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Comment Re: They simply remember your UDID (Score 4, Funny) 114

= = = eah the NY times article was scaremongering and partially wrong but the 'bad' thing Uber did here was break the Apple TOS which say developers should not be fingerprinting users devices.= = =

Who would have ever thought that a company founded on the principle [sic] of breaking the law in multiple jurisdictions would ignore and circumvent the terms and conditions, to which they agreed, of an entity with which they do business. Whodathunkait.

Comment Re:It's BS until they provide actual proof (Score 1) 145

"The Information" is a subscription-only technology new site/service that is staffed by some of the heavy-duty technology journalists who lost their long-time traditional media jobs during the Great Recession. It tends to be on the well-connected-but-conservative side of the technology news world.


Comment Re:Uber at it again? (Score 1) 168

= = = Their business model will only work when they get autonomous cars. = = =

Uber's attempt to build its own anonymous cars having run into a set of bars, it will shortly find out that even if another entity does manage to develop a general-purpose autonomous vehicle (unlikely) it will only see them to Uber for the full cost + profit. Unlike the current owner-operated model where Uber depends on the drivers not understanding that while modern cars are quite reliable the cost of wear and tear, maintenance, and depreciation will eventually catch up.


Comment Re:It's just too expensive (Score 5, Informative) 251

Besides the usual array of subsidies available to large-scale projects in general and energy projects in particular, nuclear power receives an effectively infinite subsidy in the form of the Price-Anderson Act which limits the liability of nuclear power operators in the event of an incident.

Comment Re:News stories say that is true. More detail: (Score 1) 127

= = = Seattle: Together with abusive companies and bad city management, Seattle is a miserable place.

Houses in Seattle are expensive: Seattle bumps Boston as the most expensive U.S. housing market that's not in California. []

Rent is expensive: Seattle rent is 5th most expensive in U.S. [] = = =

Your points 2 and 3 and difficult to reconcile with point 1, at least from a microeconomic point of view. And all techies are good free market purists, right?


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