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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 963

Did you know that John von Neumann and others at RAND Corporation decidedly recommended a preemptive nuclear strike on Moscow, because they thought that a war was inevitable once Russia had nuclear weapons?

I didn't know that, but now Russia does have nuclear weapons, and the situation is what it is.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 963

Why would humans create a weapon like that? :(

Nobody in their right state of mind wants it to be used.
If it is ever used, it could mean the end of the world is nigh.
Why would anyone invest the resources in developing such a weapon?

Fuck the Russians, and the Americans, and the defense departments, and the technicians and engineers willing to take on such a job, and the generals and presidents commissioning such a thing. You are all assholes.

It's a deterrent. As such, it has to be a credible threat, otherwise it's useless. In other words, in order for a deterrent to NOT be used, everybody must know that it certainly WOULD be used in retaliation. It's simple game theory, i.e. hard science. And as we know, science, because it works, bitch.

Comment Re:hardly surprising (Score 1) 313

As a platform, the main distinguishing feature of Twitter compared to other platforms is that its 140 character limit makes any kind of discussion impossible, and that it strongly favors social signaling and self-righteous indignation as the primary modes of communication.

Eh, I'm afraid you described pretty much all social media platforms - the swarm of virtue signaling, perennially offended idiots have taken over all of them, just as idiocracy is encroaching our everyday life. Albeit Twitter is making it a bit worse by some active enforcement of thought crimes.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 0) 394

people will forgive Trump for daring to say "p***y" off the record. There's still another three weeks, and I think by then people will realize that no matter how outraged they are at Trump saying a "bad word"

No one gave a shit that Trump said pussy.

People cared that Trump bragged about being able to grab women's pussy without consent, aka sexual assault.

Nope, with consent. His point was that women would let a famous person do that.

Comment Yiannapolis = be the best keeper of free speech (Score 4, Interesting) 369

Whether you like 4chan or not (I don't, particularly), you have to agree that speech there has been pretty freewheeling. And that's perhaps 4chan's most redeeming feature, the one feature I wouldn't want to change. And Milo is, simply put, the best possible custodian of free speech. Whether you like Milo or not (I happen to like him, a lot (no, I'm not gay (but I have nothing against gay or any LGBT people, and am probably bisexual (this is a lot of nested parentheses, huh? But am keeping track, we're at number 4.)))) you must admit that there are few people as dedicated to free speech as he is.

Comment Re:Removable batteries (Score 1) 150

All of this would have been avoidable with removable batteries.

Why? They can explode and fail like other batteries. Just because you pull it out of the rest of the circuit doesn't mean you've isolated the problem. Samsung would still have to recall the batteries. It's just as easy to recall a phone entirely.

Samsung would have saved a lot of time: instead of paying for the shipping of the phone from user to Samsung + from Samsung to user, they could have just sent the batteries to the users. Basically, Samsung could have at least halved the shipping expenses, but actually more, because the phone would require more packaging for shipping. This is equally true whether the batteries/phones are shipped as single or as bulk.

Comment Re:do people really talk to their phones? (Score 3, Funny) 197

How the fuck is that possible? "Everyone"? Really? I am not a native English speaker - in fact, I have a Hungarian accent, and yet my phone understands nearly every single thing I tell it, including isotropic, peristalsis, tandem mass spec(trometry), atmospheric pressure photoionizatin, ICP plasma....

Fuck me, if I can get my phone to recognize ICP plasma, and NONE of your friends get to be understood at all... I am at a lack of words. Unless you're full of shit. Are you? Because that would be the simplest explanation.

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