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Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 247


You just can't make a ball "too good". Any sport is highly regulated. Screwing around with the elements too much will be viewed as a rules violation. There just isn't that much to invent here.

This is just more of the usual "patents run amok" that we see in our own domain. It should not surprise anyone that it happens with "physical stuff" too.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1) 247

> There's nothing about a golf ball that makes it unworthy of patents.

This statement is most likely false. Golf is an old well established sport with set rules. The ball itself is a very simple item that's at the center of the game. The idea that there is any "secret sauce" in any sports ball is on it's face absurd. You have a high bar to reach to argue to the contrary.

This is more likely than not a manifestation of the bullshit we see in the parts of the patent system we are intimately familiar with.

Comment Re:Nope, I'll use he, she, they, there, their etc. (Score 1) 297

You could avoid the issue at hand, and just refer back to the noun ("What is the queen wearing"). Maybe that's the best answer?

I find this is the correct answer to a lot of grammatical questions I come across. If I'm proofreading something and it just doesn't sound right, or I can't figure out which exact words to use due to an unusual set of circumstances, just rewording the phrase or sentence usually solves the issue.

Comment Re:Nope, I'll use he, she, they, there, their etc. (Score 1) 297

I don't think that's a general statement you can make. It is true in English, much to the chagrin of English teachers everywhere, but there are absolutely languages where there is a body empowered to decide what the correct grammar is. I believe, France is rather notoriously defensive of it's académie française. That's not to say that everyone, especially in speech, does what they say but that there actually is a correct way to do things.

Its not up to governments or institutions, thats the whole problem. Its up to the community of native speakers. How they use the language is the language.

Comment Re:Nope, I'll use he, she, they, there, their etc. (Score 1) 297

"Everyone needs to be sure to tighten __their___ safety belt before approaching the cliff."

And that would be what most people would actually produce.

The trap that stylebooks had evidently fallen into is to assume that the rules of grammar in English are as they are written in textbooks.

This is incorrect; the rules of grammar in any language are what native speakers produce. If a native speaker produces it and, on introspection, insists that it is correct then it is, by definition, correct.

Comment Re:Reminds me of a conversation with a colleague (Score 1) 278

People from Western countries have absolutely no idea that someone from a tribal culture that has had democracy somehow foisted on them simply cannot vote for someone who is not from their tribe. ...

So like democrats and republicans basically

A democrat who voted Hillary is more likely to vote for Trump, if he ever comes up for re-election, than someone from a tribal area of, eg Africa or Pakistan, is to vote for someone from outside their tribe. If it ever came out that they'd voted outside of tribal lines it'd ruin their lives, possibly get them killed.

Its not similar at all. Republican/Democrat are not subcultures. In fact, to the outside observer the USA often appears to have a single party state with two factions who make a big theatrical fuss about how 'different' they are.

Comment Re:Fakes (Score 1) 278

Yes and no.

I saw a counterfied iPad on my last trip to Thailand, but as I "knew" all model types of iPads, I recognized imediatly that it is not an iPad. (It was an Android tablet with Apple Logo etc. on it, made from plastics ... but looked quite convincing on the first glance, but the formfactors etc. were all wrong).

I saw some dead giveaways, Sansmug phones...

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