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Comment Re:Moronic argument (Score 1) 1134

The claim that BI works is wrong, and it really should not take a whole lot of thought to make you realize it. Start by studying the current Government Welfare and see how it works. It does not move anyone out of poverty, and quite frankly it is abused by a massive amount of people.

Why did they make SNAP all card based and put restrictions on what you can purchase? Because an extremely large percentage of people were not purchasing food for their kids, they were drinking and smoking the money away. So what do you believe will happen when someone gets a basic check? Same damn thing.

Now what happened when people smoked away their food stamps? Did we cut them off? No, that would be cruel to the kids. We had to come up with other money from numerous other sources, and the bad behaviors still don't change.

Taking from the productive people to give to the unproductive incentivizes non-productivity. That is the only way to give everyone money, by taking it from people that have it. That is why all communist countries must be tyrannical. Fear is the only other incentive, and that incentive paralyzes innovation and thought. It is the Dark ages versus Renaissance. That is the reality of BI.

If you want to see the experiment in action, go live in China and become a Chinese citizen. How about instead of "giving" them money we continue to have jobs so that people can work.

Basic income is actually almost the opposite to what social programs do today: they discourage people from working, because when they do get a job, however shitty, they lose their social benefits which can be higher than what thee salary at the new job is worth. Basic income does not have this proviso: all get the same amount of money regardless of whether they are employed or not. That means that a basic income recipient is encouraged to work to top-off the money that he/she receives.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1134

That's bullshit. My family came into this country as refugees with almost nothing. We depended on social services while my parents were learning English. I earned my way into school, got a scholarship to go to college. I worked my ass off in college to have a high GPA, worked 20+ hours a week in a lab in addition. I earned my way into an MD PhD program and didn't have to pay for medical school... worked my way into residency and fellowship. In the meantime my parents are earning 5 figures.

United States is the most amazing country in the world, where opportunity is still pretty open. I am so thankful to be here.

For duck's sake, please don't turn it into the country I ran away from.

The US is certainly not the "most amazing country in the world." The US is at the very bottom for social mobility among OECD countries outdone by only a few. The lack of free or affordable higher education is an important factor. The lack of single-payer healthcare is another.

Comment Re:Homosexuals (Score 1) 410

He is a Republican that hates homosexuals. That might make him our first homosexual VP, since most of those types of Republicans are "in the closet" types.

Well, the science is quite settled on this, by now: people who have a vivacious hatred for homosexuals, are indeed homosexuals themselves (determined by measuring how turgid their penises get while watching gay porn. Turns out, those who hate gay men are the most likely to get a boner from watching gay porn.

And that Omar Mateen guy was thirsting for dick like no human before.

Comment Re:Winner (Score 1) 195

Powered by standard USB: Win
Controllers are usable with Wii and Wii U: Win
Controllers are dirt cheap: Win
Games are automatically saved at certain points allowing resuming after power off: Win
NES styling: Win
Two player support: Win

I agree, except for HDMI, which for me is a big Lose: it's a standard designed around DRM and not with consumer's interests in mind. There are many things wrong with HDMI. And personally, it makes the console unusable for me, since I have sworn not to have any HDMI devices in our home.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 4, Insightful) 621

UK voters: We want to give a boat a silly name!

UK government: No.

UK voters: We want to break up the European Union and crash our economy on a single, simple-majority vote!

UK government: Okay.

Did you know that there is a difference between a petition and a plebiscite?

Comment Re:Does Hyperloop even understand Stockholm? (Score 1) 175

I don't see any place in the already congested city centre where a Hyperloop station could be established. There is already very expensive, deep tunnel being constructed only for commuter trains because of congestion in surface traffic between north and south.
The only place for a Hyperloop terminus would therefore have to be outside the city, with added travel time to and from the Hyperloop. And then how would that be better than the plane or the ferry?

I don't know much about Stockholm (though I visited it half a dozen times), but at least for Helsinki there is plenty of room for a Hyperloop terminus in Vantaa, near the airport. And the airport is now connected to the center with a fast local train that takes less than 30 min from downtown Helsinki. A Hyperloop terminus could easily be built near Aviapolis which is even closer to the center than the airport. If you want even closer to the center, you could do what the Japanese have done with several of their airports - build an artificial island. There is plenty of room for one in the Helsinki archipelago. It would not be big enough for an airport runway, but for a hyperloop, yes. I assume that the same is true of the Stockholm archipelago.
I'm not saying that, in final analysis, you're wrong, just that you may not be as right as you imagine.

Comment Re:No one wants your telemetry (Score 2) 151

I have enough laptops and motherboards supported by Windows 7 that I am sure I will be able to run it beyond 2020, maybe even much longer over that horizon. The apps I need don't obsolesce nearly as quickly as most people would imagine, since the final product (STL files, STEP files, .doc (not even .docx) and .odt) are very ubiquitous.

Comment Re:Considering our office in Newcastle... (Score 5, Insightful) 535

I can't share the exact quote with you, but my girlfriend is a Dr in a London hospital department. Her lab basically tells you if you have cancer if you are one of the millions of people who live in or around London.

In her department, which requires high-end medically-skilled professionals, her boss posted after Brexit. The basic gist was "Don't worry, everyone, your cancer diagnosis will still be safe in the hands of our department consisting almost entirely of Spanish, Italian, German, French, Polish, Greek, ...... personnel for the time being".

This is proof of class warfare at its best (worst): the financial elites have figured out that paying for highly skilled personnel educated in Britain was too expensive. It is much better to import highly educated but cheaper labor from abroad. Incidentally, Britain used to have effectively free higher education a couple of decades ago, but the same financial elites (who hold the real power, including political) decided that such social benefits are now unnecessary, since labor from abroad comes pre-educated.

Comment Re:Standard Operating Practice (Score 1, Informative) 634

Due to the stock exchange crash after the vote UK has lost more money than it has paid into the EU budget for the past 20 years.

That's total BS: the volatility in both stock markets and currency exchange were minor even compared to changes withing a few months.
Pretty sad that FUD like your post gets modded up.

Comment Re:Democracy restored (Score 2) 1592

By the same "logic", the UK is undemocratic because of the Queen and the House of Lords.

I understand this was a very emotional issue for a lot of people, but I didn't expect that someone would compare the House of Lords (basically powerless) to the European Commission (basically all-powerful).

BTW, I have no dog in the race - I am a Finn living in Finland.

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