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Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 2) 126

The power costs of running your own little PC is gravely overblown. On the other hand, this takes everything out of your control and makes it dependent on any number of 3rd parties. Any one of them could fail.

One of the whole points of local content is that you can completely ignore any external network issues, like it not even being there.

Otherwise, you could just use Netflix and not bother with your own media in the first place.

Comment Re:I doubt Hollywood has an age discrimination iss (Score 2) 249

It's not even a issue if the discrimination is done for a bona fide occupational qualification.

It's also not just actors although they are visibly the most obvious example of looking an age. Directors, producers, other production staff, etc would also be covered. Not usually appearing on camera, it's harder to argue that they need to look an age in order to properly perform their job, yet they are the subject of ageism as well.

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