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Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 1) 37

That man opened the door for lunatics like this. His followers are gleefully jumping through the door and this is what we get as a nation. I also blame the GOP for this because of their desire for power in Washington. They let this happen unchecked.

Trump may be aggravating it, but this isn't new. Some idiot attacked Sikhs a few years ago because he thought their turbans meant they were Muslims.

Racism doesn't always attract the brightest bulbs.

Comment I've had packages lost over the years (Score 1) 90

and a buddy of mine who's a prolific ebay seller has had dozens. As long as you insure it they pay out within a few weeks (which is better than average for any kind of insurance).

If I ship my kid a $50 dvd and it goes missing I don't care if the post office finds it. I get my money from the insurance and buy another copy. The last thing I want is the post office spending millions of dollars tracking packages full of easily replaceable crap.

It's just standard biz practice. All things being equal if it costs $100 to find something you lost and that something's worth $50 you lose $50 bucks looking for it. Unless it has something beyond it's intrinsic value or it's value is unnaturally high (like it was here) then there's no point. Like I said, I don't care if my kid's DVD goes missing as long as it gets replaced.

Comment Re:Wow I've just had a crazy Idea!! (Score 1) 85

What part of "the consumer market doesn't give a shit about battery swapability" do you not understand? The number of people who need to ever be able to swap batteries in their phones because they cannot charge at home, work or school is comparable to the number of people who need a hidden gun in every room of their house for home defense. All that wasted space can be used to make the phone smaller/cheaper/more sturdy/have a larger battery, or some combination thereof.

Comment Re:How is FILMING "speech"? (Score 1) 137


in the US, you can LOSE YOUR LIFE if you go against a cop.

you can be right.

dead right.

they are not to be trusted. they do not represent most of us, they definitely have an 'us vs them' mentality, and, for a current pulse on the mentality of cops, check this out - its current:

still think cops are your friends? THINK AGAIN.

its war and they have no plans to de-escalate.

I fear cops. they can end you life and get away with it. while I like your idea of challenging them, its just - well - not good for your health, these days.


Comment we have slack at work, and I don't understand why (Score 4, Interesting) 46

I am from the era where 'net news' (nntp) was popular.

for a few years, I was at SGI and they were HUGE into nntp. in fact, one of the most memorable ones was '' and ba stood for 'bad attitude' (seriously). first day there, getting the HR orientation, they told us all about the usenet hier at work and how its GOOD to be aware of, and reading, you'd hear about complaints but also the reasons behind them. HR was ok with that! those were the cool days in silicon valley, when it was still fun to live and work here, and companies were still pretty fun to work for.

anyway, I never understood what's wrong with usenet for internal threaded and persistent chats? you WANT it to stay around so you can find out the reasons for why this or that design was done. its part of the company history. but slack, unless you pay, fades away. how stupid! and yet, when I asked for nntp at work instead of slack, no one seemed to even KNOW what nntp was and to this day, they have no plans to implement it.

'chat' programs seem the most useless things; fully redundant to the MANY other forms of e-communication that we ALREADY have.

when usenet mostly 'ended' and web forums took over, I was sad. seems we continue to throw out old, free, WORKING tools for newfangled OH SHINEY! bullshit.

I don't get it. I really don't.

Comment Re:Idiocracy doubles down (Score 1) 112

Why do you want access to *the* filesystem?

So I can control and organize my data.

If you don't like iCloud Drive, you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and a few others. I believe all of the rest of them give you the ability to use folders.

I don't want to give my data to a third party. I want to be able to control my own data. I have plenty of local storage, and no need or desire whatsoever to place my information in someone else's hands. If you want to do so, of course, by all means. For myself, I'd just as soon not enter into the lottery of "which cloud service will suffer a security breach next", or the lottery of "which cloud service is sharing data with government / corporations / hackers / employees", or the lottery of "geee, the Intertubes are down, I guess I can't get at my data", or the "you must look at ads or pay a fee to get at your data lottery", or the "I'm on a plane and so I can't get at my data lottery", etc., etc., etc.

