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Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 1) 221

Every time someone voluntarily went to a Windows 10 PC (even though there are alternatives), they have a horror story about it

Hyperbole = bollocks. My partner and I are on W10, it's heaps better than W7 or W8*, and we have no horror stories. Almost everything I use auto-saves, apps reload on reboot, and I have enough discipline to save Notepad files or Sql Manager queries if I want to keep them.

First of all, you're still making my case, as you imply that Win 10 reboots outside of your control. Beside that, a lot of people cannot save their work fast enough to be safe in such rebootey conditions - my SolidWorks assemblies easily take half a minute to save, sometimes much more (rarely, but it happens).

Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 2) 221

The way Windows 10 manages updates in general is frustrating. We have some dedicated Windows 10 Lenovo micro-PCs whose only significant job is show videos on some large flatscreen TVs, and we're constantly having to cancel out the update nag screens. GPOs that would seem to work don't always apply, so it just gets to be an annoying problem. I think the next set of such micro PCs we buy will probably have some small footprint version of Debian.

Every time someone voluntarily went to a Windows 10 PC (even though there are alternatives), they have a horror story about it - but they characterize it as "annoyance". Example: "from time to time I lose my edits because the PC reboots without my consent. So annoying."

For me, all those scenarios are 100% unacceptable, and is why I keep installing Windows 7 (and then disable updates), and I keep around a few Windows 7 thinkpads.

Comment Re:So, what's her other option? (Score 1) 412

You're telling me it's "absurd" for her to sue, and she should "Grow The Fuck Up (tm)". But you're not telling me what she should actually do. What choices does she have other than suing?

The obvious answer is to ignore it. Non-mentally-ill adults do not experience "emotional distress" over the fact that people may see some of their baby pictures.

OK, let's say she has a mental illness in which those photographs cause her a lot of distress. I hope we can agree that having a mental illness is not something one should be ashamed about, nor it is something that should prevent one from being able to sue the people who post those photographs and refuse to take them off. So then, this person does not have the option to ignore it, and your answer is not obvious, just wrong.

Of course, you're not going to agree with this, because you framed your answer in such a way as to imply that mentally ill people have no right to sue to have their rights respected.

Comment Re:Where?? What is wrong with MORE CHOICE (Score 1) 551

More importantly what the FUCK is wrong with people like you who should be embracing technology, being steadfastly against any change?

I think we were here already, at least a million times before. Should we repeat? I guess we should: adopting new for the sake of new is not rational, unless new also means better.
The port in question is much flimsier than 3.5 mm audio jack. It doesn't allow for the phone to be charged while listening to music. It forces you to use a dongle.
So it's not a better technology, it's just different.

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