behind this campaign.

Comment Re:Try again. (Score 1) 91

too much BS. I hope you don't believe that. we don't (and I'm sure I speak for a lot more than myself).

what do you mean "IF he lied". he's a published known on-the-fucking-books liar. time and time again. he has more holes in his stories than swiss cheese. (this guy is quoting comey to me. wow. and he thinks that's a defense of some sort. double wow.)

I see no reason to trust apple on their word. and what they SAY - who cares. at the end of the say, they con us, many of us believe them, they have whatever agreements with full 'we will make your life a living hell' NDA they all signed (not literally, I hope) and no one is allowed to know. they make more money than god and their story is working for them. god bless them, I guess! but I don't believe one word of anything any of those guys say. I have no reason to believe that HONESTLY is in anyone's vocabulary - who is at that level, at least. simply not something they even care to practice. they say things to get things done and to get what they want. this is the personality that we put in charge, all the fucking time! don't you understand?

believe what you want, but too much is at stake to just trust talking heads who make billions of dollars on their story. life has many levels and black/white thinking is not helpful in most cases.

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 220

I hope you are wrong. We let people buy chainsaws and circular saws, and people get hurt and/or killed by them. We don't hold manufacturers responsible because we expect people to know how they work and how to handle them. If Tesla explains the feature at the time of purchase, it is the owner's responsibility to know how to operate the vehicle. Period.

I can't get over thinking the only reason for autopilot in real world practical terms is to assist drivers to not drive.

It is easy to play word games and argue otherwise claim autopilot is there to "assist" drivers to drive or confuse autopilot with other safety features such as AEB yet to me the overriding question that must be answered is what's the point of autopilot to the actual people driving? Why do people want to use autopilot in the first place?

Based on my experience and understanding of people it is not likely to be seeking assistance driving it is more they don't want to drive or pay 100% attention and autopilot helps fulfill that wish.

If you assume for the sake of argument the primary reason why people want autopilot is so that they don't have to drive then I'm quite happy with outcome of clickwrap CYA warnings not holding up in court.

Comment Head coach. Not players. (Score 1) 97

Well, I guess it beats YACA....but these aren't players we're talking about here. But to go with a sports analogy*, imagine if the coaches of the Patriots, Colts and Steelers were among the least paid in the league, but the coaches of perennially shitty teams like the Vikings or Browns were paid over $100 million a year.

*Switched to football as I follow baseball as much as water polo

Comment Re:How to stop Trump (Score 1) 191

At this point I'm pretty sure we've seen the last of MH42 and his conspiracy. He expected since he was spouting it off in this site - which some time ago became a conservative echo chamber - that nobody would challenge him on it. He has had plenty of opportunity to try to back it up (even though we all know he cannot) with facts. He won't come back to this thread as he knows it will be put right back in his face again.

Which is a shame. MH42 didn't used to operate like this.

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