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Comment Re:How can they know? (Score 1) 228

How can it be determined that any given Reddit user was "toxic", when the CEO or other Reddit employees can edit the users' posts?

Basically, Reddit is so fucked...

I wonder if people really think this is limited to Reddit.
Don't they realize that any forum, comment section or social network can be edited by those who run it?

All of them allow for editing, but there is a strong implicit social contract that the content of a post cannot be edited except by the poster. It is somewhat accepted that they can be completely removed or hidden. but not "put words in their mouths", so to say.

Comment Re:So basically.... (Score 2) 148

Well, the renal failure often associated with ecstasy isn't exactly cheap on its own. Seriously, the stuff has most of the side effects of meth. Unlike weed, it is one of drugs that is most definitely worse for you than alcohol is. The argument is, do the benefits outweigh the harm. But make no mistake, only an idiot would say it's not dangerous.


Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1051

Nobody is talking about banning speech. Twitter is talking about banning users who violate their rules. That's it.

Do you seriously not see how banning someone is equal to banning their speech, or are you just trolling? I hope for the latter, because the former would be straight out of 1984.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

Hey, I have a similar, transient I hope, problem. I suddenly have heart palpitations, cravings for sweet foods, mood problems, dizziness and other symptoms of Type 2 D. but I don't have Type 2 D., just a very poorly controlled blood sugar - and it all started suddenly after a bad viral infection. I emphasize viral, because I didn't use antibiotics. Still, I guess my microbiota have suffered somehow, because in addition to the poor sugar control I also have regular stomach pain.

My doctor and I are desperately trying to diagnose what the fuck is going on, but maybe you could contribute/help by sharing more information? At least regarding the re-balancing of your microbiota - what did you do, how did you figure things are back to normal, etc.?

Comment Re:Marrakech, Morocco (Score 2) 328

The alt-right started calling moderate conservatives 'Cuckservatives', claiming that there were like the Cuckoo, sitting in the 'nest' of the Republican party and feigning conservatism to win votes, but voting for progressive policies while in office.

That's simply not true. That story is just the alt-Right trying to lie about the fact that they started on 4chan, where the word, "cuck", short for "cuckold" has been a popular insult for a while. It is a mythical origin story that was concocted long after the term "cuck" and "cuckservative" were widely used.

It' never had anything to do with a cuckoo bird. It has to do with 4chan's seemingly very intimate knowledge of p0rn videos that show black men having sex with married white women.

So really, you could say that "cuck" is a term used by men who have a fascination with black penises. I hope that clears up your confusion.

Either way, nobody in the known universe really gives a fuck.

Comment Re:What Hollande says (Score 2) 328

Coal waste is NOT more radioactive than nuclear waste. The difference is that nuclear waste is not dumped into the environment, while waste from coal burning is. Nuclear waste is stored, and storage space is limited.

This is a big red herring. The tiny amounts of radioactive pollution dumped in the atmosphere by coal plants is NOTHING compared to the hundreds of tons of heavy metals, arsenic, NOX and mercury (not counting nondescript particulates, which still cause various lung diseases). The number of premature deaths per year caused by coal-fired plants numbers hundreds of thousands. This without mentioning the thousands dying directly because of mining of the humongous amounts of coal needed by those plants. We could also talk about the gigantic scarring of the environment done by coal mining. And we could also talk about the hundreds of millions of children whose neurological development is negatively affected by the increased concentration of mercury in most foodstuffs.

Comment So glad I don't have any computer with Windows 10 (Score 3, Insightful) 322

With my personality, I'd be miserable. Not being able to schedule updates when I want (or completely opt out of them) is something I not only take for granted, but something I insist on. Same with ignoring my privacy settings. And shoving ads down my throat (after I opted out of them) would drive me mad.

So, I guess Windows 10 is for the meek, and as we know, they will inherit the Earth.... right?

Comment Re:Not me (Score 1) 535

I agree with you, Windows 10 is an abomination. It forces me to reboot on its schedule when it has updates to perform (it's literally told me "I'm going to reboot your computer in 1 hour to install updates), and I've missed/not noticed dialogs and had the thing just reboot itself on my while I was in the middle of work, which was lost. It also spends a significant part of my network bandwidth continuously loading updates.

I'd say every three or four reboots, it goes into a lengthy update process that takes minutes.

See, this is the single most frustrating feature of Windows 10. Basically, it tries to assert it's supremacy over your computer, your work, your schedule, in every way possible. I'm sorry, I am from another era and won't allow to be humiliated this way or to chance my workflow around a flawed product.

Comment Re:Not me (Score 1) 535

Let me preface this by saying that my reply is not contrarian in any way. In fact, I actually very much agree with you.

I'd say 25% of system updates to my Linux distro would break something, maybe a wireless driver would get flaky, maybe X11 would crap out in some new or unusual way, maybe the battery life would be bad because some kind of battery optimization would stop working. There were ALWAYS problems,

I noticed these problems. What you may not be realizing is, that we entered an era in which software updates rarely bring a true improvement. This is true for practically all software in existence, including operating systems, large scale software suites, small Android apps, web-based apps etc. Even computers (I'll get back to this in a moment).
But we also entered an era, I think, where updating is not as super-duper-ultra-extra-fuckindiddlydo-mandatory as it used to be! It started around Windows 8 - people started realizing that, staying with Windows 7, had no drawbacks. And MS reacted to this by ramming Windows 10 down everybody's throat as hard as they could. I sure as hell am not going to let MS force me into Windows 10, for a suite of disparate reasons. So what I do now is, I have a bunch of ThinkPad T400 series laptops, all of them with Windows 7. These laptops have all rock-solid hardware in terms of reliability, and they do what I need, which even includes light-to-medium SolidWorks design.
So in a way we are, at the moment, kindred spirits: as you hold on to your 2012 MB Pro, I hold on to my ThinkPads. Still the best keyboard around, with the least intrusive OS that supports the apps I need. I'm not updating the OS, either, because the current updates from MS have a very dubious value. As far as I can tell, I'm set for the next 5-10 years.

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