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Comment Re:Reliability (Score 1) 193

My Samsung Galaxy S3 reliably understand about 100% of what I tell it, and that shit includes "etymology of persitalsis", "Diels-Alder reaction", "nucleophilic addition", "ambidextrous handguns", "Albert Camus most important works", "Brahms Hungarian Dances on Youtube", "dielectrophoresis". It's safe to say my phone is smarter than most people ;)

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 0, Flamebait) 1547

I think less of people like you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him.

Both of those are false, "fake news". Trump mocked the disabled man the same way he mocked able-bodied men and women.
Trump has not expressed any racist statements; he expressed negative views of some illegal immigrants.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 4, Interesting) 1547

As a European (from Finland, and a Hitchensian socialist and anti-theist), I've felt the policies of secretary of state Clinton on my daily life, and am convinced she's a warmonger. I haven't gotten that vibe from Trump. If anything, he won't meddle in middle eastern conflicts trying to change governments, and seems in good terms with the greatest nuclear power after the USA. So in terms of nuclear war, or regional wars, I think we'll be better off.

Again, I'm saying this as someone who's not a US citizen, nor do I share the American culture or history in any way. I'm looking out for the interests of my family and me, and am glad Hillary isn't president.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 278

The weird thing about racists is the way they need to inject their views into unrelated topics.

I didn't see any reference to races in that post. Even the implication that refugees may be of a "different race" than the poster is very far-fetched. Most of the refugees in Sweden are caucasian. Also, the poster him/herself may be black.

The weird thing about you is the ease with which you think you can throw around accusations of racism.

Comment Re:Honesty is not a virtue (Score 1) 282

Honesty in the sense of always telling the truth is no virtue. Just because you tell the truth doesn't mean you are a good person.

I've been on this Earth for almost five decades, and my experience as well as research show that people who tell the truth more often, are also more honest, sharing, giving and fair in their behavior.

It just means you aren't too worried about consequences .. either out of stupidity or because you possess a large amount of power.

Most people who achieved some kind of position of power (politicians and CEOs) or wealth, have done so with a degree of lying and manipulation. Being able to tell a bold-faced lie without batting an eyelid gives you a huge advantage in life. This is related to the fact that CEOs are four times more likely to be psychopaths, than non-CEOs.

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 2) 199

BTW, has anyone considered that it might be preferable to address their grievances rather than just bomb them?

The grievances of psychopaths that kill small children, rape and torture girls, burn alive people only because they are of the wrong religion or the wrong shade of Islam? Fuck them and fuck you. Nobody is interested in their grievances except Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Comment Nope. They certainly did NOT create a new material (Score 1) 148

This was just a numerical modeling study, with an added experiment using cheap 3D printing and cheap plastic filament to create a theoretical structure - the structure that could, mayhaps, be one day produced with graphene, if and when they figure out how to shape graphene the same way.

The submitter is clueless, the Slashdot editors are clueless, and sadly, most posters are clueless as well.

Comment This is why I like Swiss-style direct democracy! (Score 1) 303

Sure, people are perhaps idiots on average, but they have a better chance to choose something for themselves, than to have corporate shills make that decision for them. This is a clear case where a superior service or method (FM radio) is phased out SOLELY to allow for monetization and encryption of radio broadcasts. In Switzerland such decisions go to a plebiscite. Sure, corporate shills disguised as politicians will still try to sway the public to support something that is not in their interest, but people at least have some chance to get their wishes. In most other countries people are presented with fait accompli, and they can go fuck themselves for all the "democracy" that they have.

Comment Re:Tit for tat (Score 3, Insightful) 574

People who can't muster the vertebrae to correctly observe that the US's general posture in the world is wildly preferable to Russia's are the sort of people who, on display, just cost the Democrats another large chunk of political power. If the US stops what they traditionally do, countries like Russian and Iran invade other countries and take them over. If Russia stops what it's doing, cities like Aleppo aren't turned into rubble through indiscriminate bombing by a country that wishes it could resurrect some good old fashioned socialist tyranny, just like the sweet, sweet days of the USSR. If Iran stops what it's doing, thousands of people aren't routinely killed over hair-splitting religious differences by a retrograde medieval theocracy that pours cash into terrorist operations. Yeah, the US is exactly like those things.

Actually, I would say it's Sunni Islam that is hell-bent on destroying any other religion, including "incompatible" versions of Islam. Whenever there is a suicide or otherwise bombing targeting civilians, whenever there is a church, a bar, or a mosque bombed or shot up, it's the work of a Sunni extremist, and practically never of a Shia Islamist. Personally I am a socialist atheist (much like Hitchens) so I don't have any horse in the race, but to me it's plainly clear that the US has been supporting Saudi Arabia quite aggressively, and the US' destabilizing actions in Syria, Yemen, Lybia and Iraq (resulting in the proliferation of Sunni movements like ISIS and various Al-Quaeda affiliates) must have been, at least partly, been directed by the powers in the Saudi kingdom. If not, then the US are dangerous suckers, and either way, the US' foreign policy does not make the world a better place. I don't like Russia's self-serving leadership, but I am glad there is a counter-force to the Wahabi-Sunni-US block.

Comment Re:Question: (Score 1) 85

Those cameras appeared on a Symbian model (808?) and were pretty good. The first model of Windows phone that had them didn't have the software chops to actually take advantage of them. Then they sort of just went away.

Oh, while they were a real ~50 megapixel sensor, they usually used some fancy interpolation to bring it down to a really good 12 MP or so image.

This is all correct, except that the Nokia 808 (AKA Pureview) had a 41 MP sensor, of which only 38 MP were used. Apart from that, everything you wrote is accurate.

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