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Comment Re:Why do people care... (Score 2) 91

No, people are not interested in 'you'. They are interested in that 0.5 seconds when you make the silly face when you miss the football thrown by your buddy.
This, they will then make a meme out of.

With no permanent record, that 0.5 sec would be totally unremarkable, not noticed, or long forgotten. With a potential continuous recording (even if only 10 secs at a time), they can review later, and extract those 2 frames where you look absolutely ridiculous.
These glasses just move the recording from a camera that someone will notice, to sunglasses that will go unseen.

Enjoy your meme fame.

Comment Re:"the system will temporarily shut off" (Score 1) 160

Then you get people sueing because the alarm was to disruptive and scared them into a wreck....

To prevent that, you first broadcast a 'trigger word' warning.
(over the car speakers, in a very calm voice) "Hey, bro...I'm about to yell at you quite loudly, because there is a very scary moment coming up, and I don't know how to handle it. We'll need you to go ahead and take the wh..." (crunch)

Comment House rentals (Score 2) 241

House rentals are another big CL scam. My ex-neighbors house was being actively scammed.
It was up for rent, and this young woman shows up at my door asking about it. She had been in contact with some dude on CL.
"$900, all utilities included."
Of course, he was out of town (had to move to California suddenly). He had the key in hand, and wanted her to send him the $900 + $900 security dep. In return, he sends her the key, blah blah.

This was a house that actually was being rented for $1100, with no utilities. From a valid real estate agency.

I told her in no uncertain terms..."This is a scam. You will never see the key, nor will you ever see that $1800 again"
Young single mom, but she did have the smarts to ask around.

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