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Comment Re:Make it LAW (Score 1) 196

Make egress filters mandatory. No ifs or buts. Make it law.

Make it law that I can disconnect any user who isn't egress filtering and is sending me shit.

Make it a law where? If it's just in the US, or just the US and the EU, then the law does no good. It would need to be a worldwide law, good luck getting such a law in every country.

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1) 230

In a thousand years we will be still serving God, and you will be at the bottom of the lake of fire. This is of course of your own choosing. There's still hope for you, you just have to repent.

Why would an omnipotent being need somebody to "serve" him or "glorify" him? Can't he serve himself?

Comment Re:Fuzzy math in my opinion (Score 3, Insightful) 400

Another option is that if a company produces a lot of money with just machines, then the government need to tax heavily that company for one of two things: to decide to hire some people, or to collect the money for them to pay the people with intellectual or artistic based professions. And, to make a cultural revolution increasing the quantity of people on that area instead of promoting jobs that could be easily improved with machines.

But if the people who would make the laws to "tax heavily that company" are basically owned by that company (or at least "very good friends" with the company owners) then why would they make such a law? In the US, unless the campaign finance and voting laws are changed this will never happen -- the rich will keep getting richer and the poor will keep getting poorer.

Comment Re:Take a long walk off a short pier (Score 1) 338

He started with cd /

Yeah, and that's the only command that executes. The /usr/bin/rm (which on my machine is in /bin), -rf, and * are all just arguments to the cd command which if given multiple arguments attempts to change directories to the first argument. You would need a semicolon between them to execute both desired commands.

Comment Re:daydream? (Score 1) 226

Every country in the world was run on pretty much 100% renewable energy sources until the industrial revolution. That's neither something to brag about or something to aspire to.

Renewable energy sources produce less pollution and are more sustainable than fossil fuels, why wouldn't they be something to aspire to?

Comment Re:Great firefighters (Score 1) 243

Existing airbag crash sensors could be used to detect the crash. Design it to release some sort of spring-loaded jumper that disconnects the battery.

Most cars already have this (any car with an electric fuel pump), generally called an "inertia switch". I saw some evidence that Teslas have this feature as well (some forum posts) but was unable to find anything specific from the company itself in a quick search.

Comment Re:"could not recall" (Score 3, Insightful) 409

She can't even sign right, she did dd-mm-yyyy instead of mm-dd-yyyy!
Maybe she'll claim that makes it not valid...

Yes, she used one of the two logical ways to portray a date, the other being YYYY-MM-DD. The American habit of using MM-DD-YYYY is almost as annoying as refusing to use the metric system

Comment Re:Oh yeah? Then what are you gonna do about it? (Score 1) 410

There is a difference between "working with authorities" and being compelled to do free work for the government by writing an exploit for your own OS. Apple was charged with no crimes and did not possess the data the government was looking for, why should they have to compromise their own security just because the FBI wants them to?

Comment Re:Work to change the laws if they are unfair (Score 1) 410

Well, John Galt sells power he generates, you don't like the price don't buy it from him. I am sure others would be happy to sell you the power they generate at lower prices.

Yep, of course it will probably cost you thousands of dollars to have them run a line from their power plant, since GaltCo certainly won't allow competitors to use their power lines. Sure, the power poles will look like this and be less safe but you're free now so you don't care about all the extra cost and risk.

Comment Re:I'm not suprised at all... (Score 2) 338

Well it is rocket science. Reliability doesn't come cheap.
That's why I laugh when private contractors say they can do rocket science better than nation states that have been doing it for over 60 years.

Yeah, because the spacecraft made by nation states NEVER blow up!

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