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Comment Re:Its rather exaggerated (Score 1) 63

But with potentially only 33,000 rewrite cycles per cell to failure that's seriously problematic. (And that's the best guess, since Intel won't actually tell us what the cell durability is).

I can guarantee you it's not 33.000 R/W cycles - the only tech that would allow that is SLC, and practically nobody sells SSD based on SLC anymore. A few manufacturers sell highly overpriced SLC-based SD and microSD cards. Hell, nowadays you'll struggle to even find MLC-based SSDs (~10.000 rewrite cycles AT BEST). Every SSD manufacturer today uses TLC, which means 1000 R/W cycles per cell.

Comment Re:Planet USA (Score 2) 374

Then why so many foreigners in US higher education instead of free at home?

I know the reason, and if you did you would stop bragging about free college everywhere else.

Those foreigners are PhD students and their tuition is paid by the institution where they study and work. I have a lot of colleagues who did their PhD in the US, and came back to Finland, including my professor.

Comment Re:Useful. (Score 2) 62

Good point, but the Chinese are actually rather resourceful and will surely realise that they can cover their camera or phone in aluminium foil with apertures for the objective and the focus finder, to protect against such EM jamming. This will make instant upload impossible, of course, but will enable uninterrupted recording.

Comment Re:Mission Accomplished (Score 2) 648

I hope he leaves in enough money so we can bomb children in Yemen, because that makes America great.

Bombing civilians in Yemen was Obama's and Clinton's policy, driven by misplaced loyalty to Saudi Arabia. I hope this doesn't continue, the WH's past alignment with Sunni supremacy causes was disgusting, and maybe Trump will end it (judging by his dislike of ISIS and appreciation of Russian destruction of the same). Who knows, one can only hope.

Comment Re:Surely not the only solution. (Score 1) 419

I'm sure someone will release a CPUID hack to pretend to be a lower end cpu, much like Agner Fog used when proving that Intel's compiler and the code it produced would shit on both AMD and VIA on purpose.

Are people so desperate to get Microsoft's malware, adware, DRM, reboots, and other shit?

Comment Ths type of additive manufacturing is expensive (Score 2) 82

The equipment needed for this kind of additive manufacturing is on the order of 300.000 -1.000.000 USD. Furthermore, it is only viable for special parts that cannot be easily manufactured by traditional techniques, e.g. turbine blades and such. Grenade shells abso-fucking-lutely would be cheaper made by traditional metalworking. I would say a traditionally fabricated mortar shell is about 500 times cheaper than additively manufactured.

Comment Re:Interesting timing re Trump's claims (Score 1) 447

As far as I'm aware, nobody has denied that Trumps (not the US president at the time) phones were tapped as part of an investigation into his shady links with Russia.

James Clapper did.

The director of national intelligence at the time of the US election has denied there was any wire-tapping of Donald Trump or his campaign.
James Clapper also told NBC that he knew of no court order to allow monitoring of Trump Tower in New York.

James Clapper? Really?
Oh, wait, you were sarcastic. Right?

Comment Re:Wikileaks is just Assange (Score 5, Insightful) 447

Trump said Sweden was crime ridden due to immigrants. next day Sweden then had a riot, Radio24syv investigates it, finds Russian TV station NTV paid youths to burn a car. Trump supporters cited the riot as proof Trump was right and Swedish media was wrong.

This is misinformation at its worst.
The riots in Rinkeby were sparked by a police arrest.

Are people really modding up this feces, this worst kind of fake news?

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