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Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 487

Call me ignorance, that is a laugh. You where the one that doesn't know what a domain controller is.

Dude, mixing in iphones, ipads and macs only? That is a walled garden. That is the exact example of one. One where one set of devices made by on manufacture interact with each other by specifications set by said manufacture. In this case apple. That is the exact definition of a walled garden.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 487

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) service is usually what a DC is running. AD back bone is LDAP, to put it simply. Basically a LDAP server could be called a 'domain controller' as it serves the same function as a DC.

Just to correct your assessment. You should have said "Macs and Linux machines don't have to be plugged in to a DC". This would be correct, and nether do Windows machines. Depending on the size of the environment these machines do need be plugged in to a DC.

If you have a only a handful of machines, say less than 20, then its fine to go along with out a DC. But even in this environment its better to have one. In a medium or large organization having a DC forest set up is essential. I would almost say required.

Since you do not work in IT this would be a good thing. Please do not move into this field, less people will hate you in life and I doubt you would be happy there.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 2) 298

(...) even people who have done nothing wrong (...). And anybody who has done something wrong should (...)

The problem is that everyone has some something wrong. There is some kind of law, statute or rule that you broke... or didn't follow strictly.
This day and age there are so many rule, such broad law, that everyone had some something. Even if it as minor as jaywalking. Or driving over the speed limit for a couple minutes. Or parking a little too far from the sidewalk. Or something else completely different that in a given place is a misdemeanor.

I'm not screaming "evil big government here". I'm actually a law student and an intern in a attorney office. We all break some law several times every day. But these are such minor things that the legal system simply don't care. Maybe it is not a criminal law, but only enough for a civil lawsuit. But we are still breaking the rules.

In the eyes of the law, no one is 100% guiltless, even if they are innocent.

This is one of the problems why the legal system doesn't work. We punish too many things, so we punish badly. And, in that scenario, when the policing forces (local, state or federal) get increased powers and broader mandates, they get carte blanche to so pretty much what they want to anyone they want. After all, everyone is guilty of something.

Things are only getting scarier.

"Give me 6 folders of porn from the most innocent of men and I shall find something in there to hang him."

In some places it might be porn with wrinkled 60 year old women in school uniforms. In other places, porn featuring women whose breasts are too small.

Comment Re: Halfway There (Score 1) 332

> Just because you know people who are responsible gun owners does not mean everyone is and the statistics prove it

Sure. We have Chicago.

You can distort the statistics. You can over report suicides as murders and ignore that most murders (and crime in general) happen in a small number of high crime areas.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 220

> It's interesting that the descriptions of "Islam" sound a whole lot like my understanding of Christianity as expressed by many Trump supporters.

Yeah, but fortunately a little thing called the Reformation broke the back of the theocracy in Europe. That hasn't happened with Islam yet. They're still stuck back where we were about 400 years ago. Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, and Iraq are all painfully obvious examples of this.

Blatant terrorism is far less troubling than the importation of more theocrats. We already have enough as is.

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