It's up to you to decide which documents will be stored locally on the device.

Indeed it is. And the answer is "all of them", except where I have also stored them on some other device I own and wholly control.

Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 1) 191

your caring for fellow man is SO TOUCHING....

current phrase that the kids, today use, to describe folks like you:


that's the phrase. as long as I get what I want, the hell with everyone else.

selfish prick, you are. and everyone else like you who trumped the US to that orange doofus.

Comment Re:The Million Regulators March on Washington (Score 1) 109

How fucking stupid do you think we are, anyway?

we have a failed TV reality personality running our country.

nuff said ;(

(to the world: I am sorry. I did not vote for this clown, he does not represent me or even the majority of my country and I'm sorry you and us all have to suffer thru this next 4 years. I'm really sorry, world. you and we both deserve better.)

Comment The free market, pizza, and sneakers (Score 2) 109

Why is this not happening with pizzerias or sneakers?

It most definitely is. A decent quality pizza worth less than $2.00 (I make them from scratch, and that's what they cost me in low quantity in a relatively isolated region where raw materials prices are high, so I'm quite sure of the number) often costs well over $10.00. Sneakers worth about $8.00 can cost far, far more than that -- no more than a little bit of canvas, plastic and metal off a mass production line. The gouging is blatant and obvious. The fact that you are willing to actually write as if it wasn't reveals that you have no actual sense of the economics of either matter.

Why am I paying the same price for 75 Mbps up/down today, that I used to pay for 35 Mpbs up/down 6 years ago?

Because US broadband is lagging far behind the state of the art, and prices are far too high. You should be running much faster, and paying much less. Same was true six years ago. And you are not even at the bottom of the low performance / high price heap. In many places, it's worse.

The answer: competition.

No, the answer is collusion.

Comment The frictionless slope (Score 2) 109

The Federal Communications Commission plans to halt implementation of a privacy rule that requires ISPs to protect the security of its customers' personal information.

Not that the FCC was ever very much more than a corporate puppet, but it's fascinating to watch them, and the government in general, find ways to be of even less service to the people.

So far, in just a couple months, we've seen the elimination of the requirement that energy companies must disclose royalties and government payments; the elimination of rules preventing dumping of coal mining waste into rivers and streams; the funneling of even more money into our "only more costly than the next eight countries put together" military; assertion that we need more and better nuclear weapons; suspension of an insurance rate cut for new Federal Housing Administration loans; completely unjustified disruption of already-issued visas; the installation of a white supremacist on the national security council; an order to "review" a rule requiring financial managers to act in their clients' best interests when handling retirement accounts; an "easing" of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010; amplification of the drug war; amplification of the war against personal and consensual sexual choices; partisan filtering of the Whitehouse press pool; anti-free-press agitprop straight from the president... all this, along with a great deal of additional rhetoric that indicates more of this nature is likely on the way.

We no longer need turn to dystopian fiction to see just how badly our government can act out. A dystopian reality is rapidly establishing itself. The indicators are so strong at this point that some of the "peppers" are actually beginning to look like forward-thinkers.

I wonder just how much of this kind of damage the country can suffer before it undergoes some kind of seismic shift, or, if it will just deliquesce into a fully classist, corporatist nightmare.

I prefer to hope that the complacent have had a wake up call as to just how foolish and blind large segments of our population actually is; that they now understand that it is possible that without their active resistance, both at the voting booth and in general, all of this will continue apace while every tweet from President Trump, every bit of nonsense from Spicer and Conway, every craven abrogation of responsibility by congress, every unwise and harmful regulatory alteration, will be met with a blinkered nod-and-drool from the very people that saw to it that he reached the Oval Office — and that this will outright determine the future course of the country along these same destructive lines.

These are such very interesting times. We know we're not 1940's Germans; but we're finally going to get an answer as to whether we are better — or worse. I see little reason for optimism in this regard at this point in time, either.

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