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Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 585

It's interesting to note that you, and the rest of the people posting about how much they care about warming and people that they don't know, or even future generations, still bothered to reply to this message instead of junking their computers, selling their houses and cars and living in a tent in the woods with appropriate technology. Or even killing yourselves - after all, as long as you exist, you're fueling resource extraction, pollution and warming.

So I guess you all don't care as much as you think you do.

Comment Re:$70K sounds pretty low (Score 1) 67

That's $70k to just a single congresscritter though. You have to grease multiple others on both sides of the aisles in both both houses. And then you probably should donate to the Presidential Victory Fund for incoming presidents, Presidential Reelection Victory Fund for incumbent president, or Presidential Library Victory Fund for 2nd term presidents.

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