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Comment Re:Trump 2016! (Score 1) 287

Which was when I stopped wanting people to vote for her. OF course, that was when it still looked like the republican nominee would be a typical republican fuckup at worse - not the guy who wants to see the world burn.

At that point, I became pretty anti-any-third-party. You guys are literally voting on the future existence of hte human race, please don't vote for the guy who WILL bring about the extinction of our species.

Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 1) 71

What is this obsession with shoving stuff into space? There are already so many satellites in orbit that we'll soon be at a critical point of so much space debris flying around that it'll be self generating and dangerous

Maybe with lower costs, some of this extra stuff could actually take the other old stuff out of the way?

Comment Re:Trump 2016! (Score 1) 287

Why would Trump want to kill all his own voters ? Does not sound like a good way to get re-election... If all the stupid people in America die, Trump gets zero votes.

Yes. zero. You didn't think he or the people who work for his campaign are actually stupid enough to vote for Trump did you ? The Donald is dumb, but he aint dumb enough to vote for himself !

Comment Re:Slapping time (Score 1) 287

>the problem of most people with the MMR vaccin is not that they don't want their children vaccinated, but that they would like to postpone it and separate the vaccines from each other in order to prevent autism in their children,

Which in fact, if that was true, would be fucking stupid. Deviating from the standard schedule is not a good idea. In fact a study was done which compared the rates of vaccine injury among children with the standard schedule with those who got a delayed schedule like you are defending. The rate on the standard schedule is about 1 in 3000 (the vast majority consisting of nothing more than a mild fever and dizzyness for a few days). On the delayed schedule it goes up to 1 in 1400.
You INCREASE the risk of injury by spreading the vaccines out. It's EASIER for the body to deal with them all at once than one at a time. This has been proven. Kids who got their vaccines spread get injured more than twice as often as those who get the standard schedule (which is already an extremely low rate).

>which is proven to be related to early vaccination with this combination cocktail.
This is complete bullshit and no, it's not proven, it's utterly and completely disproven.

>Further the belief in those vaccines has never been confirmed by the 'scientific golden standard' radomised double blind trial, and neither the safety.
Actually - that is bullshit. Whoever told you that was flat out making shit up. Just like your previous sentence.

> and their is no reason for insane reactions as criminalising their opinions.
Nobody was talking about criminalizing anything. Just firing them for being clearly incompetent. You know what it's called if you do NOT fire a nurse who publicly advertises her incompetence ? It's called malpractice liability.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 287

>when the creators of these vaccines can actually be held accountable in a court of law due to damages

Aaah this bullshit again.
1) This is in Australia - American systems do not apply
2) In the American system they ARE held accountable - in fact, the system as it stands is AGAINST vaccine makes. It makes them pay compensation to anybody who MAY have been harmed by a vaccine without that person even having to prove it WAS the vaccine. You say it harmed you - if the injury is on the list of things a vaccine CAN cause - even if it's a one in a billion chance you get paid and it was set up to that parents wouldn't HAVE to suffer the very difficult task of trying to sue big pharma.

Even if the claims were true, what a sad fucking person you must be if you think autism is worse than being DEAD. The whole anti-vaxx thing is seriously offensive to actual autism sufferers. Your basically telling htem that, there is something which MIGHT give your kid autism and avoiding it will probably kill your kid - you choose to let them probably die ? You are actually telling real human beings that their lives are worse than death.
If I was autistic- I would punch you in the face for saying that about me.

And all that aside. This has NOTHING to do with freedom. A licensed professional who denies facts on the topic they are trusted to provide them on is committing malpractice.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 287

Not to mention it's definitely reckless malpractise which can and WILL get their employer (in this case the government) sued when some kid loses their legs to polio because the nurse advised mom not to get the kid a shot.

Giving bad medical advice is malpractise. It doesn't STOP being malpractise because you gave the advice on facebook.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 287

Actually the are EVEN allowed to spread their opinion - they just can't identify themselves while doing so. When you're representing others, those others DO get a LEGITIMATE stake in what you say as people perceive them as speaking for you. If they say things you don't agree with, you have every right to revoke their privilege to speak for you.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 287

That doesn't mean some nurses aren't complete idiots. Idiots make it into every profession sometimes except maybe theoretical physics research (because you can make a lot more money saying idiotic things about theoretical physics if you haven't studied it - just ask Deepak Chopra).

Comment Re:About time. (Score 4, Insightful) 287

>Everybody has the right to his own opinion and has the freedom to express the same
You have a right to your own opinion, not your own facts.

>Including nurses.
Allow me to introduce you to the concept of professional liability. When you, as a trained professional in a field, give false or misleading information - you're employer can be held liable for any harm that results. As such your employer has every right to restrict what you may say in public as it relates to your field. Now as it happens, Australia is a single payer healthcare system, so the nurse's employer is the government, but that's no different from any other civil servant which, in turn, is no different from any other employee.

If a doctor gives you bad medical advice you don't JUST have a potential claim against that doctor but also against the hospital he works for. If an Engineer designs a bridge which collapses he is not solely accountable for the disaster - his employers are also accountable EVEN if he did it in his spare time outside of office hours (so most civil, electrical and mechanical engineers are contractually prohibited from taking side jobs as their primary employers could be held liable).

The exact details, of course, vary by country - but the core principle stands: when you're speaking as a licensed professional on the subject of your professional expertise you have no right to a personal 'opinion' since you are trust to provide facts you are only ALLOWED to provide FACTS. If it's your opinion that the facts are wrong, there are legitimate ways to act on that - publicly declaring your opinion as if it IS fact, is not one f them.

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