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Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 118

So no, I'm not furthering any stereotype, you jerk.

So who wrote this....your evil twin?

Besides, most of the men doing the studies would rather look at boobs than fingering your prostate.

Then you go on to rattle off some of the side effects of traditional prostate cancer treatments - not exactly making the case for why breast cancer research gets so much more money, despite people dying in comparable numbers for both types of cancers.

Doctors are the ones who are deciding NOT to treat prostate cancer


Submission + - Atomic clocks on 9 of 72 European GPS satellites have failed (

schwit1 writes: The atomic clocks on 9 of the 72 European Galileo GPS satellites, designed to compete with the American, Russian, and Chinese GPS satellites, have failed.

No satellite has been declared “out” as a result of the glitch. “However, we are not blind If this failure has some systematic reason we have to be careful” not to place more flawed clocks in space, [ESA director general Jan Woerner] said.

Each Galileo satellite has four ultra-accurate atomic timekeepers — two that use rubidium and two hydrogen maser. Three rubidium and six hydrogen maser clocks are not working, with one satellite sporting two failed timekeepers. Each orbiter needs just one working clock for the satnav to work — the rest are spares.

The question now, Woerner said, is “should we postpone the next launch until we find the root cause?”

That they are even considering further launches with so many failures of the same units seems absurd. They have a systemic problem, and should fix it before risking further launches.

Comment Re:Wrong kind of diversity (Score 1) 251

They spend all their effort focusing on ethnic and gender diversity with almost no effort for economic or cultural diversity.

Sounds like capitalist feminists - the problem with Wal-Mart for them isn't that they pay so little that their employees qualify for state aid, it's that the top positions at the company aren't filled by women.

Comment The no-win situation for the poor. (Score 1) 251

Want to be more than a burger flipper - you best embark on a self-improvement project, years before you can walk into an R movie, to get educated. Get a degree in a field that pays a real wage, or get comfortable flipping burgers.

Unless that field collapses, or gets offshored, or there's a glut of other grads, or you discover you just cannot do linear algebra no matter how hard you try - well then you're an idiot for taking out student loans you couldn't afford.

Comment What does surprise have to do with it? (Score 1) 251

If you're among the 1-percenters' offspring whose parents either went to these elite institutions or can afford to donate something substantial to get you in, why is it surprising that elite schools have more well-off students?

No more than it is "surprising" that the wealthy live much longer than the poor, another statistic that is in need of dramatic adjustment. Bring back 91% marginal tax brackets while providing universal health care and education.

There's basically 4 factors that determine where you end up in life -- how smart or successful your parents are, how wealthy they are, how much raw potential you have, and usually a whole lot of dumb luck.

The "dumb luck" is to be born to a rich set of parents. The poster children for this example is George W. and Neil Bush. The one kept getting handed multimillion dollar businesses to run into the ground, and the other "just happened" to have a couple of women knock his his hotel room door, looking to have sex with him.

Poor kids who do everything right dont do better than rich kids who do everything wrong

Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 1) 251

This also means that you should not have any effect on the ability of your children to get a higher quality education.

Straw man alert. Even if private colleges were banned and the rich were forced to go to public schools, the Trump's and Romney's can always higher private tutors to give their kids a leg up over others.

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