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Comment LOOKS good, but what can it do? (Score 3, Interesting) 145

I would be so very grateful to the ReactOS community if I could run Office (2007 is fine), Zotero and some version of SolidWorks on it. I don't even dare to install ReactOS to try, as the disappointment would be crushing. Basically, I hope to not be forced to install Windows 10.

Comment Re:so there you have it folks. (Score 1) 526

Because Clinton is going to need every vote she can get, and actually doing what the liberals in the Democratic party want is horrific to her.

So her campaign has to make Stein horrible so that fewer liberal Democrats "leave the fold" in protest.


But it really bothers me, on many levels, that this essentially idiotic smear has caught on so widely :( Jill Stein is a medical doctor, she knows about the benefit of vaccines better than any one of the DNC spindoctors. Of course she is in favor of vaccination and research!

Comment Re:Bing It (Score 4, Informative) 256

I use Bing because I find it to be as good as Google or better for searches (especially image/video searches) and maps.

This is demonstrably false. As soon as you look for something even remotely rare where Google finds only 5-10 matches, Bing finds 0. I've done this experiment innumerable times.

Some examples:

Search for "tig welding" "cantilever" "bronze"
Google: 491000 results
Bing: 3150 results

Search for "botox" "cannabis" "dingbat"
Google: 1150 results
Bing: 58 results (none of which very relevant)

search for "ion scavenger" "fluorescein"
Google: 192 results
Bing: 23 results

Search for "osmosis" "peristalsis" "cowboy bebop"
Google: 34 results
Bing: 1 result!

Finally... search for "forked code" "bonded" "lap"
Google: 4 results
Bing: fuckall

Comment Re:1995 (Score 1) 225

My first steps on the internet were divided between pages with hyperlinks, i.e. the internet as it is - more or less - nowadays, and gopher pages. Interestingly, I always failed to get the point of gopher, where "classical" hyperlinked pages made immediate sense to me. Same thing as with TCP/IP vs Token Ring: I instantaneously "got" TCP/IP, and only much later understood the point of Token Ring. So then - gopher: good riddance ? I guess so, yes. Along with set-top boxes, netscape, Flash, and VB script.

Your post is so full of stupid, I am at a loss where to to start unraveling it. There are gems of all kinds, there but I would point out the fundamental problem, apart your stupidity: you say you don't understand something, therefore good riddance. That's your entire argument - the fact that you are incapable to grasp a concept is reason enough to celebrate that concept's demise. That's a fundamentally bankrupt worldview.

Comment Re:Gen X'er here (Score 1) 219

To play Doom, I had to download 6 ZIP files over a 2400 baud modem for a week, unpack everything, and learn how to hack the Config.sys file on my 4 MB DOS machine to free up just the right amount of the right type of memory.

Haaahaha, yeah, I remember doing exactly that. Frankly, dicking around with config.sys (and autoexec.bat) and therefore dealing with 16-bit mode x86 memory model, did not help me one iota in my subsequent computer career.

Comment My main need would be not being interrupted (Score 2) 150

Aside the privacy-invading features of Windows 10, what positively peeves me off and is actually the main reason I will never use Windows 10, is that it reboots immediately as an update is installed/about to be installed, without any possibility for the user to control this event. Sorry, but I actually do some productive work with my computer, I cannot risk a reboot in the middle of my work.
Hence I have a host of Windows 7 laptops and desktops stashed away.

Comment Re:I'd like to see it all (Score 1) 157

I hope you do have my CP/M. I was the first one to support 80 track drives and offered some options like opposing sides of the floppy and double stepping to read 40 track media in an 80 track drive. S.A.I.L. CP/M. I can't believe I still remember any of that! :-)

Do you remember that the Horizon floppies (and drives) are hard-sectored? That has certainly caused me some headaches back when I started my hobby, as hard sectored floppies are like hen's teeth.

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