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Submission + - Apple's Latest Touch Screen Patent is Ridiculous ( 1

hypnosec writes: The US Patent Office has awarded a rather bizarre patent titled “Method for providing human input to a computer” to Apple proving yet again that the patent system in the US is broken. The patent is based on the manner in which a user can interact with a computer connected display unit. The abstract of the patent filing is as follows: “The invention provides a method for providing human input to a computer which allows a user to interact with a display connected to the computer.” Apple is after multi-dimensional touch screen devices, though still conceptual, as there is no actual demonstration of 5D systems. The patent is again one of those that might not see any practical implementation and may just well turn out to be a hand-waving exercise.

Comment Re:No iPad for me (Score 0) 584

Before the introduction of the iPad, all of these blathering fanboys would have pointed to the Apple Macintosh as the obvious solution to THAT particular problem. Now that Big Brother Steve has declared a new direction, they have to abandon that idea and feel the need to attack it.

The iPad's inability to play the videos off of of grandma's camera doesn't make it any more secure (or easy).

Comment Re:No iPad for me (Score 1) 584

Unfortunately, grandma might want to look at some website or file that isn't compatable with Apple's "walled garden" approach.

Something that doesn't force grandma to conform to Apple's in-house standards will ultimately be less trouble for grandma.

Grandma's device should "just play it".


Bike Projector Makes Lane For Rider Screenshot-sm 856

hh4m writes "Whether it's San Francisco, New York, or any bicyclistic city in between, you're destined to witness biker after biker dancing with danger, especially at night when visibility is uncomfortably low. Alex Tee and Evan Gant's LightLane device was recently just a concept but is soon to enter reality as a much-needed visual declaration of personal biking space. With a dire shortage of dedicated lanes, LightLane provides urban cyclists with a solution that adapts to them and any route they make take. The compact projector mounts easily to the rear of a bike frame and projects a bike lane-inspired linear pattern that provides great visibility and a familiarity that helps catch a driver's attention."

UK's Loughborough Uni Demos Hydrogen Motorcycle 121

rolandw writes "The Beeb have a piece about Loughborough University's hydrogen motorcycle and one of the UK's first hydrogen fuel pumps (presumably all developed by their excellent Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering department). Offering 50mph, the ENV will have a range of 100 miles on a 3-minute refill of hydrogen. By-products are warm air and 'drinkable' water. It will be interesting to compare these hydrogen powered vehicles with the hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles as pioneered by such as the Morgan prototype 'Lifecar' in the near future."

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